audio’connell in atlanta


Thanksgiving in the ATL was great (once I finally got there). It was lovely fall weather there and we even brought them some much needed rain.

One of the real treats was having lunch with September Day Leach, an Atlanta voice over talent and soon to be Los Angeles voice over talent (yes Bob, I forgot the camera again). She’ll not be falling off the Greyhound bus with stars in her eyes once she reaches the west coast…this young woman has some tremendous voice credits already including serving as the voice/announcer for the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards (check out the name on the cast list right after Avril Lavigne).

We shared many fun stories and helped lay the ground work for some seriously impressive marketing opportunities for her. Expect to be hearing her even more in the near future.

My thanks to Karen Commins, Lance Blair and Scott Pollack, September’s fellow Atlantan voice talents who wanted to join us but had commitments that didn’t allow time for my (as per usual with me) last minute get together. Maybe next time.

2 Responses to “audio’connell in atlanta”

  1. Atlanta? Why not Alberta? I’m just one province over in BC. Alberta took Atlanta’s NHL team over 25 years ago – but HOW ‘BOUT THEM SABRES Peter?

    6 straight tonight versus St. Louis?
    Hope so – but I also like St. Lou…last year they were dreadful – but not this year.


  2. Hey Ralph,

    You mean Atlanta isn’t IN Canada?

    Man, I gotta get a better travel agent!.

    Best always,

    – Peter

    GO Sabres!