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â–º (0:00) Show Open: (Voxmarketising Episode #102/ Show date: January 27, 2008)

â–º (1:00) Welcome

â–º (2:40) Oversight (Stuff You Might Have Missed):
– The Challenge of Rebranding the United Negro College Fund to the UNCF

– The fontastic movie “Helvetica

– UK Voice Talent Bernard Shaw on Core Talents that People Need to Possess as Voice Over Artists

– Lost Voices: Suzanne Pleshette and Allan Melvin

â–º (10:07) VMT Interview (On voiceover or marketing or advertising or all of the above):
– Podcamp Toronto 2008 Information

– Podcamp Toronto 2008 Promo

– Interview with Podcamp Toronto 2008 Sponsor Chair Eden Spodek

â–º (19:36) Brain Spanking (Funny, Weird, Annoying News of the Day But Stuff That Usually Makes You Think):
– How to Improve Your Image By Not Delivering

– Connect Ventures Video (Lip Dub)

– The idea of a sneaker reimagined by Freedom of Creation

â–º (22:14) Popular Demand (Voice Comments, Emails and Blogs Posts from Listeners):
– Comments by Greg Phelps and Drew Hadwal

â–º (23:30) Show Close:
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  1. Nice and neat! Thanks for podcasting!
    Just to let you know that all your RSS feeds claiming to point to the podcast, actually point to the blog.