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1.11.08 5:00 p.m. ET – – VOTING IS NOW CLOSED.

We have been blessed with some terrific voice over talents willing to share their abilities with us on our unofficial, unsanctioned and possibly unholy quest for a new announcer for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Of course, if NBC takes my original advice and gets Michael Douglas back into the voice over booth with proper vocal direction, he’ll surely nail it the second time and we’ll all be back selling pencils on the street corner.

But for now, we vote! And here are the rules that I may change or amend to suit my fancy at any particular time (as my parents used to say) “just because!”

Rule 1 – Please listen to all the voices here (its a faster loading page now for more enjoyable listening). Not just because it’s polite but because as maybe the one person who has heard all of them, especially from names I was not initially familiar with, I don’t want you to miss the joy that I’ve had of discovering some new talent.

Rule 2 – You may not vote for me. There are so many reasons why this rule makes sense:
• It would be bad form to be voted best on my own blog
• The appearance of my vocal talent being somehow considered superior to my peers within my blog would be gauche
• This avoids me suffering the embarrassment of either losing or not being voted for at all (OK, now you know the truth, deal with it)

Rule 3 – You may not vote for yourself

Rule 4 – Please vote only once. If you have so much time on your hands that you can vote more than once, you’ve got business or family problems that require your immediate attention.

Rule 5 – Please order your choices as best or first (1st), gooder or second (2nd) and good or third (3rd). I will tabulate all the scores and announce the final top three finishers, with prizes to be determined by how reasonable or ungodly high my Christmas bills turn out to be.

Rule 6 – Voting takes place right here in THIS blog post within the comments section below only. It’s up to you if you want to be anonymous or not but I’m only giving you three choices so your friends shouldn’t hold it against you if you don’t vote for them. If they do, get new friends.

Go vote and tell all your friends, the polls are open!

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MXL USB 008_Large Gold Diaphragm USB Condenser Mic
P.P.S. 12/30/07 – This evening I received a call from a voice over friend of mine who is watching the voting here with great interest and enjoyment. He said he wanted to make it even more interesting and asked if he could donate a prize. I said that wasn’t really necessary but he cut me off and shut my mouth when he said the prize was a MXL 008 Large Gold Diaphragm USB Condenser Microphone. He wants to remain anonymous (what a character!) So this prize will be included to one of the top three vote getters. What a gracious and unexpected donation, thank you!

If you are a voice talent in this voice-off, right about now would be the time I’d start contacting friends, family and anyone who owes you a favor to LEGITIMATELY place their votes. The voting will be open for at least another week.

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190 Responses to “vote for your voice choices”

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  2. […] UPDATE: As of 12/27/07, the nominations/auditions are now CLOSED! Thanks everyone…join us in the voting here. […]

  3. All were good–tough choice, but my picks were:

    1. Chris Ackerman
    2. Bruce Miles
    3. John Weeks


  4. This was a toughie! After two listens to each one, it came down to these, but if I’d listened a third time, who knows? Anyway, as I said in my msg on VO-BB, wow!

    1. Thom Wilkins
    2. Frank Frederick
    3. Julie Williams

  5. This is a very difficult choice, but here goes:

    1. Dave Christi

    2. Chris Ackerman

    3. Melissa Exelberth

  6. THIS SUX. lol

    1- Brian Haymond

    2- Thom Wilkins

    3- Bob Boving

    Good Luck and Happy New Year.

  7. i wrote down all the names on little pieces of paper, put them in my holiday top hat, and drew.

    not really, but i WANTED to. everyone did a bang-up job.

    1. bruce miles
    2. d.b. cooper
    3. philip ives

    (insert remainder of names here for 4th place)

  8. oh, and it helped that some got the copy, uh, wrong. so i scratched those names off the list.

    critical ears, reading comprehension, drama … !

  9. Diane-

    I think you are VERY wise to notice.

    A good announcer has to be able to read exactly the script presented.

    It is the National Broadcasting Company for goodness sake!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  10. My brain hurts!
    Everyone was SO awesome!
    I keep shuffling the deck!…but time to choose so here goes:

    1. Bruce Miles
    2. Frank Frederick
    3. Karen Lehman

    4. EVERYONE ELSE!!! (Yep, ‘pinto…stole your line! 😉


  11. What I found interesting was everybody’s different take on when to start the read against the music; AND some had different music beds than others…

    and yes, my number 4 woulda been everybody ELSE, too. A marvelous listening exercise!

  12. 1. Chris Ackerman

    2. Frank Frederick

    3. Dave Christi

    Way tough choices!!! Many Great Voices!!!



