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audio books revisited


Some of the more market savvy of readers of this blog (you know that’s you, not those “other” readers ((sarcasm dripping))) have likely come across Seth Godin’s blog which is creatively entitled Seth Godin’s Blog.”

Seth has written a number of fairly successful marketing books and I enjoy his daily insights into our world and how we all market within it.

As a published author, Seth has a unique perspective allowing him to wax philosophically (and with a degree of “been there done that” credibility) about audio books and their value in the marketplace. As a voice talent / voice actor who narrates audio books on occasion (when I’m not waxing floors), I’d really like to see the audio book industry shaken up a bit too (only for the good).

Some of the most recent books I’ve enjoyed have been audio books, experienced primarily on long car rides. For those folks with interminable commutes, audio books can be a great educational tool or getaway…all the while not ruining your eyes or wrecking your car.

But the expense and the dearth of titles have not allowed the genre to flourish. Seth’s idea may help that situation. At the very least, let’s hope it starts a discussion.

just don’t keep rubbing my forehead for good luck


I was checking my emails on the plane coming back from Charlotte, NC (before take off, of course, lest my little Treo discombobulate the plane’s 25 cent navigation system and we end up landing in the wrong place) and was pinged by Kara Edwards with whom I had dinner last night (our pal Bob Souer blew us off for a “holy” different reason 😉 ).

She advised me that after a bit of a voice job drought (which we all go through at various times) she today booked two jobs for Thursday and her business line was ringing off the hook. She has christened me her good luck charm. With Caryn Clark having booked a session during our meeting a few weeks ago, this is turning into a bit of a trend.

My challenge now is to figure how to touch myself to enjoy some of this good voice over luck I seem to vibe towards others without getting strange stares or possibly being arrested. I think I’ll just stick to my original marketing plan.

The truth is with both of these VO pros, it’s not at all a matter of luck. Their clients (and ours, hopefully) just needed to come to the realization that they needed their voice services.

Kara is a hoot. A real character who’s a well respected character voice actress. She had been working in radio since she graduated high school and subsequently has a boatload of great radio stories which are always appreciated by those of us who have “lived the life”. Ask her to tell you the story of the final meeting at the last radio station she worked at before going full time into voice over.

It was great to meet her and if you need a great character voice, Kara’s a good place to start.

MEDIA RELEASE – Voice Talent Peter K. O’Connell Featured in BioShock Video Game

audio'connell Media Release

NEW YORK, New York, August 24, 2007 – – Upon the release of one of the most anticipated and highly rated video games in the genre’s history, it was announced today that professional male voice talent Peter K. O’Connell is a voice talent featured in the video game BioShock. Mr. O’Connell, who played the character of 1940’s Boston newsman Henry Egers in BioShock, is president of audio’connell Voice Over Talent.

Produced by 2K Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., BioShock is described as a “genetically enhanced” first-person shooter allowing players do things never before possible in the genre. BioShock is available for play in North America r for Xbox 360TM video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Games for Windows®, and in Europe.

As described by 2K Games in a release for BioShock: “Gamers enter the game as a castaway in Rapture, an underwater utopia torn apart by civil war. Caught between powerful forces and hunted down by genetically modified “splicers” and deadly security systems, players have to come to grips with a deadly, mysterious world filled with powerful technology and fascinating characters. No encounter ever plays out the same and no two gamers will play BioShock the same way.”

audio’connell Voice Over Talent is a worldwide voice over talent service featuring professional male and female voice talents specializing in commercials, character voices, corporate narrations, voice imaging, podcasts and messaging on-hold (MOH) created for advertising agencies, media and broadcast production companies as well as both large and small businesses around the world.

The company also operates Voice Over Workshop (www.voworkshop.com) to provide professional voice over training to novice and experienced voice talent around the world.
– 30-


Company Media Releases ON LINE:

Company Name Pronunciation:
au·dio·o’·con·nell (awe-de-oh-oh-kah-nel) or au·di-o’·con·nell (awe-de-oh-kah-nel)

Company Name Spelling:
Use lower case letters- audio’connell or audio’connell Voice Over Talent

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O’Connell Voice-Over Resume:
See resume here





toronto geek dinner

Geek Dinner Photo, courtesy Mitch Joel, Twist Image

There are savvier people than I (amazing, huh?! 🙂 ) who spend megabytes and hours defining and debating social media and web 2.0 while the rest of the world yawns and says “I need to make business contacts to make money to pay my mortgage and maybe go out to dinner.”

