april 15, 2013

My Father had a saying that I have always tried to live by. I’ll spare you the original Latin; translated it is “Don’t let the bastards get you down”.

It is easy to say but not so easy to do on days like today. But we must not let the bastards get us down.

If we do, we lose.

We’re America…we don’t lose.

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2 Responses to “april 15, 2013”

  1. When words are hard to come by Peter, it is a sight to behold when a sporting event can draw a nation and community together. It is very painful to know 8-year-old Martin Richard will never get to see a Boston Bruins game:(

    It was also touching after the game when the Buffalo Sabres players joined the Bruins players on the ice to salute the fans.


  2. Ralph

    I was in Green Bay at a restaurant when the game was on but I saw the video of the open after the fact.

    It was a great night for Boston and for hockey (and for the Sabres who actually won a game…whoda think it?)

    Best always,

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