voices of experience by doug turkel

Voices of Experience_by Doug Turkel

So this winter, I’m having lunch in Miami with Doug Turkel and we’re talking about voice over and also about the half dozen or so supermodels who are walking behind me and our sidewalk lunch table. I first realize there is this parade of supermodels because Doug was looking right past me as we spoke and his head was repeatedly turning slowly from left to right with his eyes bugging WAY out and some spit drooling off the side of his mouth.

I thought it might be a small stroke of some kind. Or maybe he’d seen Santa Claus, the reindeer AND the sleigh.

But no, it was just Miami supermodels.

So our conversation continued.

We talked about the blog posts I’d just started, 5 Questions for a Professional Voice Talent, which people in the voiceover world seemed to be enjoying. I asked him where HIS submission was and he said, “Funny you should ask…” wherein he went on to tell me about a free e-book he was writing which was similar and yet not so much to 5Q:VO.

That book, released today, is titled: Voices of Experience – Pro Voiceover Talent Share the Wisdom of Their Success.

There are two amazing things about the book (which really isn’t similar to 5Q:VO because both are as unique as their shared voices)

1. Doug took the time to connect with the all these amazing voice talents and garner really great stories and insights unlike anything I’ve ever read before. The e-book weaves this wonderful voice over painting that will easily impact readers new to VO as well as those of us who are a little longer in the voice-over tooth (as it were). The content is amazing, the format is lovely and the affect on readers active in our industry will be long lasting.

2. There is no truly good business reason for Doug to do this book and certainly no logical reason to make it free. But he did it anyway. The talents featured were handled professionally so they knew their stories would be in good hands and because of that, readers are taken on a magic ride through the professional experiences of the voices most voice-over talents strive to be but cannot. We can learn from them, though.

Wednesday night, I grabbed the mane of the social media merry-go-round and opined: “Something very big is about to be unleashed on the VO world (and not by me). #voiceover talents will LOVE it. Stay tuned.”

Voice of Experience IS that big thing. No get rich quick schemes, no train to be a voice over in a weekend, just insights to allow the reader to interpret the stories however they like.

And I think they will like it quite a lot.

I’ve added it to my free e-book section on this blog and I will direct anyone who asks about getting started to read it as well.

Thank you, my friend (“the author”), for lunch and the supermodels but mostly for the book.

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2 Responses to “voices of experience by doug turkel”

  1. Wow, Peter…what a fabulously nice write-up…you say the nicest things! (Well, except for the stuff about the stroke and the drooling, though your recollection of it differs by about 180 degrees from mine, but that’s not important right now.)

    Just having the opportunity to connect and interact with some of the most talented people in our business was a great learning experience for me, and their generous, thoughtful responses to my questions taught me lots, too.

    If you don’t mind, though, I will disagree with when you say that there’s no good business reason for me to have done this book, and no logical reason to make it free. First of all, since I learned a great deal during the process, my clients are now hiring someone who’s even more knowledgeable about voiceovers, and who can bring that new perspective into the booth each day. That’s a good business reason.

    And just like you do with your fabulous Voiceover Entrance Exam, I figure that the more well-educated voiceover talent are about the ins and outs of our business, the better we can serve our clients, and the better it is for all of us in the long run. That’s a good business reason, too.

    As for making it free? Well, first of all, after so many uber-talented people were so kind to offer their contributions to the book, it simply wouldn’t be right for me to profit from that. Plus, with so many self-proclaimed voiceover gurus out there selling pipe dreams to eager, starry-eyed newcomers, I figure that the best way to combat their slimy high-pressure sales techniques and their over-priced pablum-fests, is to put loads of powerful, accurate information in the marketplace for free. That way, people looking to get into this wonderful business can educate themselves a bit BEFORE making the mistake of paying thousands of dollars for a weekend seminar, or to produce a demo long before they’re ready.

    Finally, THANK YOU for posting/blogging/statusing/tweeting about the book…your support really means a lot!

    Our next lunch on South Beach is on me. (And is it my fault if my favorite burger joint just happens to be right around the corner from a modeling agency? I think not.)

  2. Burgers + models = long lunch.


    Ahem, uh, thank you Doug.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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