I’m professionally drawn to those select few in these web communities who both talk AND walk the walk of social media and online communities. These people help other professionals (like me) build my business financially with their insight and experience, they help me learn about fast changing trends within what I believe will prove to be a major shift in the way business is conducted locally, nationally and internationally, as well as provide introductions to people who can help me and (equally as important) who I can help as well.

But to benefit from what is certainly for me an imperfect learning experience (which may be a polysyllabic synonym for “life”) I know that I have to actively participate and do so with an open mind. These communities are filled with folks mostly younger and waaay smarter than me and we meet having vastly different life experiences…finding common ground is part of the fun. For the old schoolers out there, the process I’m speaking about is nothing more than a virtual networking system or event that, if one is fortunate, morphs into a real life networking event.

All this pre-ambling is a way of giving you insight into why I write a great deal in this blog about social media and applicable internet trends/tools and why I attended the Toronto Geek Dinner on Wednesday evening. I’ll start by answering your top three questions (see, I’m getting so much smarter that I know you’re questions before you’ve asked them!)

What is a Geek Dinner?These dinners area random get-together of professionals from the worlds of Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Blogging and Podcasting. The Geek Dinner is where their worlds collide…in a very professional way, of course.

How does one get invited to a Geek Dinner? Basically, someone takes the lead and puts it together then puts out the word. Mitch Joel, he of the Twist Image blog out of beautiful Montreal, posted a notice on his blog and within days it was sold out. So if you keep the lines of communications open with influence-ers like Mitch, you hear about good stuff.

What is the value of a Geek Dinner? It’s like any good networking event, especially if you come to the event not trying to sell yourself like maybe a used car salesman would. Everyone at the event shares common interests while also bringing a diversity accumulation of practical, useful knowledge from their work. My voice over, marketing, advertising, broadcasting, blogging and podcasting experience allowed me to serve as a resource in some cases. Its not pushy, it’s welcoming. People getting to know people.

And of course, as I’ve noted previously, you do not need to bend my arm to go to Toronto…I always feel jazzed going up there and even coming back. I love that city.

Who did I get to know at the Toronto Geek Dinner? Some great people!

I caught up with Bill Sweetman of Sweetmantra.com, an internet marketing blog. He and I first met at Podcamp Toronto.

Dining with me were Eli Singer of Cundari SFP, he runs a social media site; Eden Spodek sat next to me, she of Bargainista fame, a web site for people who love to shop (there’s a huge audience). I also met the self-proclaimed “Smartest Man in the World” (says so right on his business card); his name is Saul Colt and he was a very cool guy.

Next to our table was a bunch of people from webfeat, a very cool online marketing company with a very impression Fortune 500 client list; the people I spoke to the most from there were Stephen Giles and Ellie Rosen. Both very interesting folks and fun to have dinner with. The “podcastic” Donna Pappacosta was there and if you’re thinking of putting a podcast together and you need to know EVERYTHING you need to know, visit Trafcom News…Donna’s a great lady. I also finally got to meet Bill Nygren of Boom Sonic Branding. They do some amazing production there.

My thanks to Mitch and everybody who had a hand in putting together the Geek Dinner. It was terrific!

sharing the wealth


In artistic communities, there are a lot of crackpots; this truism includes the voiceover industry (and your humble author first and foremost).

But there are also a lot of cool really talented people too and one those people with whom I’ve worked for years in Ian Sturgeon of Big Fish Worldwide. Some of the sound designs he has created are really impressive.

Well Ian’s got a great new service for voice talents looking for radio imaging workparts called Free Box Audio. The name says it all.

You should check it out. Thanks Ian!

blog action day, october 15, 2007

blog action day, october 15, 2007

Here’s an interesting concept that’s been attempted in other forums of communication, but I’ve decided to sign up and participate in this one. It’s called “Blog Action Day” and its scheduled for October 15, 2007.

The concept is simple:

“What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day? One issue. One day. Thousands of voices.”

For this net event bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind. In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be coordinating bloggers to talk about the environment.

One of the reasons I like this particular concept is that organizers state that “posts do not need to have any specific agenda, they simply need to relate to the larger issue in whatever way suits the blogger and readership. Our aim is not to promote one particular viewpoint, only to push the issue to the table for discussion.”

So I’m in and I hope you’ll join in too.