social media day is june 30th

Did you know Social Media Day was June 30th this year?

Neither did I.

Since the logo indicates its the social media version of a Hallmark holiday (as its sponsored by the web site Mashable) I think it might not have made it onto alot of calendars.

What makes this interesting to me though is that their are Meet-ups scheduled across the GLOBE (almost 600 of them) for Social Media Day, there’s even a Social Media Day Meet-up in Buffalo, NY.

Color me stunned.

So I’ve signed up to see who will be there and providing I don’t fall asleep (it starts at 8PM for goodness sake, that’s like an all-nighter for me) I’ll be there. Hash tag #smday.

Did YOU know it was Social Media Day? Do you care? Would you attend an event in your area?

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  1. […] Wednesday was Social Media Day around the globe. As part of it, there were over 600 meet-ups and I went to the one in Buffalo […]

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