pandora and peter

Pandora team with voice talent Peter K. O'ConnellFaffcon has given me many things professionally over the years but probably one of the best things it did was introduce me to Pandora.

Pandora — as the best music and media service around — is known by just about everybody. But not everybody knows about the exceptional talents that manage Team Audio.

These talented women and men have produced (and continue to produce) some outstanding advertising. I am thrilled that I have been a VERY small part of some of their great audio branding.

Pandora office 1Well this week, I got to see their HQ/home in Oakland and what an amazing place it is.

Pandora3 350You would expect a super creative company to work in a super creative environment and that is especially true at Pandora. If all offices created workspaces as cool as this…people would be a lot happier at work.

The best part of course, were the people of Team Audio, many of whom I’ve been proudly working with virtually for many years on many spots.

They are each nice, cool and uniquely creative. I’m so honored and glad we got to spend time together. A great company with great people….which is what makes it a great company. Thanks to everyone at Pandora!

political voiceover demos and videos

Political Commercials Male Voice Talent Peter K. O'ConnellIn the good old days, a voice talent could simply post their new voiceover demo on a web site, email the demo to his/her agents and carry on.

Well, I just finished recording and updating my new political voiceover demo for the mid-term General Elections in November. There should be a good amount of political voice work for voice talents between now and November.

I posted it to my web site and sent it off to agents but this time I added the extra element of producing a video that featured the demo.

No, Ken Burns is not shaking in his boots following this release of this new, epic voiceover demo video. It’s produced with some graphics that I crafted that match the theme to make it listenable and viewable.

Just before the internet got popular, I graduated from college with a degree in Radio & Television from the University of Dayton. We worked on ¾” video tape and reel-to-reel audio editing. I owned a video production company for 6 years after college and edited lots of videos.

Political Campaign Election; Male Voice Talent Peter K. O'ConnellSo you would think, with that kind of experience, that I should be able to handle something as “simple” as iMovie to slap together this little video. Further, you would think Apple would create a software that was extremely intuitive and easy to manage.

You would be so wrong on both counts.

Apple is not as cool, sleek and smart as they want you to think they are. You already know that I’m not.

Be that as it may, I imagine I will be dancing again soon with iMovie and producing a few more epic presentations.

Please don’t throw tomatoes at the screen.

MEDIA RELEASE – A New Political Voice Demo for New Election Cycle

RALEIGH, NC, August 1, 2018 – – Ahead of the U.S. 2018 General Elections for local, State and Federal political races, America’s Friendly, Neighborhood Voiceover Talent is ready with a new demo.

Peter K. O'Connell Political Commercial Voiceover

Male Voiceover Talent Peter K. O’Connell has released his updated political commercial voiceover demo, allowing media producers and political consultants involved in political campaigns for the upcoming mid-term elections to sample his updated commercial styles.


The updated, multi-track production of his new political demo was completed at O’Connell’s studio, audio’connell Voiceover Talent. The studio headquartered in Cary, NC just outside of Raleigh.

While not aligned with any political party, O’Connell voices political commercials solely for candidates who fully support the Pro-Life platform.

About Peter K. O’Connell

From Fortune 500 companies to companies that think $500 is a fortune, multi-award winning male voiceover talent Peter K. O’Connell has shared his voiceover skills with a wide variety of global companies.

In addition to his political voiceover work, some of Peter’s clients include IBM, Duracell Batteries, General Electric, Kraft Foods, Western Union, PBS Television Network, Shell Oil, Deloitte Canada, U.S. Army, Starz Cable Television Network, BlueCross BlueShield and SunSetter Awnings.

Originally from Buffalo, NY and now living in Raleigh, NC, Peter owns audio’connell Voiceover Talent, a division of O’Connell Communications, LLC. Peter can be reached via or

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Peter K. O’Connell

Your Friendly, Neighborhood Voiceover Talent

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P.O. Box 5493 | Raleigh, NC 27512-5493

PH. +01 716-572-1800

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Use lower case letters- audio’connell or audio’connell Voiceover Talent


au·dio·o’·con·nell (awe-de-oh-oh-kah-nel) or au·di-o’·con·nell (awe-de-oh-kah-nel

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peter & kermit

Voice Talent Peter K. O'Connell and Muppet Puppeteer Steve WhitmireI met Kermit yesterday at Raleigh Supercon 2018.

