here’s another reason google confuses me

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Sometimes I google things relevant to my business to see how I am doing.

Tonight, I googled “voice-over blog” to see where Voxmarketising – the audio’connell blog and podcast (which hasn’t really produced a podcast in years but whose counting) ranks.

I’ve got about 13 subscribers and most of them are family members or really old people who didn’t understand what they subscribed to and couldn’t find the ‘erase’ key on their computers. If the computer industry ever invents an ‘erase’ key, I’m finished. Nonetheless I wanted to see how I faired.

The #1 voice-over blog is Bob Souer’s which is as it should be. Then there’s Ben Blankenship and Terry Daniel’s Voice Over Club. These are not suprising to me.

But here comes the confusing part…you know who is NOT on the first page? Courvo and Vox Daily.

You gotta understand, these are two of the very first voice-over blogs ever. Before there was an internet, there were these two voice-over blogs.

The 11th commandment was “and there shall be voice-over blogs” and BAM, Dave and Stef started posting….THAT’S how far back they go. They each have over one million subscribers. Bob has only 750,000 (he says it’s 800,000 but he fibs).

Courvo posts every freakin’ day! When he goes on vacation, he posts how he’s not posting cause he’s on vacation!!!!!

So Google, what bur do you have up your virtual butt that puts those two blogs off the first page of that search?

In any logical world, those two blogs are page one. That they are not defies logic, science and good old common sense.

That’s all…this just occurred to me and I thought I would point this out so that Google fixes its defective voice-over algorithm and we could all return to more comfortable summer temperatures.

What? You thought the heat was caused by global warming or some other nonsense? Sheesh, what are you smoking?!

It’s all about voice-over blog rankings, my friend. Mother Nature does not like it when there is not balance in the voice-over universe.

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3 Responses to “here’s another reason google confuses me”

  1. There are voiceover blogs? Who knew!

  2. We had to create voiceover blogs Lee, all the Mommy blogs Scrapbooking blogs were taken!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. It’s amusing how the first two voice-over bloggers are not the on top of google ranks? maybe voice-over blogs need a revamp to go with the trends. Or to invite more people with potentials to engage in. Thanks for posting!

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