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audioconnell in boston 2 – dinner with mary & moe

Voice Talents Mary C McKitrick_Peter K O'Connell_Moe Egan

Having enjoyed the company of Lee Gordon at the beginning of my trip, I was able to close my Boston adventure with the company of the lovely and talented Moe Egan and the Emmy Award winning voice talent Mary C. McKitrick.

Mary has a cool new concept for a direct mail campaign tying in her turn as the narrator of the Emmy Award winning documentary series “Wild View“. And Moe is about to put the finishing touches on her new marketing plan…by July 15th, I’m told.

It was a really great night sitting out near the water having dinner with these talented friends of mine.

audio’connell in boston

On a windy, damp and foggy evening in Bahsten, I had the good fortune to meet up with my friend and fellow SunSetter Awning voice over talent Lee Gordon for a little dinner and a bunch of voice over talk.

Lee is smart as a whip on the regional radio scene and when you get a couple of old radio guys chatting it up, well you better have the waitress bring another bread basket cause we’re going to be here awhile!

It was a great treat to see Lee who I will see again in September at Faffcon 3.

a better voice teacher than a dance teacher

This is a picture of my agent, Erik Shepard from Voice Talent Productions.

If he offers to give you dance lessons, you should politely decline and run like hell in the opposite direction for the obvious visual reason shown above. If his feet were shown in this picture, I think they would both be lefts.

However, he is one of the most engaged and attentive voice over agents I’ve ever met and I’m very glad to have him as a part of my voice over team.

Erik has also been, for many years, a voiceover teacher and trainer. His consultation services for voice talents has evolved into a unique part of Voice Talent Productions that I think you’ll want to check out.

Consider taking advantage of what he knows, who he knows and how all that can help your VO career.

portland oregon voice talents are in for a treat

Mercedes Rose - Female Voiceover Talent

One of the people I had never met before going to Faffcon 2 was Mercedes Rose.

Smart, personable and fun-nah, I enjoyed getting to know about her professional acting skills in front of the camera and behind the mic.

It was, mind you, during Oscar weekend that I met her – the Oscars being her High Holy Day of the entire year. Like Glee on speed is how I would describe Mercedes’ excitement level for that show and all it represents to her personally and most especially professionally.

So this whirling dervish of voiceover excitement is teaming with Marc Cashman to present a weekend voiceover seminar in Portland on August 6 & 7, 2011. For more details or to reserve your spot, call 661-222-9300.

faffcon 3 registration is open

faffcon the voice over unconference september 23-25, 2011 in Hershey PA

I’m not even going to tell you what Faffcon is because if you are a professional voice over talent, you know.

>>> Registration is now open.

I hope you’ll attend.

do your auditions suck? wanna fix that?

I get about a dozen notices of voice over classes and workshops and seminars each hour. So get a bit jaded when I see the latest notice.

Last week one came across my screen that stopped me for a second. And I remembered all week that I wanted to write about it and so now I’m going to write about.

My friend (and friend to all voice talent) John Florian and his Voice Over Xtra! advised me that Nancy Wolfson is holding a teleseminar on June 21st at 9PM eastern called “Voiceover Audition Consultations” in which it is promised: “There’s never been anything like this — a world-class seminar on how to make a good audition better and an excellent audition great.”

Without remuneration or compensation I offer this link because I think this might be a good use of your time.