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audio’connell in atlanta (thanksgiving 2016)

Voice Talent Peter K. O'Connell recording at Creative Sound Concepts

Voice Talent Peter K. O’Connell recording at Creative Sound Concepts in Atlanta, GA 2016

Living now in Cary, NC (outside of Raleigh) means my family is a lot closer to our family in Atlanta…but it’s still a six hour drive (oy!)

But it was very much a worthwhile (albeit whirlwind) trip, enjoying family and friends for this Thanksgiving weekend!

From a voice-over perspective, it was a REAL whirlwind.

You would think that voiceover might take a break around Thanksgiving but not in my case. A new national client needed a spot recorded while I was in Atlanta, so over to Creative Sound Concepts I went for a great session there. Happy client, happy life.

Peter K. O'Connell and Jeffrey Umberger

Voice Talent Peter K. O’Connell and Voiceover Agent Jeffrey Umberger in Atlanta, 2016

To make it even better, I was able to grab a late lunch/dinner with my friend and my agent Jeffery Umberger. He has a number of very cool action items planned for 2017…plus he had all the scoop on the Atlanta voiceover market. We could have kept talking for hours. Always great to see Jeffrey.

Voiceover Talents Peter K. O'Connell and September Day Carter at September and Bob Carter's "Neighborhood Studio", Atlanta 2016

Voiceover Talents Peter K. O’Connell and September Day Carter at September and Bob Carter’s “Neighborhood Studio”, Atlanta 2016

Talking off like a rocket in the past few months is The Neighborhood Studio owned by September and Bob Carter. Both have been friends of mine for sometime, but it was great to catch up with September at the new studio (Bob was working) and see what they are doing with it…it’s more than just VO. Trust me when I tell you that if you want an update on the Atlanta video game, film and VO market, September has it but she was shooting information at me like a firehose!!! We had some great laughs about that.

Sean Caldwell, Jill Perry, Kelley Buttrick and Peter K. O'Connell

Voice Talents Sean Caldwell, Jill Perry, Kelley Buttrick and Peter K. O’Connell, Atlanta 2016

Then finally, I was able to catch up at breakfast with Jill Perry, Kelley Buttrick and Sean Caldwell (and Sean’s terrific parents too!) There were so many conversations, I couldn’t keep track so here’s a quick summary: Sean liked CB radios when he was growing up (as did I), Jill Perry loves Al Green’s music (me too) and Kelley cannot be trusted around HVAC electrical outlets.

So appreciative to all my Atlanta friends and colleagues with whom I was able to connect. I hope your Thanksgiving was as fun as mine.


MEDIA RELEASE – Fox Sports North/Midwest Fishing Show Hooks O’Connell

Jason Mitchell Outdoors Fox Sports NorthMINNEAPOLIS, MN, November 3, 2016 – – Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television, the popular fishing show broadcast on Fox Sports Net North and Fox Sports Net Midwest, has secured male voiceover talent Peter K. O’Connell as the show’s announcer. O’Connell voices the show sponsor bumpers as well as narrates certain video packages within the program.

Broadcast across 10 states, Jason Mitchell Outdoors host Jason Mitchell is a well-respected outdoorsman with a legendary reputation as an extraordinary guide, hunter and angler as well as a gifted writer, communicator and promoter.

About ‘Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television’

Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television is a regionally broadcast television show available throughout the Midwest on both Cable and Broadcast, covering North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin Indiana, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri on Fox Sports Net North and Fox Sports Net Midwest. This informative and educational half hour show features and showcases some of the greatest fishing opportunities in the region along with techniques, guests and tactics that viewers find informative and enjoyable to watch.

About Peter K. O’Connell

From Fortune 500 companies to companies that think $500 is a fortune, multi-award winning male voiceover talent Peter K. O’Connell has shared his voiceover skills with a wide variety of companies globally. Some of Peter’s clients include General Electric, Kraft Foods, PBS Television Network, Shell Oil, Deloitte Canada, U.S. Army, Starz Cable Television Network, BlueCross BlueShield and SunSetter Awnings.

Known as America’s Friendly, Neighborhood Voiceover Talent, Peter is a natural born storyteller whose voice-over work has been featured in radio and TV commercials, corporate narrations, political commercial voice-overs, TV network promos, e-learning narration projects and other media productions. Originally from Buffalo, NY, now living in Raleigh, NC, Peter owns audio’connell Voiceover Talent, a division of O’Connell Communications, LLC. Peter can be reached via audioconnell.com.



Peter K. O’Connell Your Friendly, Neighborhood Voiceover Talent

audio’connell Voiceover Talent P.O. Box 5493 | Raleigh, NC 27512-5493

PH. +01 716-572-1800 EM. peter@audioconnell.com W. audioconnell.com






Use lower case letters- audio’connell or audio’connell Voiceover Talent


au·dio·o’·con·nell (awe-de-oh-oh-kah-nel) or au·di-o’·con·nell (awe-de-oh-kah-nel)

movember 2016 – raising money for the guys


I looked up what the anniversary would be for a sixth anniversary.

It’s candy or iron. What?

It’s no wonder wives often get mad at husbands on wedding anniversaries…look at our gift choices.

“Dear, for our anniversary, would you like a Snickers bar or this I-beam strapped to the back of my 18 wheeler?”

Voice Talent Peter K. O'Connell on his first day of MOVEMBER 2016, growing facial hair in support of Men's Health Problems including Cancer and Mental Health

Voice Talent Peter K. O’Connell on his first day of MOVEMBER 2016, growing facial hair in support of Men’s Health Problems including Cancer and Mental Health

But I am thinking about anniversaries because today is November 1st. It’s not a big anniversary or birthday month in my house but it IS the start of MOVEMBER, a charity I have been supporting for 6 years.

I cannot remember exactly but I think back then, my friend and fellow voice talent Jeffrey Kafer captained a team that I was a part of and I just kept doing MOVEMBER every year after that.

The reason I started doing MOVEMBER, in addition to the chance to not have to shave for a month, is to raise money for men’s health issues: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health as well as suicide prevention. Some of those problems have hit my family (maybe your too) so I wanted to help.

This year (as in recent years) I am captaining a MOVEMBER team with some of my friends from MVO: The Voice-Over Guys including Dustin Ebaugh and Tom Test. The funds donated to them as individuals goes towards our MVO team (as do my individual donations.

So if you’ve read down to hear, I would ask that you please either donate to MY EFFORT and to THE TEAM’S EFFORT (if you’re also pals with Dustin and Tom).

As always, thank you!