april 3 is Good People Day – pass it on


Via a post early today from CC Chapman and his communication from holiday founder Gary Vaynerchuk (who likes the vino) April 3rd is now Good People Day. Your mail will still be delivered and banks are open.

The concept is simple: use the power of the internet and the strength of social media to let “people write and talk (and) blog and twitter and just flat out SING about people that are AWESOME and GOOD.”

Crap, this another one of those simple ideas that I always miss and say “I wish I thought of that!”

I know a ton of awesome people but my especially my wife and children and basically anyone in my family. That’s a given. CC and Gary came up with the idea and/or communicated it to me so they are now also good people.

The problem with a list like this is names will be omitted who should be highlighted. Know that if your not on this list but you are reading this blog I think YOU ARE GOOD PEOPLE.

I’d have to write a book on each person to do justice to how great they are….I won’t cause I know my posts are too long anyway. Know that there’s a great story behind each name and probably a great story associated with you too.

So just off the top of my head (links where available)

Peg Keane -best person in the world and everyone who knows her knows that
Frank Frederick
Bob Souer
DB Cooper
Mary McKitrick
Toni Silveri
Voxmarketising subscribers
Ann Hackett
Msgr. Francis Braun
Fr. Norbert Burns
Fr. David LiPuma
John Crupe
Jack LoCastro
Michele Krollman (well, all her family too)
The Haleys
Jeanne Hellert
Everyone at Greenwood Group
Leesa Barnes
Kara Edwards
Everyone at Rare Earth
Everyone involved in Podcamp Toronto
My clients (really not sucking up…I’m lucky to have only nice clients)
And you.

Thanks just being around and for being who you are. I’m grateful I have you in my life.

Now please, post your list today. Do it, twitter it, podcast it. Today’s Good People Day. It’s an internet reminder to say thanks and that you’re important. Then just try and remember to do this everyday.

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7 Responses to “april 3 is Good People Day – pass it on”

  1. Ah shucks Peter, I’m blushing. And that’s pretty darn hard to see with my chocolatey brown skin.

    When I’m in your neck of the woods again catching a cheap red eye out of Buffalo, I’ll make sure to come in early so I can see the little ones.

  2. […] must be on to something because I see a simliar meme going on here which is now spreading here and here and who knows where else. People always said that I was ahead of my time and now I see it […]

  3. Peter,

    You just plain rock. End of story.


  4. I agree Mary!
    Peter ROCKS!

    …and…..uhhhh….Peter….thanks for supplying the graphic for my post on Good People Day 😉



  5. LOL! For about 30 seconds, I thought you were talking about ME!

    Nice post as always, just the same 😉


  6. …and thanks too for the praise of our team. You’re a cool customer too.


  7. Hi all,

    well while it wasn’t quite “Hands Across America” (oh wait, that bombed didn’t it?) Good People Day got some nice response.

    Leesa…you darn well better let us know if you’re in town! 🙂

    Mary – you know the story – “You are Peter (Petrus) and upon this ROCK I shall build my church.” 😉 Thank you for your kind words.

    Liz – you are plain and simple a graphics robber…there I said it! You are of course completely welcome.

    Craig: your team has always taken good care of me and I am grateful for what I have learned from you all.

    Best to all,
    – Peter

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