  13. Kinda lets ya know how casting agents feel. lol. But what I find interesting…is the range of choices.

  14. indeed, an array of choices, all g-o-o-d! what i find interesting is the tendency toward “announcery” (oh how we shudder when a director tells us to be less so!) and the fact that the announcer type of read may make ones’ ears perk. quite a few here …

    me? meh.

  15. 1. Chris Ackerman
    2. Bruce Miles
    3. Philip Ives

    An opportunity like this is very educational – you think like never before about the message, diction, energy, pacing, “gravitas” (thanks Diane!), and the audience. Peter, thanks so much!

  16. 1. Bruce Miles
    2. Bruce Miles
    3. Bruce Miles

    But only because I can’t vote for myself.

  17. My, my, my…very interesting. I agree that my ears were drawn to the deep male voices, but I wanted to think outside the box. I heard some great reads from names I didn’t know – Bob Boving for example, but given my self-imposed discriminator – I had to eliminate him and my dear pal Frank.)

    Other things that helped my voting were subtle “sing song” delivery, incorrect copy, regional sound. But this was tough, very tough. I wanted to vote for a woman and was torn between Karen, DB and myself, so I regressed to kindergarden and decided not to vote for a woman. (Is that wrong!?)

    1. Philip Ives

    2. Nelson Jewell

    3. Bruce Miles

  18. OK, quick update….

    Bobbi Owens had sent me her audition and it got caught in spam which was a lousy place for a terrific read.

    Anyone who voted already and would like to make a change, email me and I’ll let you do so without having to make one of your previous choices feel bad.

    My apologies to Bobbi for this electronic error. But ultimately, I blame Michael Douglas. (j/k)

    Best always,
    – Peter

  19. I’ll echo the sentiments of everyone else… what a hard choice. Here’s my 3:

    1 – Connie Terwilliger
    2 – Karen Lehman
    3 – Philip Ives

    And here’s the formula I used to make my decision.

  20. Oh… and I guess I owe Roger Tremaine and David Scott five bucks.

  21. Many, many great cuts to choose from, by my selections are:

    1. Doug Turkel
    2. Riley Wilson
    3. Dave Christi

    I liked the traditional rich pipes of 1 and 2, but Mr. Christi just has something in that delivery of his that made my ears perk up and listen a bit more closely.

    Best of luck to everyone, and sorry Michael, but I think your 15-minutes have long since passed 😉

  22. I have to say this is a tough choice so here goes, my list is as follows:

    1. Bruce Miles
    2 Bobbi Owens
    3 Frank Frederick

    I am glad Bobbi was plucked from spam hell her read was spot on.

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  24. This is also an exercise in getting your auditions in early–not only did I miss the chance to throw my hat in…but I can see how casting directors can get fatigued with listening even when the reads are impressive!

    1. Frank Frederick
    2. DB Cooper
    3. Ron Harper

    Lots of fun to hear everyone!


  25. 1)Bruce Miles
    2)Chris Ackerman
    3) Frank Frederick

    WOW! Was all I could say…. What a GREAT learning experience and THANKS Peter for the for the opportunity and your HUGE effort to make this possible. Hope everyone has a GREAT New Year!
    Dean Jones
    Heavy D

  26. 1. Brian Haymond
    2. Philip Ives
    3. Bob Souer

    Not to pound a cliche’ into the dirt, but there really is less than a hair’s breadth of difference here. Kudos to all the entrants for superb reads; I’m glad to call you my colleagues in this biz.

    ~ Dave

  27. Wow. Tough job to pick. These folks were closest to giving the presentation I’ve been used hearing (and still like) after all these years:

    1) Philip Ives

    2) Bob Souer

    3) Karen Lehman

  28. 1. Bruce Miles

    2. Chris Ackerman

    3. Steve Van Oort

  29. how about an “atta job, bobbi!”? verrrry good!

    btw, connie, yeah it was you or db for a chica (i closed my eyes and blinked, i guess). the grrrrls sound perfect, in my mind, to introduce the (other) news anchor hotness of brian williams. that, and it works. it really works!!

  30. I had hoped to get my hat in the ring, but didn’t quite get my act together in time. Quite a challenge picking the final trio! Here are the ones that tickled my ears:

    1: Chris Ackerman
    2: John Weeks
    3: Amy Taylor

    …and I suppose it’s obvious by now who #4 is. 😉

  31. Okay, it was a tough choice let me tell you…. but here goes (I’ll probably change my mind as soon as I post this):

    1. Chris Ackerman
    2. Bruce Miles
    3. Frank Frederick

    Definitely an interesting and fun exercise.

