don’t call us, we’ll call you

rejection_audioconnellGoodness knows I have been on the receiving end of professional rejection many times in the voice over business. I’ve gotten to the point when I do auditions, I find it’s safer just to assume I didn’t get the job so that I can enjoy the surprise when I am called in to do the project.

Rejection is part of my job.

Sometimes I am the bearer of bad news, especially to other voice over talents who contact me, unsolicited, to ask if I have work for them or if I could feature them on my site. My answer is no.

Hey, I’ve been out there, beating the pavement for voice work (a more glamorous term is marketing, but we’re all friends here, no need to be glamorous). And I know you gotta ask if there are opportunities…”all they can say is no”, right?

No harm in “the ask” except for my rule: voice talents that are featured on this site are recruited by me, they didn’t solicit me. They didn’t send me a demo or ask to be listed on the site…I came across their unique sound; I contacted them and said “Come on, let play!” If they had pestered me for work they would have all but assured themselves of never ever getting on the roster.

Does that make the voiceover roster at audio’connell Voice Over Talent exclusive and exclusionary? Yes. Not everybody gets to play.That does not mean that those who don’t get invited are talent-less. They have talent, loads of it usually but not the “right” sound; it’s my personal taste, one that my clients rely on me for. So, sadly, my answer is no.

Rejection is part of my job.

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  1. Hi, Peter! Thanks for commenting on my recent blog entry

    So many business books and seminars advise people to follow in the footsteps of someone they admire. However, I think many people act as though that advice means the admired person should be willing and obligated to give them the shortcuts to success for free.

    Thanks again for dropping by my blog. You’ve got a lot of good stuff here that I will be reading!

    Karen Commins

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