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Peter K O'Connell_Buffalo's Best Radio Voice

I already know that I am going to regret doing this.

The “this” is beginning a campaign to be voted Buffalo’s Best Radio Voice by readers (or you) of the very popular local publication Buffalo Spree (a magazine to which our family subscribes).

Every year they do a ‘Best of Buffalo’ ballot and today I noticed they listed “Best Radio Voice” as a category.

While they may mean best disc-jockey or radio personality, that is NOT what the ballot says.

The ballot under the category of “WNY: It’s the people” says “Best radio voice”.

Now my voice has been on a number of radio (and TV) commercials in Buffalo and I was born and live here so I believe I fully qualify as a nominee.

Certainly it’s debatable as to whether or not I have the “best” voice – but as in most elections, ‘qualification’ (in this case being the “best”) seems pretty inconsequential.

This is about ego, hubris and voice over vanity – muscles I have not stretched nearly enough. Contrary to the belief of some, I need to work harder at making an ass of myself and I think this campaign may fit the bill perfectly.

So there you have it…vote and get your Buffalo friends to VOTE HERE and if elected as Buffalo’s Best Radio Voice, I promise to wear my sash with pride. If there was a crown, that could be cool (maybe I’ll sell it on ebay) and I suppose a scepter would be too much to ask for.

I can only hope there is a cash award for winning this silly thing.

4 Responses to “vote for me – buffalo’s best radio voice”

  1. I haven’t yet been to Buffalo, but it’s on my list–that counts for something, right? My vote is in! Good luck, Peter.

  2. Thanks Meghan very much.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. My VO friend, George W referred me to your site. Having spent 4 yrs at Fredonia, I have to vote for you for still living in the snow belt! NC is so much easier . . . Good luck!

  4. Thanks Karen!

    Best always,
    – Peter