    Thanks Peter.

  32. Outside of my obvious devastation at not having anyone choose me yet…I feel I must move on [hoping everyone gets the sarcasm there…uh, just WHY did I decide to participate??]

    Seriously- OH MY! I had to listen 3 times, and my list keeps changing…there are a ton of incredible voices here! OK, time to submit my vote…although there are actually 12 names on my list…

    1. Karen Lehman
    2. Bob Boving
    3. Brian Haymond

    Really and truly…why aren’t we hearing most of the voices on the list every day??

  33. As much as I want to vote for a woman, I don’t think it would fly. But If I could it would be for Bobbi and Connie. Both had terrific reads.

    So my votes go in order of preference to:

    Chris Ackerman
    Steve Van Ort
    Bruce Miles

  34. Peter,

    Really tough. Here are my thoughts.

    1. Bruce Miles
    2. Bob Boving
    3. Connie Terwilliger

    And if I were to run through the list again, I’d probably end up with a different list.

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  36. Wow, what a roster of talent! You mean I only get to pick 3???

    It was quite a difficult decision. I think any one of the entries could do the job and do it well! I chose 3 that I thought had that really commanding “news” sound (which many of you have) but alas, I can only choose 3.

    Again, you all sound great!

    1. DB Cooper
    2. Greg Phelps
    3. Karen Lehman

  37. 1. Chris Ackerman
    2. Phillip Ives
    3. Bruce Miles

    So much great talent – this is not an easy one… My best to everyone!

  38. Wow, the votes overnight changed the complexion of the race entirely!

    The polls will be open through at least the new year so let folks know they can still vote.

    AND- I have set up a much faster listening page on my web site. After you’re done listening, come back here and vote!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  39. Interesting and a lesson to hear so many different approaches to this short piece. This whole thing has been very worthwhile and I know I join many others in thanking Peter for coming up with the idea and seeing it through so well.

    My votes are:

    #1 – Bruce Miles
    #2 – Chris Ackerman
    #3 – Craig Park

  40. #1. Connie Terwilliger

    #2. Bob Souer

    #3. Phillip Ives

    Nicely understated reads.

    Thanks Peter!

  41. 1) David Houston
    2) Bob Boving
    3) Chris Ackerman

  42. Ok, here goes:

    1: Doug Turkel
    2: Connie Terwilliger
    3: DB Cooper

    But really, excellent job everyone. I ended up with 15 people on my finals list. Whew!!!

  43. Several times I’ve participated in graphic “contests” like this, like one drawing/painting a day for two weeks, or five graphics on a theme, and it’s not only fun to participate but great fun to see the work everyone else does.

    This is the first online “voice-off” I’ve seen, and it was a cool idea. And a bunch of great entries. My choice:

    1) Chris Ackerman (wow, sounds fabulous)
    2) Connie Terwilliger (also fabulous)
    3) Jack Friday (darn near fabulous, too)

  44. Man this is tough….

    I had a hard time between Ives, Miles, Frederick, VanOort, and Ackerman for the males and DB, Amy, Lehman and Terwilliger for the females, but in the end it is…

    1. Ives
    2. Miles
    3. Lehman

    I have a new respect for the casting folks!


  45. Fun idea, all we’re great , heres my pick:

    (1) Brian Haymond

    (2) Chris Ackerman

    (3) Karen Lehman

  46. Wonderful auditions! But if I MUST list only three:

    1. Chris Ackerman
    2. Bob Boving
    3. Bruce Miles

  47. This was really tough! I listened and listened and listened and finally had to choose:

    1. David Houston – just the right combination of warmth and gravitas
    2. Bobbi Owens – Again, just the right combination of warmth and gravitas!
    3. Nelson Jewell – a real gem ;o)

  48. Whew! Now I’ve got an NBC Nightly News earworm!

    1. Brian Haymond

    2. Frank Frederick

    3. Bruce Miles

  49. First, you have to say,”Nyooz” not “Nooze” and
    although i truly believe that Kara Edwards captures the spirit of all TV national news, i’m going with my top 3:
    Bruce Miles
    Philip Ivey
    Tom Ackerman


  50. oop, i meant Chris Ackerman.

  51. Ok. First of all, WOW! Great idea, Peter. Great submissions, and a great learning experience, just listening to everyone’s take on the same script. Just as interesting to see how the voting is going. Man, I’d hate to be the casting director on this one. Anyway:

    1: Philip Ives

    2: DB Cooper

    3: Chris Ackerman

  52. There are some really great voices in the ‘competition’, and I had to listen several times to make my list. I did pass on a few good reads because of technical issues (over-compression maybe) that distracted me. I’m not sure if that’s fair in this context, but there it is. My choices:

    1. Bob Sauer
    2. Karen Lehman
    3. Bruce Miles

  53. This was incredibly difficult! It took me forever to narrow down my 18! original choices – so like Diane I started by scratching off those who got the copy wrong.

