audio’connell shot


…a gun. Well actually a couple of guns although technically one was an automatic machine gun which I would consider more rifle like but my knowledge of guns extends only to these sentences really so don’t quote me.

Yes, when I was in Arizona (which is hot, damn hot in August) I visited the Scottsdale Gun Club where the public is invited to shoot guns with live ammo in their shooting range. ANY gun because they have hundreds including, yes, automatic machine guns. The kind boys used to play with as kids only these will actually kill something.

I was never much into guns. More like intimidated by them, fearful even. But when the group I was with went on the adventure to the club, I figured I should face my slight fear and I did.

We watched a training video, signed our lives away, picked the weapons of our choice, donned our ear protection (as we all wore glasses already) and into the indoor driving range we went.

Lord it was loud. Chest thumping loud as there seemed to be well over 20 stalls and almost all of them had people shooting all kinds of weapons. Combined with the echo that was the first startling observation.

Second was handling the guns. We were taught how to load our weapons (a Glock 9mm and MP5 machine gun like many S.W.A.T. teams use) and we fired. The power of these weapons, the force, the damage…these were the other things I noticed.

It turns out that in spite of my shaking hands, I’m not a bad shot.

The last thing I noticed was the variety of people shooting. Husband and wives (“the couple that shoots together…”) twenty-something women on what looked like a date, and a couple of really odd looking characters who based on appearances alone I would not allow to have a weapon.

But they have their rights and so we all went bang, bang into the night. It was fun and exhilarating and yet not something I think I will seek to do again unless the opportunity is similar to this trip. In some cases to avoid the accident, it’s best to simply stay off the road.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “audio’connell shot”

  1. I wish you would post more often…this is my “coffee drinking” blog:) Edgar Allen

  2. Hi Edgar:

    Thanks for your kind words. I shall try to increase my posts!

    Best always,
    – Peter