audio’connell in pittsburgh – in the land of giants

As the Faffter glow dimmed ever so slightly this past week, I had the chance to fan the FaffCon embers with a visit to Pittsburgh via Ohio (yes it was THAT kind of week) and dinner with the Souers.

Actually, there was probably no better group than Bob Souer and his family (sadly without their North Carolina family member Karen who was missed at our dinner) to review FaffCon with, as the entire clan was at the event helping out.

Cinda had some church activities to dash off to so we missed her for the picture and Brian wanted to take the picture above but my thanks to all of them (man, those Souer men are TALL) for joining me for a very special night with a very special group of friends.

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2 Responses to “audio’connell in pittsburgh – in the land of giants”

  1. Peter,

    It was great getting to have dinner with you!


  2. That was AWESOME Eric, thanks for coming out with the fam!

    Best always,

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