voice over workshop’s kick in the pants – january 2009

voice over workshop kick in the pants

Voice over talents who subscribe to voxmarketising or who train with the Voice Over Workshop occasionally receive a free e-mail from the Voice Over Workshop’s owner (who also happens to own audio’connell voice over talent and this blog/podcast) with his advice on how to earn billions of dollars in voice over (which none of them ever do). Nonetheless, subscribers saw this first…so if you’re seeing it for the first time now, you are at the end of the line. Subscribe now to fix that.

I came across a comment from a voice talent friend of mine who noted that they hadn’t heard from any past clients in a while. She surmised: “Hmmm, I better do some marketing.”

Had my Mother not taught me better, I would have said to her “That makes about as much sense as saying ‘Hmmm, I just finished taking the Bar exam, I think I’ll start studying for it now.'”

While I doubt I’m the first one you’ll hear make this point, the time for marketing is yesterday, today and tomorrow. In short, always.

We’re cursed and blessed as voice talents with a fair amount of time in our work day where we’re not voicing something. Oh some will tell you they’re always voicing throughout the day but by and large they’re full of crap.

Like me, your Mother probably raised you better than to point that out to them.

So you’ve got the time to do the marketing and you’ve got a budget in mind and ain’t it just handy that you’re pretty much at the start of the year.

Now what?

How about starting with a plan. A marketing plan. Think of it as a shopping list of sorts.

Sure, you can get pretty fancy with its design but a marketing plan is NOT about look and feel but rather it is about giving yourself a tool to decide WHO you want to get your message, WHEN you want them to get that message, HOW you’re going to get that message to them and WHAT that message is going to be.

It’s simple in its concept and can be as complex and involved as you’re willing to make it but you have to make a plan and then you have to live the plan. Otherwise you might as well sign up for the Bar exam.

That’s my Voice Over Workshop Kick In The Pants for this month.

If you’d like to visit with me one-on-one to discuss marketing or any other part of your voice over future, email me and we can set up a telephone session: 2 hours for $100 on any and all topics you’d like to cover in the world of voice over.

More info is available at the Voice Over Workshop.

Enjoy the ride!

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