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new web site for bilingual voice talent dan hurst

Male Voice Talent Dan Hurst

Got a ping in my email box from bilingual (English/Spanish) voice talent Dan Hurst that he has updated his web site.

His new and improved web site contains exclusive super concentrated emollients and retsyn for that just brushed clean sounding audio.

No it doesn’t, I’m just being silly. But the web site does look nice and it has always sounded great.

unexpected long distance call

Depending on your point of view, technology is either a help or a hindrance. For me it is mostly a help.

It’s also a help now for my voice over friend Mahmoud Taji who called me all the way from Cairo on a new low cost internet phone service he found.

Smartly, he’s expanding his contacts in the US so they know him as a person and not just a web presence.

It was a nice surprise and I appreciated his kindness.

help wanted – new international voice talents needed


What’s the fun of having a blog if you can’t put out a classified ad every now and again.

International Voice Talents, the foreign language division of audio’connell Voice Over Talent, has some new projects simmering that will require some additional voice talents.

We need professional male and female voice talents who speak any of the following languages:

* Chinese (Standard Mandarin)
* Hindi
* Portuguese

If you are an experienced, professional voice talent who also speaks English and one or more of these languages fluently and also has your own professional recording studio, please send me your demo and contact information (in English) to peter at audio’connell dot com.

Please note: these are the only demos we are soliciting for so do not under any circumstances send me a demo for any other reason. I don’t care how good you think you are or if you have some fantasy that we’ll discover your talent in another category if your demo just gets listened to “accidentally”… don’t send anything other than the ones we are requesting, please.

Thanks very much!

canadian invasion


Everybody’s favorite voice coach Pat Fraley is in town this weekend courtesy of Toni Silveri’s All Coast Talent (of which I am proud and founding represented voice talent). Pat was in a couple of years ago to do a character voice seminar which I attended; he did an updated version today which I didn’t attend, though I will be in attendance on Sunday for his audio book class.

But three who did attend the character voice workshop today are some of my favorite folks from north of the border. I stopped by the seminar on their lunch break today to visit with them.

peter o\'connell and elaine singer
Elaine Singer and I first met at the first Podcamp Toronto a few years ago and I was very pleased to hear she caught wind of my announcement of the seminar from this blog and reserved her space. While not exclusive to her voice over talents, Elaine explained to me how she was looking to increase her Herbrew-based voice work. She enjoys it quite a bit and it occurs to me know I’ll have to have her send me her demo for the International Voice Talents page.

David and Stephanie Ciccarelli drove in from south of Toronto, London, Ontario to be exact, taking in Pat’s class and sharing some of their insight on the voice over world gained from their business, Voices.com. David and I spent a good bit of time reviewing some of the proposed changes they’ve alluded to on line at Voices.com, which I assume will result in the usual impassioned debate. From what he told me, I think they make sense but I’ll let David and Stephanie unveil it to the masses. Wonderful folks, the Ciccarellis.

I’ll post later how things went at the Fraley audio book class.

UPDATE: Here’s my Fraley review

Thanks for reading.

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free FRENCH public service announcement for myanmar relief efforts

A family of cyclone survivors are seen in Pyapon town, Delta region of Myanmar, Monday, May 26, 2008. (AP Photo)

SUBTITLED: the generosity of the voice over industry

MAY 31, 2008 –After having got the kids down for a nap on this grey, threatening Saturday afternoon, I was toying rather seriously with taking a nap myself. As always, I hypnotically found myself checking mail first, which on Saturdays usually doesn’t reveal too much that’s readable.

Until today.

Bilingual English/French Voice Talent Liz de Nesnera, who is featured as a voice talent on audio’connell’s International Voice Talents sent me an email that actually made me say “wow”.

Her email said:

I thought maybe (you) could use a French version of the :30 PSA.
The copy is below
My audio version is attached
My good deed for the day! 😉

She was referring to our public service announcement efforts (post1post 2) to aid UNICEF’s fund raising efforts in Myanmar (Burma).

Unsolicited help from a thoughtful and generous soul with plenty of work on her plate already. And as I expected, a beautiful read indeed.

This is yet another experience with my voice over peers where I realize just how deficient the words “thank you” really are.

I don’t think it’s so far fetched to say greatness in a career starts with greatness in one’s heart. Clearly, Liz de Nesnera has a great heart.

If you know of any French broadcasters of French podcasters, please direct them to this PSA.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Click (or right click)here to download the the :30 PSA!
Click (or right click)here to download the the PSA script!

logo contest winner

audio’connell’s International Voice Talents_trademark_symbolmark etc

My thanks to everyone who voted, who advised, who hated and who opined. I appreciated all of it at its universal root: the desire to help me when I asked.

You can see it all in use here.

Whether we are friends virtually or on terra firma…we are friends.

Thank you.

Thanks for reading.

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