my faffcon 5 thank you

The Friday after FaffCon, I find myself saying “A week ago at this time….”, alot.

Oh, I have thought of MANY ways I could say thank you to everyone at FaffCon for the amazing boost I received from being in their presence.

Each idea, though, seemed to miss the mark in one way or another.

This one might too by inadvertently omitting someone (but I can fix that in post, if they or someone tells me).

The following are the people who made FaffCon 5 special for me and I thank them (underlined, bolded, italicized and exclamation marked):

Liz Aiello
Mars Hill, North Carolina

Rosi Amador
Cambridge, MA

Brian Amador
Cambridge, MA

Roger Baker
Asheville, NC

Bobbin Beam
San Diego, CA

Diane Bean
Cumberland, MD

lori berman
boston, MA

Peter Bishop
Bellport, NY

Amie Breedlove
Charleston, WV

Kelly Brennan
Lititz, PA

Don Brookshire
Cary, NC

Tanya Buchanan
Toronto, ON

Susan Burk
New York, NY

Sean Caldwell
Tarpon Springs, FL

mike carta
knoxville, tn

Tom Cassidy
Montverde, FL

Colleen Colin
santa clarita, ca

Courtney Colin
santa clarita, ca

Mike Coon
Portage, MI

Matt Cowlrick
Victoria, British Columbia

Steve Cunningham
Los Angeles, CA

Terry Daniel
St Louis Park, MN – Minnesota

Chuck Davis
North Stonington, CT

Liz de Nesnera
Pompton Lakes, NJ

Tom Dheere
Parsippany, NJ

Dustin Ebaugh
Las Vegas, NV

Wayne Edwards
Ashville, PA

Moe Egan
Manchester, NH

Vance Elderkin
Chapel Hill, NC

Robin Eller
Los Angeles, CA

melissa eXelberth
Nutley, NJ

Fred Filbrich
Rochester, NY

Jeanne Fishman
New York, NY

Lori Furth
Manhattan Beach, CA

Scott Gentle
New York, NY

Johnny George
Fishers, IN

Nancy German
New sharon, ME

Anthony Gettig
Portage, Michigan

Lee Gordon
West Hartford, CT

Rowell Gorman
Raleigh, NC

Van Gunter
Homewood, Al

Roxanne Hernandez Coyne
Los Angeles, CA

Darryl Hogan
Toronto, ON

Xavier Huix
Ocoee, FL

Dan Hurst
Lees Summit, Missouri

Debbie Irwin
New York, New York

Bruce Jacobson
Roanoke, Virginia

Mara Junot
New York, NY

Jeffrey Kafer
Monroe, Washington

Randye Kaye
Trumbull, CT

Glad Klassen
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Kelly Klemolin
Kimberly, WI

bri knickerbocker
glendale, ca

Jodi Krangle
Newmarket, Ontario

Dan Lenard
East Amherst, NY

Kristin Lennox
Indianapolis, IN

Dale Leopold
Manakin Sabot, VA

Mo Lotman
Somerville, MA

diane maggipinto
salt lake city, ut

Fran McClellan
Genesee, PA

Martha Mellinger
Radnor, Pa

Bob Merkel
Brookfield, WI

Chris Mezzolesta
Hampstead, NC

Deb Munini
Ocoee, FL

Rich Owen
Bakersfield, CA

Tera Parks
Ocoee, FL

Jay Patrick
Fletcher, NC

Jamee T. Perkins
Wilkesboro, NC

Carolyn Peterson
Salisbury, North Carolina

Jennifer Price
Birmingham , Alabama

Talmadge Ragan
Charlotte, NC

Jerry Reed
Whitesboro, NY

Randy Reeves

Lisa Rice
Thaxton, Virginia

Leesha Saunders
Hyattsville, MD

Joey Schaljo
New York, NY

Monk Schane-Lydon
Canaan, NY

Rob Sciglimpaglia
Norwalk, Ct

Kevin Silva
Raleigh, North Carolina

Jody Silvers
Charlotte, NC

Elaine Singer
Toronto, ON

Catherine Smith
Charlotte, NC

Bob Souer
Venetia, PA

Debra Stamp
Wake Forest, NC

Patrick Sweeney
Toronto, Ontario

Amy Taylor
Litchfield, CT

Bob Taylor
Derby, NY

Lori Taylor
Gainesville, FL

Christian Taylor
Wheaton, IL

Connie Terwilliger
San Diego, CA

Tom Test
Chicago, IL

Trish The Dish
Budd Lake, New Jersey

Pam Tierney
Chicago, Illinois

Gene Tognacci
Houston, TX

Doug Turkel
Miami Shores, Florida

Jeffrey Umberger
Atlanta, Georgia

Katherin Vasilopoulos
Brossard, Quebec

Leslie Wadsworth
Fallbrook, CA

Janet Walton
Fletcher, NC

George Washington III
Charlotte, NC

David White
Mill Creek, WA

Cliff Zellman
Dallas, Texas

Wendy Zier
Raleigh, NC

FaffCon 5 Staff:

Ashley Barton
North Hollywood, CA

Dan Friedman
Asheville, NC

CC Heim
College Station, TX

Lauren McCullough
Asheville, NC

Amy Snively
Los Angeles, CA

Natalie Stanfield Thomas
Corning, NY

Devon Stewart
North Hollywood, CA

Cinda Souer
Venetia, PA

Eric Souer
Venetia, PA

Karen Souer
Gastonia, NC

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7 Responses to “my faffcon 5 thank you”

  1. Thanks Peter!
    It was good to see you in Charlotte!
    Best wishes for abundant success!

  2. A belated thanks to you, Peter, for all the ways in which you enriched Faffcon so incredibly for me, for Brian and for all of us lucky Faffers that were able to “compartir” share Faffcon with you! You da best.

  3. […] other day when I was writing my FaffCon thank you blog post, I tried to take a look at every voice-over web site that I linked […]

  4. Peter-really enjoyed meeting you and discovering our Buffalo connection! Also, loved the improv work you share and your all around enthusiastic approach that is so infectious.
    Look forward to seeing you at the next one.

  5. Thanks Liz, I hope to see you in San Antonio!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  6. It was awesome to see and visit with the Amadors again!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  7. Mike,

    I hope I’ll see you in San Antonio!

    Best always,
    – Peter

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