    I have a new appreciation for what casting directors go through. Each time I listened my choices changed. But , ya gotta commit sometime so here are my picks.

    1. Frank Frederick

    2. Dave Christi

    3. Karen Lehman

  54. TOP PICK has to be the smooth tones of DAVE HOUSTON. A baritone is required for the gravitas necessary for the nightly news, sorry ladies!
    Second pick would be Roger Tremaine, and third Ron Phillips, but really…Dave is the choice :)

  55. And hey, I said “gravitas” before reading ANY of the other voting remarks here! Apparently other people went to journalism school too… :)

  56. 1. Frank Frederick

    2. Dave Christi

    3. Bob Souer

  57. WOW!! – Well – It’s taken me a few days – but I think:

    1. Bob Boving

    2. Bruce Miles

    3. Craig Park

    But I’m telling you – THAT WAS HARD!!

  58. :*-(

    Nobody loves me…. boo hoo.

  59. Geez….sorry I missed out on the auditions! All sounded great! My choices are:

    1 Bruce Miles
    2 Frank Frederick
    3 Philip Banks

  60. Me neither, Rich. But I’m a youthful voice and wouldn’t expect to win. Sure had fun running with the big dogs, though!

  61. Some great sounds.

    My nominees are:

    1. Bruce Miles
    2. Phillip Ives
    3. Chris Ackerman

    As they say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Michael, stick to the movies and let the pros of voice handle the rest.

    Craig Koepke

  62. Very instructive. The slightest under-enunciated consonant or over-prounounced vowel stands out like a bloodstain.

    Bob Souer

    David Houston

    Steven Van Oort

  63. David Houston

    Steve Van Oort

    Liz De Nesnera

    Liz was my favorite female voice. Interesting reads. I agree with some of the other comments. Gravitas is needed to sell the public.

  64. Whoops. Hit submit too soon.

    My choices are:

    1) Bobbi Owens
    2)Frank Frederick
    3)Julie Williams

  65. 1- Bobbi Owens

    2- Julie Williams

    3- Connie Terwilliger

  66. #1. Connie Terwilliger

    And if I have to vote for more…

    #2. Bob Souer
    #3. Phillip Ives

  67. My choices are:

    1. Bobbi Owens
    2. Bob Boving
    3. Bruce Miles

  68. Jeffrey and Rich,
    I feel your pain, but your right, Jeff, just to be allowed to run alongside the big guys, what a hoot. However, I did get an honorable mention (read: sympathy vote) . Thanks, Jaide, whoever you are, you’re a kind person.
    I did learn valuable lessons though, about the poor folks who have to make decisions on VO demos, especially with this lot.
    And Mr. Christi, I guess the five bucks got caught up in the holiday mail. Maybe soon, huh?
    And to you, Peter, you’re gem for creating this great diversion. If you get tired of voice acting you ought to consider being a cruise recreation director.

  69. #1 Bruce Miles
    #2 Bob Boving
    #3 Philip Banks

    Dag yo. what a feat of casting.
    Everyone at Camp Cooper was involved and we all came up with (mostly) differing results.
    I disagree with the necessity of “nyooz” as a pronunciation, but one does need to get the words right.

  70. #1 Bobbi Owens
    #2 Bruce Miles
    #3 Chris Ackerman

    Bobbi Owens’ phrasing is the winner for me. A great voice— but there were lots of great voices.
    Bruce has a clearly superior sound.
    Chris Ackerman sounded professional, lively, and engaging.

  71. #1 Connie T.
    #2 Bruce Miles
    #3 Karen Lehman.

    I listened with my Mom and DeWitt. Connie T is awesome!

  72. 1. David Houston
    2. Liz de Nesnera
    3. Bobbi Owens

  73. Great idea…..a lot of good talent….hard to rule people out, but that’s part of the process.

    1. Connie Terwilliger
    2. Dave Christi
    3. Bruce Miles

  74. Wow! I got 2 votes!
    ..and I don’t even know the voters so I can’t even pay ’em off!

    And Peter, a SPECIAL thanks to you for making this Year End Revelry a huge success!


