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podcamp toronto 2010 audio promo


I was advised that there might be a audio script promo coming for Podcamp Toronto 2010 but I never saw it…maybe I missed it.

At any rate, I decided to write my own tonight and this silliness is what I came up with. Please tweet it, facebook it, linked in it etc.

If you have a podcast you want to use it in or some other proper venue to promote Podcamp Toronto 2010, please feel free to use it.

I’ll see you there…and if you see me first, please say hi.

Click here to download the promo!

podcamp toronto 2010


If you haven’t heard (and I hadn’t until I saw a tweet on Saturday…I thought I was on a list or something) but Podcamp Toronto 2010 is set for February 20-21st again at Ryerson University in my favorite city.

It is a great event and I hope you will go. You will learn a lot about Social Media from some terrific people.

Unfortunately, the 2010 date again conflicts with my son’s birthday which, sorry #pcto2010 folks, is a much funer event for me, so I will likely not attend.

I went Sunday at Podcamp Toronto 2009 and the program just wasn’t as strong as it was on Saturday (as I was told by many Saturday attendees) plus there was some weird drama at the closing meeting that Sunday that we were all forced to witness. But hey, that’s life.

My guess is that this is going to be the event’s favored weekend forever and if so, I’ll have to walk away from it. But I still support it and what it offers in the form of education and networking.

I hope you’ll check it out.