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MEDIA RELEASE – Cancer Education Seminar Secures O’Connell for Radio Campaign

audio'connell Media Release

BUFFALO, New York, October 29, 2010 – – National Voiceover Talent Peter K. O’Connell of audio’connell Voice Over Talent was tapped to serve as the voice of a new radio campaign for Buffalo Medical Group’s (BMG) presentation “Lung Cancer: New Frontiers, New Hope”. O’Connell continues to serve as the male voice over talent for Buffalo Medical Group’s primary radio branding as well.


This year more than 220,000 American men and women will be diagnosed with lung cancer and over 157,000 people will die from the disease. Because of new treatment and cures, more than 400,000 who were diagnosed with lung cancer are alive. BMG’s presentation was created to help people learn more about the disease from the medical group’s cancer specialists as well as a lung cancer surgeon.

Buffalo Medical Group is a physician-directed, community-wide organization committed to improving the health of its patients by delivering high quality, cost-effective and accessible health care. All BMG physicians are either Board Certified or eligible for Board Certification in their respective specialties. Our physicians have a long tradition of high quality care and innovation as well as involvement in research and teaching.

A professional voice talent since 1982, some of Peter K. O’Connell’s professional voiceover credits include productions for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Shell Oil, Starz Cable Channel, Time Warner Cable, New Jersey Alliance and New Jersey Tourism, J. Walter Thompson Advertising (JWT), 2K Games, Cleveland Browns, Tops Friendly Markets, Island Press Publishers, Harlequin Enterprises, First Choice Power, Pathmark Supermarkets, Crosby Stills & Nash, Fashion Outlet Mall, Junior Chamber International and the American Red Cross.

audio’connell Voice Over Talent is a worldwide, English language-based voice talent business. The company provides voice talent for commercials, animation, corporate narrations, documentaries, broadcast voice imaging, audio books, podcasts and messaging on-hold (MOH). Founded in 1982, industries served by the audio’connell include advertising agencies, media and broadcast production companies as well as both large and small businesses around the world. Sister company International Voice Talents provides similar services, using professional foreign language male and female voice actors. Mr. O’Connell also owns Voice Over Workshop, which provides professional voice over training to novice and experienced voice talent world-wide.

audio’connell Voice-Over Talent, International Voice Talents and Voice Over Workshop are all a part of O’Connell Communications, LLC.


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audio’connell at lambeau field

Voice Talents Peter K. O'Connell, Kelly Klemolin and Zach McLain

There’s a hint of winter in the air in Green Bay, WI (read near hurricane gusts) but that’s the perfect weather to experience the world famous Lambeau Field.

But Peter, you say, its the middle of the week and the Packers play at the Jets this weekend!

Yes, I respond, but a football mecca is always open and it proved the perfect spot for a voice over meet-up with old pal Kelly Klemolin and now new pal Zach McLain, a voice and theatre actor in his senior year of college.

What a fun night visiting with Kelly, who continues to work steadily because of her great talent and to learn about Zach who is as personable as he is talented.

All of this while dining at Curly’s inside Lambeau Field (named after Curly Lambeau). I din’t even get into the stadium proper but the re-do the city did in 2003 makes the public areas quite stunning! Now I wish I could get to a Packers game! Even in winter cause if you’re going to experience the “real” thing, you gotta go all out!

Thanks Kelly and Zach for coming out.

sightseeing at ORD

Usually changing planes at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago is not terribly exciting. Sometimes it is terrible but again not terribly exciting.

Not so today.

I came across two unexpected marketing executions, one expected but not seen (maybe this is a world exclusive?) and the other unexpected and very impressive.

This is MY first look at an actual post merger United Continental Airplane design. I really didn’t think these were going to be ready so soon but what do I know! 🙂 I will say that as of this writing, the United web site still has their old branding sans Continental’s blue and gold.

This is an incredibly cool and BIG sale brochure 😉 for Courtyard Marriott highlighting their newly designed lobbies. That is a FULL video wall along the one side and what I believe is an interactive video screen on the side. Anybody cruising through gates B and EF will see this and it is an impressive sight.

See, traveling doesn’t HAVE to be tedious.

Z-100 new york gets refreshed

Logo Montage of Z-100 New York

If you worked in radio in the 80’s, WHTZ/New York was the station that every CHR station (Contemporary Hit Radio) wanted to sound like.

It was where the cool kids hung out. Jingle companies fawned over them tossing them completely new customized and awesome jingles because they knew they’d make their money when every other station in the free world bought them for top dollar. See if these these don’t sound familiar to a market near year where only the frequency and slogan are slightly modified.

My point is once a trend setter, always a trendsetter…until you’re not. Z-100 still turns heads although the 80’s also-ran WPLJ-FM took the lead (and Scott Shannon) away to even things out a bit.

So when Z-100 changes its logo, unlike other radio stations, it matters a bit. You are more like to see those top two logos pop up in other cities around the country – radio as an industry is inventive, once. Then its copy city after that.

So what do you think of the new icon? Or do you have to hear the station to see if it fits?

The playing field is a bit more level today then it was when I was working as a jock but don’t be surprised if you start seeing similar logos to the top two in the graphic above in your market soon. Once a trend setter, always a trendsetter…until you’re not.

marice tobias in nyc and fla

If you work for an airline and are interested in offering a frequent flyer a great rate on her flight from LGA to MIA in mid-November, contact Marice Tobias and work a deal.

Oh, if you are in voice over, you’ll also want to check flights depending on your availability those weeks too. Promotional/Trailer and Commercial Intensive are on the docket for both weekends.

You can contact Stacey Stahl for the dets.

new network, new logo

Technically, you could rightly say: “not a new network”, because The Oprah Winfrey Network has been around a while. But when the billionairese decides to fold up shop on her 25 year old talk show to focus on her network, certainly one can be assured new blood is about to be infused into the broadcast.

So with such an infusion comes a bigger focus on branding which usually means a new logo and there it sits.

As always, remember that a TV logo stays static only on the stationary and that I’m guessing they have loads of movement and animation ideas for this concept.

Your thoughts? You like? You dislike? Did Oprah hit a home run on this logo or did she merely rob a paint store?