my favorite voice-over websites! mara junot

If you’ve never met Mara Junot, you may not understand why every man and woman who meets her has an instant crush on her. She exudes a charm, jubilance, intelligence and 50,000 megawatt smile that envelopes everyone…EVERYone who meets her.

But that’s not what makes her a great voice-over talent. But it is her talent COMBINED with all of the above that makes her a star.

And while there is a star on her website, that’s not why I think it’s a great site. Certainly it’s not because it’s adorned by her lovely pictures (which it ain’t). It’s that the simplicity of the site let’s you get a sense of the talent while allowing the demos to take center stage. When you hear that voice (which is terrific) come out of that web site you are focused on the sound…not the performer, not clutter.

Sound. It’s what voice-talents’ sell. Mara does it well.

3 Responses to “my favorite voice-over websites! mara junot”

  1. How incredibly kind of you, Peter! Thank you for such a lovely tribute.

    You were one of the first experts to give me solid direction on fine-tuning my demo production at my very first Faffcon experience; and I am truly both humbled and honored to be in the company of such a beautiful inspiring spirit & phenomenal talent like you.

    Brightest blessings, my friend!

    ♥ Mara

  2. I almost forgot to give credit to my phenomenally awesome web designers, Mick Lauer & Alison Moehnke at They are brilliant at making anyone look good! (:

  3. Hi Mara,

    You, Mick and Alison all did a great job on the site.

    I’m always glad to recognize great work.

    Best always,