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<em>audio'connell at the 2008 freelancer's expo in rochester, ny</em>

audio'connell at the 2008 freelancer's expo in rochester, ny

I don’t do many trade shows because the focus of many of them really can’t help build my business. That said, I do enjoy doing them when I do do them because I get to meet and talk with people (in a booth or office all day, you sometimes start to talk to yourself…when the mic’s NOT on and there’s no script in your hand.)

Especially in my hometown, when I do these shows, I am amazed at the number of times people come up to me and say “I didn’t know you did this?!” I smile and respond something along the lines of – “that’s why I’m here.”

So Monday night my company is one of the sponsors the Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives’ kick off dinner, the CEO Roundtable. I always enjoy this event for many reasons.

I think it was back in 1991 or 1992 that I was on the BNSME board as VP of Programming and I wanted to come up with a new event idea for the organization the would meld the excitement of celebrity with the timeliness of breaking business news.

I remember being in my living room, with my dear departed dog, thinking BNSME should bring in some CEO’s from big area and regional companies that most of the members rarely get to hear from (let alone personally meet with) and have a discussion on business issues of the day. Hence, the CEO Roundtable now in its eighteenth (18th!) consecutive year will happen again Monday. Love it when a plan comes together.

The event is always the first event for the association so that, in addition to its content, always attracts a big audience. Hence (ooo that’s two “hence” in one blog post, I believe that’s my blogger’s quota for the month) my desire to be an event sponsor.

Then finally, because I do appear at a couple of these trade shows a year, I finally bit the bullet and invested in a banner stand as a display tool. I’ll be picking it up today.

With that, my laptop showing some logos on a big flat panel screen and playing an audio montage on some quality computer speakers (because bigger speakers at an event like this would be obnoxious) some handouts and my banner stand, I should have a pretty strong brand presence.

Look at that list again. Aside from a banner stand, couldn’t you host a booth for your voice over business too without breaking the bank? Have you? Or why haven’t you?

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