  75. Voting for:

    1 – David Houston
    2 – d.b. cooper
    3 – Bruce Miles

  76. My hat’s in!

    (1) Bruce Miles (he sounds like a station/network ID voice if I ever heard one)

    (2) Ron Harper (another fella that should be swamped with TV imaging work)

    (3) Bob Souer (Bob’s voice is distinct…very “brandable”)

    I liked Connie Terwilliger as well…

    I had another “short list” that would certainly be worthy as well…folks like David Houston, Bobbi Owens, Frank Frederick, Chris Ackerman, Bob Boving and a few others!

  77. #1 Connie Terwilliger.
    Wow! Without a doubt, Connie Terwilliger’s voice commands attention, and stands out from the rest of the news noise.

    #2 Philip Ives

    #3 Philip Banks

  78. Souer

  79. Yeah; just great…after an hour’s listening, I’ll have that darned intro as an ear-worm for days.
    1) Bruce Miles
    2) Philip Ives
    3) Dave Houston

    and: 4) Karen Lehman, 5) Rich Brennan, 6) Connie Terwilliger; not that it matters.

  80. No need to thank me folks (tho I appreciate the kind words). This is as much fun for me as it is for everyone else.

    And I agree, the great talent makes the final three selection tough for most of us. I’ll do a podcast or blog after this is over (which won’t be for a while) to share my voting breakdown. I’m starting with about 13 favorites.

    I’m especially enjoying watching the spikes that some folks are getting in their votes. Some folks started yesterday with few or no votes and zap! Overnight they get a hot voting streak going.

    If you know some VO pals or even folks who would just enjoy the concept of what we have going on here, please feel free to invite them to vote.

    The more the merry.

    Happy New Year all.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  81. Really, really great auditions. I hope that someday my voice matures enough to even try out for this kind of thing. Guys, I loved all of your voices, but my top two votes go to the ladies

    1. Julie Williams
    2. Connie Terwiliger
    3. Frank Fredrick

    Peter, you da man for starting this whole crazy thing! :)

  82. Very good auditions, very entertaining excercise

    My favorites….

    Frank Fredrick

    Brian Haymond’s Child

    Kara Edwards

  83. Easy for me – – I just ruled out ALL the guys! (And there are some GREAT ones here.)

    Seems that NBC tried a female voice on this open a few years ago and I always thought it was a wise move. Anyway, here are my picks:

    #1. Connie Terwilliger
    #2. Karen Lehman
    #3. Melissa Exelberth

    Peter, congrats on a clever and entertaining way to draw traffic to your site:-)

    Allen Brown

  84. 1. David Houston
    2. Bruce Miles
    3. Karen Lehman

  85. WOW. This was TOUGH! Wanted to pick more than just three…

    1. Bobbi Owens – Modulation, color, warmth, and a depth and richness I wasn’t expecting. Very impressive.

    2. Connie Terwilliger – Much brighter than Bobbi, like sunshine, and I like to hear smiles in voices. Sounds very happy and even proud (like beaming) to be announcing Brian Williams.

    3. Brian Haymond – Commanding, deliberate, sharp – drew my attention in a snap.

  86. Hello all – my choices are:

    1. Melissa Exelberth
    2. Connie Terwilliger
    3. Bobbi Owens (who owes me an email – LOL)

    All women – hey, maybe Hillary has a chance!

  87. After much thought and a lot of listening, here are my top 3:

    1. Bobbi Owens
    2. John Weeks
    3. Brian Haymond

    Hope this helps!

  88. Wow… so much variety – some very good reads here, and a few notables from the ladies, it was tough to narrow it down! After careful listening, my top 3 picks are:

    1. Thom Wilkins
    2. Scott Monty
    2. Bob Bovin

  89. Wow. So many incredible talents.

    Short List:

    1. Bob Souer
    2. Chris Ackerman
    3. Jack Friday

    Longer: Bruce Miles, Colin Campbell, Karen Layman, Phillip Ives

  90. Dear Peter,

    After listening to the demos, here are my three as you requested 😉

    1. Bob Boving
    2. Connie Terwilliger
    3. Jack Friday

    Happy New Year :)


    P.S. So many amazing voices! It was very hard to have to name three people. Can’t wait to find out who the winner is!

  91. Steph-

    Thanks for voting but I am putting the rest of the staff on notice that it won’t be a successful voting process without all of them too! :)

    I am also pleased to see votes for some of my dark horse choices who are….oh you’ll have to wait for the podcast. 😉

    Best always,
    – Peter

  92. Peter Said, “I am also pleased to see votes for some of my dark horse choices who are….”


    Seriously…I just got beat out by Brian Haymond’s slate.

    [why did I think it would be funny to submit…WHY?!]

    Peter- thanks again for doing this, it really is fun to watch the voting…especially how varied it is!

