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be in it for the money – international edition


As you’ll recall (cause you’re the only one who reads this blog…and thanks again for that) the issue of payment terms for voice over services provided was addressed here recently. It revolved around American voice talents who work domestically and internationally with one story focusing on the challenges of U.S. voice talents getting paid by internationally based clients.

This is truly a universal problem, as Mahmoud Taji notes in his recent post, because getting the money one is owed is an economic challenge for voice over talents no matter where you live.

why doing the right thing is rarely wrong: fedex office


From the FedEx Office web site:

DALLAS, March 4, 2009—FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s), an operating company of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), today announced plans to offer its printing services in an effort to help job seekers across the nation. The company will host “FedEx Office Free Resume Printing Day” on March 10, 2009, offering to print up to 25 copies of each customer’s resume for free.

FedEx Office deserves kudos for it and here they’ll get kudos for it – for doing the right thing. Their service is free and here so is the publicity. Please tell your friends both employed and unemployed.

free wi-fi should be a constitutional right


OK, I know that providing internet service has costs and with every business there is a right to include a profit margin and that applies to Wi-Fi providers. So I’ll back off the constitutional amendment and focus strictly on travelers.

What do you mean this sounds like a selfish post from a business man who travels a lot? OK, maybe it is but just listen cause I think this will benefit you too.

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are testing Wi-Fi service on their planes. OK good, please stop testing and let’s do this thing! Internet access on airplanes would be a God-send. Please do it.

And (here’s where I need you to back me up) let’s make it free.

“Zoinks!” (yelled Shaggy from Scooby Doo) you think Wi-Fi should be free? But airlines need new revenue streams, they’re bleeding red ink! They must charge!

No they mustn’t nor should the airports. They should take a page from one of the busiest airports in America – Charlotte Douglas International. Free Wi-Fi.

My logic is this: Wi-Fi is a one time set up fee with minimal maintenance… maintenance that can probably be done in most cases by a current employee who will be trained…many people perform multiple jobs at their work. I voice commercials and clean the toilets…if it needs doing I do it. Simple.

And the fee for getting the Wi-Fi service to the plane is the fee. Eat it.

Airlines nickel and dime travelers for everything. Air travel is about as glamorous as a flying bus. So impart some much needed good will. Make Wi-Fi free.

Airports, you charge fees to travelers and airlines and vendors who have shops but you also have security and upkeep costs. You also have often angry travelers who would like some good news. Stop dinging your customers….that’s for governments to do (and I know some of you are city and county run….but you don’t have to act like it all the time!).

Anyway, free Wi-Fi for travelers is the right thing to do. Can we make this the next trend: do the right thing? What do you think? Am I nuts?

this is what customer service is all about, charlie brown

So this evening I attend this season’s first member meeting of the Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives. This professional association has been around since 1942 and is chalk full of great folks. Full disclosure in that I am a proud past president of BNSME, having originally joined in 1989.

I get to the Millennium Airport Hotel for the meeting about 10 minutes after the networking begins and I check in. The Vice President for Programs this year, Todd Salansky who owns online thymes, llc, says to me out of the blue “You do the invocation.”

“Huh, what?” I so eloquently reply.

“We don’t have an invocator for tonight, can you do it?”

Well when you’re a past president, you know exactly how crazed the first meeting of the year is for new board members so you know that you gotta say yes, which I did.

For some reason, though, I just trotted my way up to the bar and started chatting with friends and guests. While talking with one of the night’s featured speakers, it dawned on me that I had just agreed to give an invocation and hadn’t written a damn word!

People seem to like my invocations because I usually spend some time on them but holy crap…I’d now given myself about 15-20 minutes to come up with something that usually takes about 30-40 to write.

Oh and about the computer that I didn’t have on me to write that invocation….

So I did what any self-respecting A-Type personality would do…I marched into the office of the Millennium Airport Hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing and my friend Russ Papia and said “I need to use a computer…right now.”

Now if you ever looked up the term gracious in the dictionary you’d see Russ’ picture. He’s says without missing a beat “no problem” but instead of putting me at someone else’s desk, he gets up off his seat and gives me his computer.

Let’s review….this is the man responsible for all the revenue collected at his hotel, fielding much of the food and beverage issues at the Millennium ….which is neither a small nor quiet hotel. And yet he pops up like a jack rabbit for me and says “here you go.” I wrote my invocation, it was applauded (which is not normal for invocations) and it was all because Russ Papia said “here you go.” He served the customer.

There’s a reason Russ has been successful in that position for over 100 years (give or take) and it’s because he delivers not only the revenues but more importantly the kind of memorable customer service that is sadly unique in today’s world.

If you come to Buffalo, please stay at the Millennium Airport Hotel and make a special effort to say hi to my friend, Russ Papia.