No matter the stage of their voiceover career, beginning, apex, downslope (and everything in between), I don’t get excited or nervous meeting voice actors…especially around the ‘big names’ when others sometimes feel intimidated. I know they or I are just one step away from the other side of that coin (big career/average career). So when we get together or I meet one for the first time, it’s just like meeting an ‘average’ new person…because we are all average. A peer. At least that’s my attitude.

So as is the case at most Comic-Cons or Super-Cons, there were lots of actors and voice actors, all at various stages of their careers. Many screen and voice actors participate in the Cons (there’s money to be made there, so good on them) but many of the voice actors are from the gaming or anime world, worlds that I am not very involved in.

Raleigh Supercon 2018_audioconnell_voiceoverBut let me tell you, the audiences for these actors are VERY involved and that has to be very satisfying for the actors (I know it would be for me). Prior to the Raleigh Supercon, I was speaking with my friend Kara Edwards, the very popular and talented Anime Voice Actor, who was telling me the names of her fellow Anime actors who were in Raleigh. However, I couldn’t get anywhere near their tables…the crowds were too big!

Then, as I walked down celebrity row (my term, not the Con’s) I saw someone I knew of and wanted to talk with.

You might recall about a year ago I wrote a blog about Muppet puppeteer Steve Whitmire who, it had just been announced then, was fired by Disney as the puppeteer and voice of Kermit and had been let go from Muppets permanently.

Well Steve was at the Comic-Con and was just setting up his area. I hemmed and hawed about whether to bother him, but I decided to talk with him.

My goal was to let him know how badly I felt for him about the situation he left and that at various levels, we’ve all been there.

It turned into a very nice private conversation that I’m sure won’t be memorable for him after such a busy weekend meeting strangers. It made me feel better, though, that I got to tell him personally.

No matter whether you’re a screen actor, voice actor or puppeteer, this is a very emotionally draining business. Family and friends are nice during a bad spell, but sometimes it can be helpful to hear something supportive from people who fight similar battles (at various levels) everyday as well.

Well, that was my thought anyway.

social media graphics update

Peter K. O'Connell_Linkedin_2018FIRST OFF, I WILL ADMIT I was sooo late to the table on this one. But nobody let me know!

It turns out in April 2018, LinkedIn AGAIN changed their profile page design.

It tightens the key information on your LinkedIn profile into most of the top third of the page (information like company name, college, contact info and total number of LinkedIn connections).

Why this is important to you is that you may need to or (indeed) want adjust your LinkedIn graphics…especially the big display graphic.

In my case, I very much like the ability to widen out that display graphic which, prior to the change on my page, just carried my brand logo. This display graphic layout seems to be much more flexible than the old version.

Plus I get to highlight one of my favorite pictures of Bond Lake here in Cary where I walk in the early morning. I included the ducks at no extra charge!

So anyway, if you have a display picture in your LinkedIn profile, just check to make sure it looks ok in the new dimensions.

And if you don’t have a display picture, why would you throw away an opportunity to brand your business or have your LinkedIn profile page look incomplete…or at least like you don’t care or aren’t paying attention?

Get ‘er done! Hope this helps.

now 400 facebook business page likes

Peter K. O'Connell Facebook Business Page Likes 400Not for a moment do I claim to truly understand the analytics of any social media platform. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter et al with their likes and followers are about as deep as I get into it. Whether it’s a science or a sham, I don’t understand most of it, I don’t pretend to nor do I lose sleep over it.

Yet again this morning, however, I was putzing around my Facebook business page in another futile attempt to figure out if I was passing or failing my on-going social media exams. I do this occassionally as some sort of weird self-torture.

When what did my wonder eyes did I see but the number 400 next to ‘business page likes’ (or followers or zombies or something), none of that matters. What matters is that there were 400 of…something interested in what I was saying on my Facebook business page, Peter K. O’Connell – Male Voiceover Talent.

I assume (without any real research, of course) that there are voiceover talents who also have Facebook Business Pages who may have 10 times as many page likes as my 400 that they may have obtained organically or via purchase — and good on them.

Just from a personal stand point, 400 likes seems like A LOT. Call it egotistical or even naive, but it seemed like a nice number and I was weirdly pleased with it.

Alleged Facebook Logos Past and Future

I know enough about social media analytics to understand that likes and followers don’t tell much of the social media effectiveness story unless these followers are ” actively engaged” in the content they are following and that there is indeed quality content to actually follow.

But since starting my  Facebook Business Page back in 841 B.C., I’ve evidently said enough stuff that 400 people enjoyed it enough to like the page. That to me is stunning. It is also worthy of a very humble thank you if you liked my Facebook business page or followed my Twitter page.