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the joy of voice-over

There are so many people who are better at seeing the potential of social media than I am. And as I have often said here, I am a late adopter…always have been.

With Pintrest, I really have been sure what to do with it, but after reading about how some other people and companies have used the newest social media tool, I came up with an idea – why not do a “board” on all the voice-over meet-ups I have been a part of over the years?

All of the pictures have been in this blog but what this Pintrest board has offered me was a joyous look back at the meetings with all my friends in voice-over in an easy and attractive format.

I am grateful that each person was kind enough to take any time to visit with me. If you’re in this montage, thank you. If you are not yet in this montage, I hope you will be soon.