the wind up and the pitch…


I was thinking yesterday I should write a blog post only because I hadn’t in a while and I’m sure someone is keeping score and if I don’t write something I’ll get blogger’s demerits or something.

Assuming such things exist.

Anyway my idea was to write about how public relations’ companies often pitch bloggers about their clients’ products or services in hope that they will write about them on their presumably popular blog. These rock-star bloggers often complain (well “bitch” is the proper term for all the whining I read) about how these pitches are often impersonal and dull. The bloggers have a point – personalization while time consuming often pays great dividends.

But then I realized I am not a rock star blogger. I don’t think I even know any rock stars although I did have a nice conversation a few years ago with the Goo-Goo Dolls Robby Takac (who by the way has great pipes for voice over and has done some VO work). Tangent aside, I don’t get pitched a lot. So then I thought why should I write about it?

Then lo and behold I get an email today from Mahmoud Taji in Cairo, Egypt who asked if I might take a moment to review and write about his new site Taji’s Voice Over Directory. Well that seems simple enough.

The site is hosted through the site but Mahmoud is not directly involved with that site. Mahmoud’s pages contain an ever-growing list (about 140 listings as of this writing) of voice over casting resources from around the globe including voice talents, agents and resource sites. It’s a very nice collection and I believe he welcomes submissions so check it out.

As for his pitch, it could not have been more personalized and pleasant in his approach. The kind of introduction/request that I assume most PR folks are not making to other bloggers on a daily basis.

The morale of this story then is if you have an idea for a blog post but are not sure what to do with it, wait 24 hours or so…the blog fairies may drop a little bloggers magic on you to help you finish your post.

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