movember day 25 – vote: stay or go?

Next Friday will mark the end of Movember 2012…thank you to everyone who donated AND there is still time to contribute to the cause which supports testicular and prostate cancer…the boy stuff. Thanks to EVERYONE who has donated thus far. Thank you VERY much!

My donation page is here.

Our team donation page is here.

If you can’t grow one even in these final days, please consider throwing in something, even $1.00 is sincerely appreciated.

But here is the conundrum: I will be in New York next Friday for the FINAL (weep) New York City Voice Over Mixer hosted by Voice Talent Productions and Voxy Ladies (not to be confused with her less accomplished brothers, The Vox Stars).

Tangential aside: have you REGISTERED yet for the Mixer? You cannot get in unless your name is on the list. I hope you will consider coming to the event and please say hello if you see me.

So since the party is on Saturday, December 1st….should I keep the facial hair for the mixer or should I shave it off?!

What say you?

Vote either “shave it” or “keep it” in the comment section below.

The fate of these whiskers may be in your hands…if my wife doesn’t attack me with the beard trimmer first.

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3 Responses to “movember day 25 – vote: stay or go?”

  1. Keep it!

  2. SHAVE IT!!! Take pity on his loved ones. ” Da is prickly, owww!” πŸ™‚

  3. LOL, I knew what Mrs. O’Connell was going to say before I saw her comment! πŸ™‚ Shave it … unless you have some Just for Men – beard and mustache!

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