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Peter K. O'Connell audioconnell.com

All the world is fascinated with Facebook Company pages and I get that….Facebook is a popular service but it just feels to me Facebook and it’s company page has the long term business impact of neighborhood kids hosting a lemonade stand and neighbors dropping by to buy a cup which they may or may not drink (the O’Connell children will be hosting a lemonade stand today, BTW).

Facebook isn’t the best social media place to do my business.

But clearly, LinkedIn has not only every VO talent in the world (oy!) but advertising decision makers, producers, casting companies and business people who seem to me more likely to consider using my services.

So my question is this: do you have your LinkedIn Company Page set up?

And of course, you’re welcome to follow my LinkedIn page. 🙂

the voice over cafe live at faffcamp

The Voice Over Cafe made its way to Charlotte, NC, for FaffCamp and recorded its latest episode there….what a blast.

Female Voice-Over Talent Trish Basanyi and Male Voice-Over Talent Terry Daniel have been hosting and producing the Voice-Over Cafe for a while and it was a special treat for me to be invited on to this live recording session as there was a room full of interesting people with whom they could have spoken. Terry and Trish are supported in their production by the lovely and talented Sean Caldwell, Tom Dheere and Peter Bishop – each a bad ass voice-over talent in their own right and all loyal Faffers to the core.

The episode stars Amy Snively and features Bob Souer, Liz deNesnera, Dan Friedman, (movie star) Melissa Exelberth, Connie Terwilliger and Cliff Zellman.

You can listen here. And I hope you will.

my favorite voice-over websites! mara junot

If you’ve never met Mara Junot, you may not understand why every man and woman who meets her has an instant crush on her. She exudes a charm, jubilance, intelligence and 50,000 megawatt smile that envelopes everyone…EVERYone who meets her.

But that’s not what makes her a great voice-over talent. But it is her talent COMBINED with all of the above that makes her a star.

And while there is a star on her website, that’s not why I think it’s a great site. Certainly it’s not because it’s adorned by her lovely pictures (which it ain’t). It’s that the simplicity of the site let’s you get a sense of the talent while allowing the demos to take center stage. When you hear that voice (which is terrific) come out of that web site you are focused on the sound…not the performer, not clutter.

Sound. It’s what voice-talents’ sell. Mara does it well.

courvo and cliff zellman chat up done by six productions

Dave Courvoisier has 1,823,234 subscribers to his blog so the chances that you, gentle reader, have NOT seen this post is slim but I’m going to tell you about it anyway in case your RSS feed crapped out.

At FaffCamp, Cliff Zellman unveiled his new demo production company, Done By Six Productions (disclaimer – I’m one of the directors because the federal government mandated that, for equality purposes, he hire an Irishman…it was a nasty lawsuit and he lost). I could describe it further but I’d rather you read Dave’s blog post and watch the video interview featuring Cliff.

one of my favorite faffcamp pictures

My friend Sean Caldwell is known best as one of America’s premiere promo voice talents but he’s also pretty handy with a camera.

He was kind enough to share this shot of my friends and fellow voice-over talents Amy Snively and Lauren McCullough who, along with Dan Friedman and Natalie Stanfield Thomas (and about a billion other folks), put together Faff-events.

I am very blessed to be included with all these talented people.

audio’connell in pittsburgh

Knowing that I would be in Pittsburgh, PA a few days after FaffCamp, I went on the web to see if the Pittsburgh Pirates were going to be playing a home game and it turned out they WERE home on Tuesday.

So when I saw Pittsburgian voice talent Bob Souer and his talented editor son Eric at FaffCamp, I asked if they wanted to join me for the game. They said they were already going and plans were set.

Rains came and went just before game time and we had a wonderful time: me, Eric, Bob and FaffCamp duck Daffy Gormon.

And the Bucs beat the Mariners 4-1. Great night thanks to Bob and Eric!