5 things I learned from my new business cards

FRONT - top card old business card design, bottom new business card design

BACK - top card old business card design, bottom new business card design

1. Be consistent, you moron!
The old cards didn’t really match the overall look and feel of my branding…I know better than this so how could I be so dumb?

2. Less is more because the old more was unreadable!
It was a few years ago and I thought every detail of my business had to be on one card…all that stuff basically confused the heck outta people or made the card unreadable and useless. Not good.

3. White space is your friend!
Font vomit and logo diarrhea is not your friend yet the old card had both of them and none of the white space. Ya gotta give people’s eyes room to read and even relax a bit with a card, they’ll probably retain more info that way. Still not sure if the main logo and the secondary logo will throw people off or if it won’t matter much to anyone.

4. Oh, you do voice overs too?

Somewhere in the old card, you might be able to tell that the president of the company may have, at one time in his career, actually performed voice overs himself. In the new card, especially on the front, that should be clearer now. Titles are for suckers and it appears at one time I was a sucker for titles.

5. If you are creative, show it!
It took me some time, but on the back I created a design to show the company, everything the company offered and tied in the logo all without making people’s eyes bleed.

Extra points: In a year or so I’ll do another blog post on how I have come to hate my new card design too.

It also seems like all the cool people are redesigning their business cards this time of year 😉

Now these are my takeaways, but your opinions on the old versus new business card may be vastly different…and that’s OK, I want to know what they are in either case.

Please share.

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2 Responses to “5 things I learned from my new business cards”

  1. Very good stuff, Peter! First an foremost, a business card is about communication. Your new card communicates loud and clear!

  2. Thanks Amy, this card with be my version of the Beatles White Album I guess.

    Best always,
    – Peter

    P.S. ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra!

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