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attending conferences in your underwear

Strange – how many of you were drawn to that blog headline. 😉

But it’s a fact of life – virtual conferences have been around a while now.

It was a business that a friend of mine delved into and she seemed to enjoy it. I myself have never attended or I guess a better term is participated in a virtual conference.

It’s an intriguing idea so leave it to voice-over’s own Rupert Murdoch (aka John Florian) make the idea a reality for the voice-over community.

If you’re a plan ahead kinda gal or guy, you’ve got some time. Voice Over Virtual will take place September 18-19, 2013.

For all the details, you can check out Voice-Over Xtra’s blog post here

here’s another reason google confuses me

VOXMARKETISING_audioconnell's voice-over blog

Sometimes I google things relevant to my business to see how I am doing.

Tonight, I googled “voice-over blog” to see where Voxmarketising – the audio’connell blog and podcast (which hasn’t really produced a podcast in years but whose counting) ranks.

I’ve got about 13 subscribers and most of them are family members or really old people who didn’t understand what they subscribed to and couldn’t find the ‘erase’ key on their computers. If the computer industry ever invents an ‘erase’ key, I’m finished. Nonetheless I wanted to see how I faired.

The #1 voice-over blog is Bob Souer’s which is as it should be. Then there’s Ben Blankenship and Terry Daniel’s Voice Over Club. These are not suprising to me.

But here comes the confusing part…you know who is NOT on the first page? Courvo and Vox Daily.

You gotta understand, these are two of the very first voice-over blogs ever. Before there was an internet, there were these two voice-over blogs.

The 11th commandment was “and there shall be voice-over blogs” and BAM, Dave and Stef started posting….THAT’S how far back they go. They each have over one million subscribers. Bob has only 750,000 (he says it’s 800,000 but he fibs).

Courvo posts every freakin’ day! When he goes on vacation, he posts how he’s not posting cause he’s on vacation!!!!!

So Google, what bur do you have up your virtual butt that puts those two blogs off the first page of that search?

In any logical world, those two blogs are page one. That they are not defies logic, science and good old common sense.

That’s all…this just occurred to me and I thought I would point this out so that Google fixes its defective voice-over algorithm and we could all return to more comfortable summer temperatures.

What? You thought the heat was caused by global warming or some other nonsense? Sheesh, what are you smoking?!

It’s all about voice-over blog rankings, my friend. Mother Nature does not like it when there is not balance in the voice-over universe.

“if there’s anything i can ever do…” – well, now you can

I got a Facebook message from my friend Andy Boyns today, giving me a heads up on some very sad news from the voice-over community that occurred last week.

Two young girls lost their mother. A husband lost his wife. Seven months after voice-over talent Andrew Swingler’s wife Sandra (surrounded in the above picture by her daughters) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, she died last week.

Conceptually, that’s an awful thought; cognitively, it’s paralyzing…at least for me.

For Andrew and his girls, it’s got to be cataclysmic. And I don’t even know the Swinglers.

But for a neighborhood community or an online community, all we have to do is “know of” because in one way, shape or form, we’ve all been there.

We can’t undo their grim reality but maybe we can shape a part of the family’s better days to come…especially when it must be so hard for these three broken hearts to imagine ANY future.

So we help, because as people we refuse to be helpless when we have options. Andy and our mutual social media and in-person friends Natalie Cooper, Anne Ganguzza and Derek Chappell have shared their offerings, insights and ideas on how we CAN help the Swinglers in their time of need.

If you’d like to know more…I hope you’ll CLICK THIS LINK and do whatever you can, no matter how small. Even if it’s just offering a prayer, thank you for all of it.

john florian gets a facelift

I kid – as John doesn’t actually need a facelift but as he does own the voiceover industry’s journal of record, VoiceOverXtra, it was my attention grabbing way of letting you know that his site has gone through an extensive redesign, the first (I believe) since he started it in 1876.

And, because I am a voiceoverist of power and prestige (in my mind, anyway) John clued me in on his web plans sometime ago. For the record, yes, that does make me cool.

Congrats to John and a sincere thank you on behalf of ALL your many readers for the great information and service you provide.

the voice over industry has been manifesto’d (and i think we all know how painful that can be)

<em>Voice Talent Doug Turkel, the UNnouncer</em>

My friend Mr. Doug Turkel (who makes me call him Mr. Doug Turkel cause he’s a voice over legend and I’m a voice over groupie and this is how things are done, he tells me) does a number of things well, voice over being one of them.

He also is smart of some stuff, like he got the domain voiceovertalent.com, he branded himself Unnouncer and he knows where all the supermodels walk around in Miami (ahem, not that I saw any, no not me, I kept my head down…which unfortunately led to me walking into a LOT of lamp poles).

Unyway, Mr. Doug Turkel got an idea that we in the voiceover industry who are not so legendary (specifically me, he said) need a kind of hand book or cheat sheet on how this whole thing is supposed to work. So he wrote it.

And as usual, he wrote well:

Words are magical. Respect them.

Move people.

Don’t worry about being discovered, just be discoverable.

Become a mentor. You’ll learn at least as much as you teach, and probably more.

The best kind of marketing is quality work and a stellar reputation.

Fulfill your promises, and your clients’ expectations.

Learn to love technology. It’s gonna be around for a while.

Be generous. And give without expectation.

Be unforgettable.

Recommend other voice talent. When your voice isn’t right for a project, help your client find one that is.

If you can imagine yourself doing any other kind of work, do that.

Expand your world: Read. Live. Be. If you aren’t interesting, your reads won’t be either.

Market yourself. Remember, you can’t work for the people you want to work for any less than you already do.

Clarity is power – know who you are.

Listen at least as much as you talk. No, listen more than you talk.

As stellar as his words are, the reasons behind them are even more thoughtful.

If you perform voiceovers for a living, you should read and learn from Mr. Doug Turkel.

it’s time to play “guess that voice over demo”

Voice Talent Derek Chappell

My friend and voice talent Derek Chappell starts a fun new blog game “Guess That Voice Over Demo” where people listen to a voice over demo and try and guess who’s voice it is.

The first round starts here on November 29, 2011.

Have fun!