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silly voice-over direction

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been writing this blog for so long but I’m fortunate to get the heads up on new and unique projects coming from within the voice-over community whether they be blogs, books, webisodes etc. Many of these new projects I try to include here, some I forget about and don’t. It’s not that I don’t want to include most of it, it’s just I either run out of time, plain forget or fall asleep from exhaustion.

I only make it look easy.

This latest notice kinda tickled my funny bone. Marc Cashman is writing a book entitled “We’re Auditioning For a Muse” which will be a collection of really stupid directions talents have been given in a voice-over script. As Marc describes it “You know, the ones that have you scratching your head wondering what the hell they mean.”

So if you have any of these directionally challenged directions, send them to Marc.

The one I remember happened to a voice talent named Margo Davis who was asked by the director if she could make her read ‘sound more paisley.’

Um…yeah, sure.

the thanksgiving tradition continues….


It has been said: “For those who understand, no answer is necessary. For those who do not understand, no answer will suffice.”

Every year I still enjoy this wonderful piece of TV and I hope you do too. Happy Thanksgiving.

please be a part of my focus group

As you may know if you’ve read this blog ever, I can be somewhat obsessed with business cards.

Well as my branding recently changed slightly to be “Your Friendly, Neighbohood Voice-Over Talent” I decided I should update the business cards too.

So I did but I have come to a creative stumbling block for which your help is humbly requested and gratefully accepted (although it’s likely if I don’t pick your favorite, you’ll never speak to me again).

Everyone who has seen the front of the cards (the white side) really likes that design. So that’s staying.

But I came up with two designs for the back (both red versions) and I’m not sure which I like better (and I mean that sincerely, I do NOT have a fav, I like them both).

So please let me know from these two choices for the back of the card, which would you choose?

We will call the choices:

A. No Microphone (just red)
B. With Microphone

Thanks for your help.

two quick and recent voice-over observations

I suppose if you’re passionate about your work, you can find examples of it everywhere. Like plumbers see good or bad plumbing when they’re just in a friend’s house or CPAs might see examples of good or bad financial reporting someplace other than their own offices.

Since my thing is voice-over, here are two things I’ve noticed since this past weekend.

1. Carnival Barkers Love Their Own Voice

I took the audio’connellettes to the big county fair this weekend, our first time going as a family (Mrs. audio’connell stayed home with baby audio’connellette because he naps and she hates fairs…a lot).

I hadn’t been to a big fair in a while but I noticed something unique when I attended the famous Pig Races that my neighbor told me I should attend. The owner/operator of the Pig Races (in which the winning swine wins an Oreo cookie — so I completely understood these oinkers desire to win) also served as MC.

He didn’t say his name was Ron Radio but there is no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks this guy does not have a radio background. I’m talking full-on “but enough about how great I think I sound, tell me how great YOU think I sound” puke voice on a PA with volume loud enough to be heard for miles.

Now given it’s a busy and loud fair, I get the volume thing and the patter thing…it’s a business and I respect it; in no way do I mean to demean the hard work that goes into working traveling fairs. But I paid my fee to be entertained and I was, having a good chuckle listening to all the men and women who, in my opinion, found a way to use their old radio voice in a new way. More power to them.

2. Some pilots sound like an obscene phone caller on the in-flight PA

So you know I travel a fair amount and I hear lots of in-flight announcements. There are two distinct groups of pilots in this world, those who love the microphone and those who are still baffled by its purpose.

The ones who love the microphone thank passengers for flying with them incessantly, give passengers 30,000 foot tours of what’s on the left side of the plane and what’s on the right side of the plane (besides the wings and engines…hopefully) and they do all this on an overly loud PA while I and most of the other passengers are trying to rest. Oy, shut up already!

But at least you can understand them.

I was flying to Detroit this week and a pilot got on the PA a couple of times and each time it sounded like he grunted or exhaled briefly (there may have been a vowel mixed in there) and that was it. But I think he actually thought he said something that was understandable.

It was not.

I chuckled for a moment at his unintelligibility but then thought to myself ‘what if this plane ran into trouble and this guy had to give emergency instructions to the passengers?’ If he’s telling me something important but it sounds like grunts and heavy breathing, I’ve got problems…oh yeah and so do these other people.

It’s obviously most important that these pilots know how to fly well but can’t we spend an hour on public communication for these flyboys too?

I’d take Captain Chatty over First Officer Mumble Mouth any day.

make a note

Peter K. O'Connell, on the air at WDCR in Dayton, OH circa 1982

Many, many, many years from now, on that last day, do me the favor of playing me off with this lovely tune (sung so well).

It makes me happy and that how I want you to feel now…and then.

But you’ll need to keep this note in a safe place where you can find it multiple decades hence 🙂

here’s another reason google confuses me

VOXMARKETISING_audioconnell's voice-over blog

Sometimes I google things relevant to my business to see how I am doing.

Tonight, I googled “voice-over blog” to see where Voxmarketising – the audio’connell blog and podcast (which hasn’t really produced a podcast in years but whose counting) ranks.

I’ve got about 13 subscribers and most of them are family members or really old people who didn’t understand what they subscribed to and couldn’t find the ‘erase’ key on their computers. If the computer industry ever invents an ‘erase’ key, I’m finished. Nonetheless I wanted to see how I faired.

The #1 voice-over blog is Bob Souer’s which is as it should be. Then there’s Ben Blankenship and Terry Daniel’s Voice Over Club. These are not suprising to me.

But here comes the confusing part…you know who is NOT on the first page? Courvo and Vox Daily.

You gotta understand, these are two of the very first voice-over blogs ever. Before there was an internet, there were these two voice-over blogs.

The 11th commandment was “and there shall be voice-over blogs” and BAM, Dave and Stef started posting….THAT’S how far back they go. They each have over one million subscribers. Bob has only 750,000 (he says it’s 800,000 but he fibs).

Courvo posts every freakin’ day! When he goes on vacation, he posts how he’s not posting cause he’s on vacation!!!!!

So Google, what bur do you have up your virtual butt that puts those two blogs off the first page of that search?

In any logical world, those two blogs are page one. That they are not defies logic, science and good old common sense.

That’s all…this just occurred to me and I thought I would point this out so that Google fixes its defective voice-over algorithm and we could all return to more comfortable summer temperatures.

What? You thought the heat was caused by global warming or some other nonsense? Sheesh, what are you smoking?!

It’s all about voice-over blog rankings, my friend. Mother Nature does not like it when there is not balance in the voice-over universe.