audio’connell in corinth, new york

Members of Talent Guild International include from left to right Larry Julien, Bob Bailey, Bill Nevitt, Kevin Readdean and guest Peter K. O'Connell. Missing from the picture is Elizabeth Page Colwell

Corinth, NY is not the end of the world but you can see it from there.

Kidding! But it is a long way from Albany…none the less it was a very worthwhile journey to the very lovely home of voice talent Bill Nevit who is a member of Talent Guild International. Talent Guild Internationalâ„¢ (TGIâ„¢) is a group of on-camera, voiceover, print, and theatrical talent that have pooled their resources to help them market themselves more effectively.

More importantly Bill’s wife makes kick-ass chocolate brownies.

I first found the group some years ago on the web and was reintroduced to them when I visited with my friend Kevin Readdean.

My thanks to my hosts Larry Julien, Bob Bailey, Bill Nevitt, Kevin Readdean and Elizabeth Page Colwell for their gracious invitation and a nice evening.

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2 Responses to “audio’connell in corinth, new york”

  1. Peter, It was great to have you join us! Thanks for all the stories and suggestions. Looking forward to connecting with you in the future. -Kevin

  2. What a nice group of people you have in the Talent Guild, Kevin.

    And homemade brownies! Geez, your meetings should be standing room only! 🙂

    Best always,
    – Peter

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