  93. Kara I love your voice. I wanted to vote for you in all 3 spots.
    For the Christmas project I was one of the only ones who didn’t use some kind of processing….for this one…..I’m one of the only ones using processing…which by the way was just a light compression with the VST warmer plug in. Sometimes you feel like the kid in the marching band who’s mom says you’re the only one in step.
    I wish I could truly make up my mind….here’s my votes
    1. Frank Frederick
    2. Kara Edwards
    3. Special write in VO Wally The Water Horse.

  94. What a hoot?! I am choosing not to vote because there are so many fine folks who have submitted their version(s).

    Please vote on what you really would prefer to hear on NBC Nightly News, not just your friends. Although, I could stand a vote or two… LOL

    Vote based upon quality. Our talent shines for itself.

    I have to admit, I like the sound of many of the females which would add a nice flair to the presentation on NBC. However, there are several male voices who exude the quality and temperance to highlight the introduction of the news well.

    Peter, thank you for the fun exercise. What a challenge, what fun.


    Frank Frederick
    “The Voice” tm

  95. 1. Bobbi Owens
    2. Frank Frederick
    3. Kara Edwards

  96. 1) David Houston
    2) Frank Frederick
    3) Kara Edwards

  97. David Houston.
    It’s that gravitas! 😉

  98. going with the killer b’s

    Bobbi owens
    Bob Boving
    Bruce Miles

  99. 1.David Houston

    2.Connie Terwilliger

    3. Bruce Miles

  100. 1. Bruce Miles
    2. Connie Terwilliger
    3. Philip Banks

  101. 1. Bruce Miles
    2. Philip Banks
    3. Diane Maggipinto

  102. 1. Karen Lehman

    2. Tom Ackerman

    3. Bobbi Owens

  103. 1 .Karen Lehman

    2. Bruce Miles

    3. Tom Ackerman

  104. 1) Karen Lehman
    2) Amy Taylor
    3) Kara Edwards – cuz that would be too much fun!

  105. Late to the game as usual. At any rate, here goes nuttin:

    1 – Chris Ackerman
    2 – David Houston
    3 – Bruce Miles
    4 – Peter O’Connell, Cameron Thomas, Bob Souer, Liz de Nesnera, Philip Banks, John Weeks, Connie Terwilliger, Jeff Kafer, Brian Haymond, Frank Frederick, Roger Tremaine, Dave DeHart, Mary McKitrick, Elaine Singer, Thom Wilkins, Jim Sutton, David Scott, Rich Brennan, Tom Ackerman, Diane Maggipinto, Melissa Exelberth, DB Cooper, Ron Harper, Dave Christi, Dean Jones, Mike Cain, CC Petersen, Bob Boving, Greg Phelps, Bernard Schaer, Doc Phillips, Craig Park, Brian Forrester, Jim Watts, Nelson Jewell, Amy Taylor, Al Gravelle, Nelson Goforth, Jack Friday, Cowboy Dave, Michael Oldham, Eric Posey, Scott Monty, Riley Wilson, Kara Edwards, Colin Campbell, Julie Williams, Craig Koepke, Sherman Alpert, Philip Ives, Doug Turkel, Scott Shurian, Steve Van Oort, Tammy Byrd, Karen Lehman, Ron Phillips, Caryn Clark, Bobbi Owens

  106. Great reads folks-I hope all the networks are listening to this–My votes

    1. David Houston
    2. Bob Boving
    3. Bruce Miles

  107. Great entertainment on a chilly afternoon. Thank you Peter… you should hear my raspy female voice… maybe I’ll send it. But for now:

    1. Karen Lehman

    2. Bruce Miles

    3. Amy Taylor

  108. Bobbi Owens

    Bruce Miles

    David Houston

  109. They are kinda difficult to choose since the talent is amazing!

    1) Karen Lehman

    2) Chris Ackerman

    3) Melissa Excelberth

  110. My choices are simple:

    Frank Frederick

    Bob Souer

    Connie Terwilliger

  111. 1) Karen Lehman

    2) Frank Frederick

    3) Amy Taylor

  112. 1) vanOort
    2) Turkel
    3) Friday

  113. 1. Connie Terwilliger
    2. Bob Boving
    3. Bob Souer

  114. Dave Houston!

  115. 1. David Houston

    2. Karen Lehman

    3. Amy Taylor

  116. 1. Doug Terkel

    2. Bob Souer

    3. Connie Terwilliger

    Thanks to all for submitting…this was great fun.

