“the strongest logos tell simple stories.”


EDITORS NOTE: To be clear – this is a post about marketing, not about politics. Marketing sometimes disappoints. Politics always disappoints.

Whether or not you voted for Barack Obama for President, if you have any vested interest in marketing (and every business person does) you have to respect what the branding design, plan and execution meant to the success of his candidacy (even if he hadn’t won the election).

The branding of the Obama campaign was a political game changer. In the next election, everyone will try and use this playbook but this branding plan was the inauguration that really matters to marketers.

In my opinion, some people voted more for the concept of Obama and his possibilities than the actual man himself (people at a crossroads or caught up in a euphoric state – as politics can often initiate- often make many decisions that way). Branding had to play a key role in shaping that mind set.

Enjoy watching designer Sol Sender, part of the trio that initially developed the now infamous mark, talk about its birth and evolution. There is not a business in existence that cannot learn a lot from this process.

Part 1

Part 2

2 Responses to ““the strongest logos tell simple stories.””

  1. Hey Peter!
    This was GREAT!
    Thanks!…it’s amazing how versatile a great logo can be!
    LOVED the Pirate variation!



  2. Liz:

    The logo and the marketing strategy will be taught in schools for many years.

    And we lived it.


    Best always,
    – Peter