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stand up 2 cancer tonight – on darn near every television channel there is

Stand Up 2 Cancer SU2C

I don’t watch a lot of TV and I promote shows even less than that on this blog cause that’s not really what I write about alot.

But tonight I will be a viewer of Stand Up 2 Cancer and a supporter of those suffering from it – directly and indirectly – past, present and future.

If you are fighting the battle yourself or with someone, know that you are in my prayers for the best possible outcome – I’ve seen it happen and I know it can happen for you too.

stand up 2 cancer

Stand Up 2 Cancer SU2C

Sometimes thoughts just randomly pop into my head for no reason.

One of them was “what ever happened to that ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer’ event they did a couple of years ago?”.

Well as I tickled the plastic keys (as opposed to the ivory keys which never sounds very good when I do it) I saw that the web site is still alive and kicking and even has a new PSA which I’d not yet seen.

Maybe we need to give this campaign a little blog love so if you not only a reader but a writer of blogs, feel free to push this along, tweet it or facebook it and let’s see if we can draw some attention and money towards this program.


su2c – stand up to cancer

Stand Up 2 Cancer SU2C

Tonight, the anchors and managing editors from ABC News, CBS News and NBC News will take over our televisions in prime time.

And it won’t be about an election.

SU2C. Stand Up to Cancer. Please watch and, if you can, please give. Thanks!