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the end of google reader but not this blog

So you may have heard that Google will be closing their application – Google Reader – this summer.

If you want the whys and whatfors, you can read this.

As you know as a reader of this blog and thereby likely one of the hundreds of RSS subscribers of this blog (unless you catch it from one of my Social Media links) a reader like Google Reader collects all the RSS feeds and collects them into one place, making them easier to read and organize.

So what can you do if you are currently a Google Reader user?

Do what I did and switch your feed to much more efficient Feedly. It takes ALL YOUR GOOGLE RSS FEEDS and easily transfers them over to Feedly. And they layout is much nicer for web and mobile (considering how little attention Google has paid to fixing reader).

So keep reading cause I’m going to keep publishing! Thanks for reading!

terry daniel’s new blog

Voice Talent Terry Daniel

Minneapolis-based voice talent Terry Daniel has started a new blog which I have added to the blogroll here.

You should check it out.

the unblog

Voice Talent Doug Turkel - Unnouncer_Unblog

Doug Turkel is really tall.

He gets tons of big time voice over gigs.

Chicks dig him.

Now he has a cool new blog where he says cool things that are….cool.

Chicks dig him even more now.

In high school, I hated guys like Doug Turkel. 😉

welcome bill roberts brady to the blogroll

Voice Over Talent Bill Roberts Brady

Bob Souer found this blog before me (but Bob’s more popular and people tell him stuff) ;).

No matter as a good VO blog is a good VO blog no matter where I found it. And now I am a subscriber.

welcome john miles voice over to the blog roll

Gotta love Google Alerts.

So many voice talents are starting (or have started) blogs that it’s impossible for me to keep up. But fortunately Google Alerts finds them for me.

Such was the case today when I found the blog of Voice Talent John Miles, who is based in San Francisco.

I’m a subscriber now (and the link is also on the Blog Roll) and I hope you will be too. Welcome John.

welcome dan roberts to the blog roll

Male Voice Talent Dan Roberts

Caught a blog post today about National Voice Over Month from a voice actor named Dan Roberts.

Looks like Dan was also at VOICE 2010 – sorry I didn’t get to meet him but now I can follow him on his blog. Welcome Dan!