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social media video or tv show?

Because of my proximity to Toronto, I know of the Toronto-based social media author, broadcaster and blogger Amber MacArthur or Amber Mac as she’s known, maybe more than most folks in the states – although the web knows no borders.

I really enjoy one of her shows, CommandN and saw on her blog that she was recently featured in a video on a blog (also featured below). Amber has a new book out so she’s out hawking it like any capitalist author should do.

So I checked out the video and was blown away…not so much but the content which was fine but by the presentation of video which was unlike anything I’d seen on the web not produced by a network news department and re-purposed for the web.

Jimm Foxx and Rob Woodbridge have created an amazingly professional, interesting show that looks like it could be on a broadcast television network (any network) right now. It’s brilliant.

Why is this a big deal? Folks, I owned a video production company for many years and produced, directed and wrote more than my share of videos…it is a TON of work to get all the elements created and produced in such a way that it comes together looking so sharp.

Walking interviews, cut away, sit down interview with multiple cameras, motion graphics…it takes time and resources. Freshly produced video on the web is not new. For example, Amber’s CommandN show is nice Rebel Voice’s production takes the production quality standard to a new level.

So to see Rebel Voice on a web based platform should make you applaud AND wonder…what does this mean for TV, for broadcasting, for the tools we use to absorb media.

If a two man web operation can do this and make it look this good, this viewer friendly….obliterating the line (certainly in the consumer’s mind just by watching it) of broadcast media and web media…can they both coexist or does one have to die off? How quick a death?

We are the people for whom this information is being created and these web channels are the tubes through which they are sent – does it make you think about the media’s future or is it just another day in webville?

Rebel Voice Episode #3 Amber MacArthur from Rob Woodbridge on Vimeo.

bob souer is a TWO time radio mercury award nominee

Two Time Radio Mercury Award Nominee - Voice Talent Bob Souer

This is a big freakin’ deal.

For the radio industry, the Radio Mercury Awards are the real deal.

Ad agency’s get to take home the prizes (don’t they always – but we love our ad agencies here, no bitterness ;). For the associated producers and voice over talents, such a nomination is a real honor – hardware or not.

Well my friend Bob Souer (and truth be told, he’s everyone’s friend – he’s not terribly particular about his friends which is how I made the cut) is the sole announcer in not one but TWO commercials that are nominated for Radio Mercury Awards this year.

Two things stand out in both spots: great writing (and that’s usually where everything begins) and wonderful voice over interpretations.

Bob notes it’s an honor to be nominated – it is, he should be and I’m hoping you’ll join me in offering great wishes for a big win for my pal (our pal) Bob.

Radio Mercury Award Nominee-Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation (Bob Souer, Voice Talent)
[audio:http://www.audioconnell.com/clientuploads/mp3/Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation_Bob Souer Voice Talent.mp3]

Radio Mercury Award Nominee-Apex Pest Control (Bob Souer, Voice Talent)
[audio:http://www.audioconnell.com/clientuploads/mp3/Apex Pest Control_Bob Souer Voice Talent.mp3]

All commercials herein are copyrighted by their respective owners.

because there hasn’t been a logo post here in a while

I came across this video produced by the design firm Chermayeff & Geismar. It’s really impressive.

It takes some of their most famous logo designs (and there are lots of them) and morphs them into a cool video montage. The video has been around a while but its new to me so maybe its new to you too.

Not only is it entertaining but it’s also effective marketing although by the looks of their clients and their great work, you’d think securing new business isn’t so much a problem.

audio’connell in albany, ny

Voice Talents Peter K. O'Connell and Kevin Readdean

Via my friends at Amtrak, I visited Albany, NY this week and got to spend some time with Albany, NY-based voice talent Kevin Readdean.

Kevin has been doing voice over professionally for about 6 years and is fairly well known in the Albany market and beyond. If you haven’t yet subscribed to Kevin’s blog, you can here.

We had a terrific time talking about the biz, career challenges and opportunities – it’s the opportunities that I think Kevin has in great supply!

a great night to mix it up with voiceovers

When I decided to help organize a Western New York Voiceover Meet-up as part of National Voice Over Month, I truly had visions of me sitting alone in a bar for two hours having been blown off – you know, like in the old days! 😉

But the evening turned out much better than that with over twenty people coming out with about a week’s notice. Some folks I knew and some folks I didn’t but much like the Toronto Voices of Vision Mixer, our voice over industry breeds instant familiarity.

What a treat it was for me to entertain my good friend Bob Souer in my hometown after all the years of me coming to see him. Still one of the finest people I know.

And that really was the point of it for me – not just to socially connect with people I already knew in this industry but also to meet and visit with folks that I haven’t yet met or spent time with…the world’s a big place and I know there are lots of people I can still learn from as long as I take the time to meet them.

Voice Talent Peter K O'Connell with Voice Actor and Voice Acting Coach Pat Fraley

My thanks to everyone for showing up but especially my friend and teacher Pat Fraley who has taught me a lot over the years – not the least of which is kindness goes a long way in this world; Pat has it in spades.

Here are just a few of the other folks who joined us Saturday at JJ’s.

Voice Talents Matt Young, Norman Daniels, Chris Greene and Shanda Gardner Fry

Voice Talents Bob Feurdaliso, Justin Feurdaliso, Mike Dugan and Mike's wife Linda

Voice Talents Jack LoCastro, Norman Daniels, Margo Davis, Toni Silveri and Bob Souer

in session – recording radio commercials for twc

I was called in early Friday morning to voice more spots for the most recent Time-Warner Cable Buffalo Bills radio campaign.

Since we had some time, I thought it would be fun to record the session and show you how it went.

I appreciated the work but appreciated the camaraderie just as much!

How did I do?