audio’connell in phoenix


When it comes right down to it, where would you rather be in August than in Phoenix?

OK, don’t answer that.

Anyway, here I is and t’aint no way I was going to let this trip go by with a visit with one of my most favorite professional voice over talents, Bruce Miles.

Tonight we had dinner my hotel, the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort.

I know if you’ve read any of these “audio’connell in (city name)” I always say very nice things about the people I’m with. Well it’s because the people I meet with are nice which, in addition to us sharing professional similarities, is why we want to get together.

Just ask the people at VOICE 2008 this weekend.

In comparison to that large event, our dinner made up in quality what we lacked in quantity. Bruce and I share an affinity for history….mine America Presidents, his also American Presidents and every other damn historical thing. Puts me to shame.

And that awesome voice of his! I think if I got the opportunity to add any voice to my repertoire, Bruce’s voice would definitely be in the top 5.

If you get the chance to visit with Bruce in Phoenix, I highly recommend it, for the voice over stories and for the history lessons.

P.S. I bought a news camera to have in my briefcase now and this is the device’s first outing. Now next time I have drinks with Caryn Clark, unlike last time, I’ll be able to post a pic.

Thanks for reading.

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One Response to “audio’connell in phoenix”

  1. So….where would I rather be in August than in Phoenix?…I will answer that!
    If it was to be at a table with the both of YOU?
    Then, I’d rather be no where but Phoenix! 🙂
    Love the picture!