  117. There are many wonderful voices here, what a difficult choice.

    1. Dave Christi

    2. Bruce Miles

    3. Connie Terwilliger

  118. These were all pretty cool, but here you go:

    1. David Houston
    2. Tom Ackerman
    3. Thom Wilkins

  119. Hey all,

    Hope I am not too late for this! CONGRATS to all entrants, here are my votes:

    1) David Houston
    2) Doug Turkell
    3) Mary McKitrick

    Amazing how all you sound, BUT the three listed above stood out from the crowd for me!

    Wishing you all the very best for 2008!
    Lynne x

  120. 1. Frank Frederick
    2. Brian Haymond
    3. Dave Christi

  121. 1. Brian Haymond
    2. Craig Koepke
    3. Diane Maggipinto

  122. 1. Bruce Miles
    2. Philip Ives
    3. Bobbi Owens

  123. 1. Dave Houston
    2. Chris Ackerman
    3. Mary McKitrick

  124. 1. Dave Houston

    2. Frank Frederick

    3. Jack Friday

  125. 1. Bruce Miles

    2. Diane Maggipinto

    3. Dave Christi

  126. Bruce Miles

    Bobbi Owens

    DB Cooper

  127. My vote is for Melissa Exelberth!!

  128. I’ve been choosing voices for 25+ years and the best is still Connie Terwilliger! But I always follow the rules so here are my 3:

    1. Connie Terwilliger
    2. Brian Haymand
    3. John Weeks

  129. Connie Terwilliger

    Julie Williams

    Steve Van Oort

  130. 1. Dave Houston (Fell in love with this smooth barritone voice many, many years ago)

    2. Roger Tremaine (love the delivery – smooth and more conversational)

    3. Bob Souer (was my #2 until I heard R.T. – great tone to the voice)

  131. Happy New Year everyone. Picking 3 actually took some time, and to be honest I had a 3 way tie for third. This would have been fun to participate in ,it’s all about timing, maybe next contest.

    Here are my picks.

    1, Connie Terwilliger

    2, Bob Souer

    Everyone really did a great job. Good luck everyone.

  132. melissa excelberth is my top choice.

  133. #1. Karen Lehman
    #2 David Houston
    #3. Bob Boving

  134. Dave Christi’s voice is powerful but with a personable tone.

    1. Dave Christi

    2. Julie Williams

    3. Chris Akerman

  135. Dave Christi adds the personality that some of the rest are missing but all are very good.

    1. Dave Christi

    2. Jack Friday

    3. Frank Frederick

  136. 1. Chris Ackerman

    2. Doug Turkel

    3. Brian Haymond

  137. My vote would have to go to David Houston.I love his voice and always have ever since he was a humble dj back in my hometown

  138. 1. Ron Harper
    2. Thom
    3. Craig

    Damn, I only wrote down first names…

  139. There are some great performances, but I have to vote for:

    1 – Connie Terwilliger
    2 – Brian Haymond
    3 – Frank Frederick

  140. 1. David Houston
    2. Karen Lehman
    3. Bobbi Owens

  141. Dave Houston is definitely your top choice.
    Listen to the inflection.
    I promise I listened to them all, but I’m not wasting time voting for others.
    1. Dave Houston
    2. Dave Houston
    3. VoiceOver Guy, AKA Dave Houston.

    This vote is from your friends in Abilene

  142. David Houston

    David Houston

    David Houston

  143. I think now that he has auditioned for Anderson Cooper it’s only fair to cast a vote for Ozzy.

  144. 1. Dave Houston
    2. David Houston
    3. Davy Houston

  145. 1. David Houston

    2. Julie Williams

    3. Connie Terwilliger

  146. Somebody… call my mom… tell her to quit watching Jeopardy and vote for me!

  147. #1 – Connie Terwilliger

    #2 – Bruce Miles

    # 3 – Bob Souer

  148. Wow, 124 voters thus far have made this a very interesting race.

    It looks like some voice talents seem to have groupies!

    We’re going to CLOSE THE VOTING on Friday, January 11, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. ET

    So if you have any folks who you think would get a kick out of the voting process, let them know.

    And to everyone who has voted thus far, thanks!

    Best always,

    – Peter

  149. 1. Melissa Exelberth
    2. Craig Koepke
    3. Frank Frederick

  150. i feel like rudolph when clarice kissed him ! thanks for the votes … just when i was thinking “i wish i could have do-overs!”


  151. OK here is my vote.

    1. Connie Terwilliger
    2.Bob Souer
    3. Doug Terkel

    Great Idea.

  152. David Houston!

    Second choice: Connie Terwilliger.

    Both have some seriously smooth pipes.

