MEDIA RELEASE – Crazy Jose’s Find It’s Voice, The Addy’s Find It’s Announcer and The BETA’s Find It’s Character

audio'connell Media Release

BUFFALO, New York, May 1, 2007 – – Offering a brand that is admittedly “a little loco”, Crazy Jose’s Mexican Restaurant secured a kindred spirit in professional voice-over talent Peter K. O’Connell as part of its recent commercial campaign. In an ISDN recording session with the Texas client’s agency, O’Connell portrayed an “anal retentive” customer of the chain, who loved Crazy Jose’s food and low prices but felt the distance between the salt and pepper shakers on the chain’s dining tables weren’t “precise” enough.

Also, during its recent 2007 Addy Awards, the Advertising Club of Buffalo (formerly Brainstorm) selected audio’connell Voice-Over Talent’s Peter K. O’Connell to serve as the award ceremony’s announcer. Providing voice-overs revealing all prize winners for the show, voice over talent O’Connell also provided character voice work for an introductory show presentation.

As part of its 2007 Beta Awards, InfoTech Niagara’s annual presentation featured voice talent Peter K. O’Connell from audio’connell as part of its commercial parody vignettes through out the show.

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The company also operates Voice Over Workshop to provide professional voice over training to novice and experienced voice talent around the world.
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