in praise of internet radio


Truth be told, initially many internet radio stations seemed to be little more than young people slapping together a mix tape/disc of their favorite song and setting up a radio station. Some folks took it a step further and really tried to piece together a more professional sound. I think conceptually, a lot of it was good but in truth the commitment wasn’t really there with a lot of internet radio station owners.

But as happens in the shake down of any new “thing” the strong survive. In the case of internet radio, those who survive we’re able to stay committed to their primary goal of sharing their music while also securing an advertising arrangement that would allow them to pay their bills and even keep a little some thing for themselves.

One of my clients is one of those long haul pioneers in internet radio who has stayed true to his programming objective and kept the money flowing as well. It’s eclectic, relaxed and cool in sound and attitude. I hope you’ll spend some time listening to Roo Radio and enjoying the true spirit of broadcasting that I think many of my fellow voice talents respect. Also here is a sample of some of the recent voice imaging I did for the station.


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2 Responses to “in praise of internet radio”

  1. Sounds great, Peter! Thanks for sharing that. I’ll have to check out the station. 🙂

  2. Jodi:

    I think you’ll like it and Dave’s a real nice guy too.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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