  153. 1. Neslon Jewell
    2. John Weeks
    3. Bob Souer

  154. 1. Karen Lehman
    2. Bruce Miles
    3. Chris Ackerman

  155. It’s 2 Bobs and a Jack for my network news announcer tastes….

    1. Bob Souer

    2. Bob Boving

    3. Jack Friday

  156. 1) Roger Tremaine

    2) Doug Turkel

    3) Rich Brennan

  157. 1) Connie Terwilliger

    2)Karen Lehman

    3) Steve VanOrt

  158. Karen Lehman
    Bruce Miles

  159. Karen Lehman
    Bruce Miles
    David Huston
    The best.

  160. Karen Lehman

  161. Karen Lehman
    David Houston
    Nelson Jewell

    Karen’s the best.

  162. Karen Lehman
    Bruce Miles
    David Houston

    Easy Listening

  163. 1. Doug Turkel
    2. Bobbie Owens
    3. Bob Boving

    Very tough.

  164. 1. David Houston

    2. Tammy Byrd

    3. Frank Frederick

  165. 1. David Houston
    2.Karen Lehman
    3> Julie Williams

  166. […] you’d like to hear the auditions and vote (hint-hint), Peter’s Blog is here. And Brian Haymond’s site is […]

  167. Dear Mom and Dad,
    I love you too!
    (Raised in the “vote late but vote a lot” school of thought!)
    PS – Thank you to everyone that voted for me – and congratulations to everyone that threw their hat in the ring! What terrific showcase of talent! kl

  168. This was not an easy decision! So many people could have been in the top 3!


    1. Doug Turkel – Not the biggest voice, but great interpretation.

    2. Connie Terwilliger – Nothing but smooth & professional.

    3. Bruce Miles – Confident & compelling.

    Wow! NBC should be embarrassed that someone from the audition list isn’t on their network every day…

  169. Karen Lehman

  170. karen! that’s fabby that your folks voted for you. i’m still working on helping them understand what i do … years later.

    bless their hearts!

  171. I prefer the men’s voices. Sorry.
    It seems to narrow down to a few, but voting for more than one seems weird. Undemocratic even.
    One clear winner.

    Dave Houston

    Thank you

  172. 1- Roger Tremaine, smooth, friendly but also says…”hey, you need to listen to this!”
    2- Connie Terwilliger, in what state can you marry a speaker?
    3- Dave Christi, well…you know.

  173. 3- Dave Christi, well…you know.

    HA! This is my new marketing slogan!

    Thanks all for the votes… you too, mom.

  174. Connie Terwilliger

  175. My vote is for Connie Terwilliger!

  176. NBC can use a great female voice –

    Connie Terwilliger sounds GREAT!

  177. Well gang, a little over 24 hours left for voting and I can tell you this much…if you thought the Clinton-Obama primary race in NH was close, WAIT for the finish on this vote come Friday, January 11th at 5pm ET.

    144 votes cast so far…wow!

    There are ONLY 8 VOTES between the top two vote getters (and since you don’t know my scoring system you might be surprised as to whom they are; but I have a 3rd party referee so it’s all on the up and up).

    I can also tell you that there’s a race for third place as well.

    Thanks everyone for voting thus far and especially those of you stumping on your blogs for votes…that is hysterical! Good on you! Keep stumping…you’ve got 24+ whole hours left!

    The winners (first, second and third) will be announced via the voxmarketising podcast which I expect to have produced over the weekend and which will be posted right here.

    Stay tuned and thanks

    Best always,

  178. Was that a marriage proposal? My goodness. That might make up for not winning the mic. 😉

  179. My friend Dave Houston gets the nod.
    And three times, if I you’re counting three votes by each person.

  180. 1. Roger Tremaine

    2. Melissa Exelberth

    3. Thom Wilkins

  181. You sound great, Karen! Lots of amazing talent….

    1. Karen Lehman
    2. Melissa Exelberth
    3. Bobbi Owens

  182. 1. Karen Lehman

  183. 1) Dave Houston

    2) Cameron Thomas

    3) Colin Campbell

  184. Steve VanOort
    Roger Tremaine
    John Weeks

  185. Lots of great talent.
    My favorite.

    Doug Turkel

  186. 1. David Houston — nice color and depth
    2. Tom Ackerman
    3. DB Cooper

  187. Karen Lehman
    Brian Haymond
    Bobbi Owens

  188. 1 – Karen Lehman

    2 – Jack Friday

    3 – Craig Koepke

  189. Lynn:

    Congratulations, you are our last voter.

    The polls are now CLOSED.

    Thanks everyone!

    Best always,
    – Peter

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