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the new linkedin “recommendation” or “like”?

A few weeks ago, I started getting email notices from LinkedIn that some people had endorsed me. A lot of people. I have received LinkedIn endorsements before (and thank you) but clearly something was up.

If you have been on LinkedIn at all, you’ve probably seen or more likely received recommendations or endorsements from people who want to publicly compliment you on the work you do or have done for them. They would write something professionally kind, note three things that you excel at and then you would receive the notification. It’s a lot like a personal reference with someone writing it but with LinkedIn, you’d have the opportunity to approve, request and amendment and publish.

But I was suddenly getting so many! Had I gone viral? What did I do?

Well it seems that LinkedIn, bowing to the Facebook “Like” phenomenon, had changed from the more thoughtful recommendations of old to a quick hit kind of “like” button.

Let me be clear–I am completely and utterly grateful for anyone who would take time out of their day in even a superficial social media way to say something nice about me. And I am glad to do the same for others who are deserving (oh yes, I’ve had people actually ask me to endorse them on LinkedIn in the old format–that was a unique situation at times).

But as grateful as I am (and I am) I liked the old LinkedIn recommendation system better. And it’s truly not because I don’t like change.

It took more time and thought for someone to write out a LinkedIn recommendation in the old format and so to me, what was written about me and what I read on other people’s pages carried more weight and was more important. It had a bit of gravitas.

Now, it seems to me to be just a bit frivolous and not as professional. And to me, LinkedIn’s point of difference versus any other social media channel was its professionalism.

What do you think? Am I overthinking this or were you thinking the same thing?

want pinterest to help your business?

Pinterest had been confusing me for a while. I couldn’t see the point in it. It seemed like a kind of electronic scrapbook that didn’t have any business application.

But being a social media lemming, I started an account anyway.

The more I started to think about this strangely popular new media tool, the more I kinda understood how it might be of benefit to my business. Again, I don’t know if there will be a direct ROI, but I think from an awareness level, Pinterest may help build my brand. I’m willing to give it a shot, anyway.

It’s a work in progress for me but here’s what I’ve learned from reading, asking questions and experimenting:

1. What’s your business purpose for being on Pintrest?
If you just want to scrapbook that’s fine but my guess is if you are a business, you’re trying to impress and get the attention (or interest) of a prospect or more specifically a type or category of prospects. This leads to the next question….

2. Have you thought about the prospects you want to attract?
Think about it…and be as specific as possible. First, look at the your most beloved (highest billing) clients. Do they have any similarities….interests, topics, images, some kind of information that these prospects would find so interesting that they’d spend time on your Pinterest site and possibly connect with you. Then think about subsets of other clients and maybe create some boards on Pinterest that they would find interesting.

For example, two audiences I want to attract are other voiceover talents (who might want to participate in my Voice Over Workshop) and advertising agency creative directors.

3. Let your Pinterest page become a resource for your prospects
So you know WHO you want to attract and WHAT they would find interesting so now you have to go about finding the stuff. The stuff these folks are looking for likely isn’t all about you and your business so making your whole Pinterest site a commercial for your business won’t be of interest to them. Instead, look at it like you are trying to help solve a problem for them or giving them interesting ideas that will help their business. They theory being that if you can help them via social media, you could probably help them in real life via your business.

So back to the examples – for the voice-over talents, I have pictures on my Pinterest page from the many voice-over meet-ups I have had over the years. I know from my blogging that these pictures (and accompanying posts are some of the most read on my blog). For my advertising prospects, they might find my logo collection interesting.

Like I said earlier, for me this is all a work in process and my Pinterest page is still evolving, but it’s a start.

So organize your thoughts on your prospects and then do some searching. You’ll not only find things that interest your clients, your research may help you better understand your clients a little better. That kind of knowledge goes a lot further than just a social media page.

I hope this helps.

If you have an interesting take on how you’re making Pintrest work for your business, please let me know below in the comments section. And of course, feel free to connect with me on any social media channel!

seeking your marketing advice for twitter

Being that I bruised my toe pretty well Sunday (enough to get it x-rayed to make sure I didn’t break it) I had a little extra time in my Da chair with my laptop, foot iced and elevated. I was perfectly content.

One of the things I did was look at my Twitter page…not a Hoot Suite feed but the actual page.

My question for YOU involves reviewing my Twitter quote. If you can’t read it on the graphic, it reads:

Peter K. O’Connell
Your friendly, neighborhood voice over talent since 1982. For a free quote, check an encyclopedia. For a quote involving you paying me cash, call 716-572-1800.

Not surprisingly, I find that quote incredibly funny, witty, sexy and tall…much like its author.

However, I know sometimes others don’t get my humor. Those are people who are usually not incredibly funny, witty or sexy. So sad.

Yet these people also have checkbooks that I want to access (i.e. them writing me checks) – therefore maybe I need to appease them. Or maybe I don’t…hence the advice from you.

