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audio’connell in….buffalo?

Voice Talents Peter K. O'Connell, Diane Costello Merritt and Dan Lenard

Hey, it happens!

Folks DO come to Buffalo, NY.

Many of them are lost and have found us by mistake or their plane got re-routed but none the less many come and a few stay.

More still leave the area but do so miss it and love to return if for no other reason that to visit. For all its issues, Buffalo, NY is a very nice place to live.

Just ask my friend Diane Costello Merritt, who lived and worked in radio for many years before comfortably settling in the Carolinas. This weekend, in to see family and attend her high school reunion, Diane sought out me and Dan Lenard for a visit which was a great treat for me (this time I didn’t have to get on a plane). I didn’t get as much time to visit with Diane at VOICE 2010 as I had hoped so Saturday’s voiceover meet-up was great for me.

It was also nice to see Dan again, who I hadn’t seen since VOICE 2010 (we shared great dinner conversations with a bunch of our friends one night at VOICE and an even funnier story FROM that dinner).I hadn’t seen before that since a Fraley workshop some years back (we traced a bagel marketing meeting even further back than that to when we last got together). This is especially pathetic because we live likely 15 minutes from each other. We’re going to try and make sure we don’t make it that long between visits again…too much good stuff to talk about.

My sincere thanks to Diane and Dan for taking time to visit with me Saturday.

an overdue thank you note to keith carson of top hat productions

Keith Carson of Top Hat Productions presenting at VOICE 2010

I am ashamed of myself for the length of time it has taken me to properly thank Keith Carson of Top Hat Productions. Were my dear Mother alive she would rip me a new one for taking so long with a proper thank you. That was always a big deal to her and she was/is right.

Here’s the story:

Thursday at VOICE 2010, I pop into Keith Carson’s presentation “Your Voiceover Demo” which not surprisingly was packed. I was sitting on the floor against the wall in the back of the room listening and working on my laptop (busy day).

He’s talking about some good stuff when Keith holds up a CD (which I couldn’t see cause I was in the back on the floor) and says something to the effect of “what a great example of branding this CD has, this is Peter O’Connell’s.”

My head pops up like a gopher in heat cause I have no idea what CD he’s talking about as I hadn’t sent one out in about 5 years. And yet there was one of my CD’s in Keith’s hand as he continues to say how unified and perfect my branding is.

He held on to it…for years!

So with this gracious public compliment I repay him by waiting over a month to say thank you for the kind words. I’m not worthy but I am grateful and I do want to publicly say thank you to Keith for his compliment and his very generous presentation.

Thank you Keith!

Best always,
– Peter

welcome andy boyns to the blog roll

With thanks to my friend Ralph Hass for the tip, Andy Boyns has been added to the blog roll.

I believe Andy was at VOICE 2010 and we didn’t get a chance to hang out and I’m sorry for that.

But at least you can read all his cool stuff like I now will.

“get yur red hot photos!”

Voice Actors and the Internet Panel at VOICE 2010 (Back row i.e. the tall people) David Kaplan, Voice Over Xtra's! John Florian, Doug Turkel (front row i.e. the little people) Peter K. O'Connell, VOICE Co-founder James Alburger, Trish Basyani and VOICE Co-founder Penny Abshire

I’m not sure if they total a million but there certainly are a s—load of pictures from VOICE 2010 now available to look at.

After awhile -because there are SO many -it’s kind of like looking at someone’s vacation photos – more fun if you were there. And I gotta say, since I was there, it was a lot of fun to look at.

To add to the fun (cause they’re fun people) I’ll propose a new drinking game while looking at the photos – take a drink every time you see a photo with either of the co-founders of VOICE 2010 James Alburger or Penny Abshire. Take two drinks if you see them in the same photo.

If you view the album in calendar order, I think you’ll be truly drunk by the end of Wednesdays photos, blacking out by the end of Thursday’s album and in the hospital by Friday.

Actually, its probably safer if you look at the pictures without any drinks at all. šŸ˜‰

meet-ups and picture this…voiceover edition

With the completion of VOICE 2010, I decided I should update my voice over photos that I have been posting on Voiceover Universe. Besides this blog, I couldn’t think of another place where sharing such photos made since (Flicker is too general).

Well, I started to update those pictures when I realized I hadn’t put ALL my voiceover pictures from this blog on the site. Now I have (I think).

ALSO, I updated all the blog posts entitled “audio’connell in….” where I post about all the voice talents I’ve personally met. If you look at the categories section on this blog, you’ll see voiceover meet-ups (or just click on that link) and you can see the post and the pictures from all the voiceover friends I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with.

Some of the early posts don’t contain pictures because I didn’t get good at that until about summer of 2007. I’ve been pretty consistent every since and now with video…well, bar the door Katie!

simple marketing tools

Voice Talent Doug Turkel, the UNnouncer

Some folks call them tchotchkes, trinkets, gifts, souvenirs or ad specialties.

They are the presents, usually logoed, that business give to other businesses as a thank you or as a possible long term reminder of a company’s name and brand. Hopefully the gift (pens, hats, flashlights etc.) are useful or at the very least fun.

This came to mind as I was going through my VOICE 2010 bag (yes, I knew I’d get around to it) and saw this gift from UNnouncer Doug Turkel.

The message on the envelope says:

Have you ever needed a surprisingly compact copy stand to use with your mobile recording rig? A minimalist frame to hold that photo you should’ve reconsidered posting on Facebook? Or a convenient place to keep your important list of to-do items front and center?

Yeah, me too. Enjoy.

Creative, different, memorable.

Now you have to go out and think up something for your business? Or do you have an idea you’d like to share with the class?