So here’s the vote:

Should I:

a. Keep the quote as is because it is SO funny, witty, sexy and tall

b. Change the quote to appease those who are not so funny, witty, sexy and tall

BUT if you vote “B”, you need to make a suggestion as to what the new quote should be.

the joy of voice-over

There are so many people who are better at seeing the potential of social media than I am. And as I have often said here, I am a late adopter…always have been.

With Pintrest, I really have been sure what to do with it, but after reading about how some other people and companies have used the newest social media tool, I came up with an idea – why not do a “board” on all the voice-over meet-ups I have been a part of over the years?

All of the pictures have been in this blog but what this Pintrest board has offered me was a joyous look back at the meetings with all my friends in voice-over in an easy and attractive format.

I am grateful that each person was kind enough to take any time to visit with me. If you’re in this montage, thank you. If you are not yet in this montage, I hope you will be soon.

the blog dump

Sometimes I get a little behind in my blog ideas.

Often, I sift through my web browsing and my google reader and I note so many wonderful ideas for a blog post that I just don’t have time (at that very moment) to write about. So I click “save” or “unread” so I’ll have them in my file.

And then I keep them there and I never get around to them. Then comes a day like today where I am hell-bent on getting these ideas out but there are too many to write up individual blogs posts about and yet I am NOT going let them stay in my blog reader one minute more.

So this post will feature a link to all of them with maybe some notes from me on why I thought this was cool and you can decide for yourself.

Pintrest? WTH?: If you were to look for a pintrest board from me you wouldn’t find squat cause I don’t see a use for it yet, but remember, I am a famously late adopter in Social Media. You know how Courvo gets to everything first? I’m nearer to the opposite end of that spectrum. BUT for those in advertising and marketing (which almost every voice-over talent is, whether they like it or not) I saw that my friends at the logo critique web site, Brand New, have a new Pintrest board. It’s loaded with pins to their favorite logos and logo related stories. I enjoyed it.

Comic-Con: I’ve never been but I hope someday to actually go.

Peter O’Toole is one of my favorite actors, mostly because he was the star of one of my favorite movies, My Favorite Year. This week he announced his retirement from acting. I understand it but I’m still a little sad about it. All his amazing talent, multiple Oscar nominations but he never won an Oscar. That confirms for me what I’ve recently surmised: the Oscars are really nothing more than a 4 hour string of commercials occasionally interrupted by some trophy toting circus performers. Sorry Mercedes.

Evidently, a long talked about movie about voice-over is closer to production. Here’s a link to the trailer and no I’m not in the movie.

Someone who IS in the movie is the great voice actress June Foray. The big news here is June recently won her FIRST Emmy Award at age 94 for her work as Mrs. Cauldron on “The Garfield Show” on Cartoon Network. It’s about damn time!

Also under the about damn time category, George Whittam decries that its about damn time somebody found a decent audio interface for the iPad and iPhone. The winner at this point is the Studio Six Digital IAudioInterface2 as blogged by George via a report from voice-over talent Beau Weaver. The Beau/George report (not be confused with the Huntley/Brinkley report) can be found here.

Benztown Voiceover grabbed a very nice interview Voice Talent and WPLJ Creative Services Director Dan Kelly that I think is worth the read.

Finally, it might have been back in 1957 that Unnouncer Doug Turkel gave me the heads up that Twitter changed it branding, the Floridian knowing well how much I like logo news. And I do/did except I didn’t get on this in a very timely manner. But in case you’re one of the 12 that did NOT hear about the change, here’s a quick summary.

There’s probably more but my laptop battery is dying and I don’t feel like plugging in.

Best always,

“if there’s anything i can ever do…” – well, now you can

I got a Facebook message from my friend Andy Boyns today, giving me a heads up on some very sad news from the voice-over community that occurred last week.

Two young girls lost their mother. A husband lost his wife. Seven months after voice-over talent Andrew Swingler’s wife Sandra (surrounded in the above picture by her daughters) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, she died last week.

Conceptually, that’s an awful thought; cognitively, it’s paralyzing…at least for me.

For Andrew and his girls, it’s got to be cataclysmic. And I don’t even know the Swinglers.

But for a neighborhood community or an online community, all we have to do is “know of” because in one way, shape or form, we’ve all been there.

We can’t undo their grim reality but maybe we can shape a part of the family’s better days to come…especially when it must be so hard for these three broken hearts to imagine ANY future.

So we help, because as people we refuse to be helpless when we have options. Andy and our mutual social media and in-person friends Natalie Cooper, Anne Ganguzza and Derek Chappell have shared their offerings, insights and ideas on how we CAN help the Swinglers in their time of need.

If you’d like to know more…I hope you’ll CLICK THIS LINK and do whatever you can, no matter how small. Even if it’s just offering a prayer, thank you for all of it.