Sometimes, clients and prospects just need to be reminded

Voiceover talents are (or should be) always either marketing their services or planning their next marketing effort.

It’s simply part of being a professional voice actor and running a business.

It’s the same for me (or any business really) – trying to come up with inventive and pleasant ways of letting my audience know I’m out here and I am open to work on their voiceover project.

The trick is not to be a pest about it.

My most recent voice marketing project was a textbook case of “marketing as a reminder”.

This is my second year of producing a generic, self designed, free, printed football schedule (8 1/2” x 11”) for my favorite team. I then share it with a targeted portion of my database – who all likely share that fandom with me.

2024 Buffalo Football Schedule

Aside from my logo and contact info – the majority of the calendar is just that — public information about the team schedule that my contacts can save or print out or toss. It’s just what I consider a nice way to say “hi” and promote our beloved team with a tool I’ve seen real estate agents use for years.

I say the following with 100% honesty – I had no expectation that this schedule was anything more than a “friendly wave” to my database.

About a day or two later, I get an email from a long time media buddy who received the schedule, noting that he was working on a project that would need a narrator for and my little schedule reminded him to call me.

He just needed a reminder.

Our reminders don’t have to be fancy or expensive or even a thing – I guess a phone call is a thing but the conversation is not something they can put on their shelf or tack to a bulletin board (but phone calls ARE great, subtle auditions for voice talents).

Maybe the point is to see your marketing efforts – regardless of your budget – as friendly, non-pesky reminders about your voice acting services.

A way to say “hi, when you’re ready, I’m here.”

You may find that they are, indeed, ready.

Hope this helps.

2024 Political Commercial Voiceover Demo from Peter K. O’Connell

Political Commercial Voiceover Demo - Peter K. O'Connell

It promises to be a very active year for political advertising and, as a voiceover talent for political commercials, I am here for all of it.

I voice commercials for local, regional, state and national elections and issues.

For those who might not know, I voice spots for “Introduce the Candidate” political ads (also known as “Biographical” ads); the “Pro-Candidate” political commercials; the “Attack Ad” political spots (similar to the “Opposition” spots which I also voice);  “Issue” ads (focusing on a single issue surrounding an election – sometimes produced by PACs or Political Action Committees); “Ballot Initiative” ads’ “Political Humor” ads; “Patriotic” political TV & radio commercials; “Testimonial” political reads and many more.


While not aligned with any political party, I voice political commercials solely for candidates who fully support the Pro-Life platform.

For information and rates on political spots, connect with me at all of the usual places or click here.

Free 2024 Buffalo Football Schedule for Everyone

2024 Buffalo Football ScheduleAnyone who knows me know that I…

A. Love being a professional voiceover talent

B. Love supporting and promoting my Buffalo sports teams

On the first count (as I have said before) I need to perform voiceover like a need to breathe…it’s just a big part of who I am.

On the second count, Buffalo sports make life fun, often interesting and yes even a little sad.

But it’s a community experience and it made growing up in Western New York a lot of fun.

So if you follow Buffalo football like I do, maybe this free 2024 schedule of football games will be both fun and useful for you…that’s my goal anyway.

Post it on your refrigerator, your office bulletin board or your workshop…where ever it helps you say: #LetsGoBuffalo !

You can download (and, if you like, print) the schedule HERE.

MEDIA RELEASE – Voice Actor O’Connell Dogs It Up Again in New Pre-School Education Series Campaign

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA – May 5, 2024 – – The producers of the new YouTube series, “Goldie and Robin Explore!”, have secured veteran character voice actor Peter K. O’Connell to play Goldie The Golden Retriever.

O’Connell has been “caninecast” many times for commercials, explainer video and web videos – which is fine by him
as he loves dogs!

The independently produced web series creatively combines animation and video to gently introduce animals and nature to its pre-school audience. The project’s goal with the web series is to tell children simple stories that will lead to great conversations with their Moms & Dads.

Viewers can subscribe to the series on YouTube by searching “Goldie & Robin – Explore!”.


– 30 –



Peter K. O’Connell

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Micro-Business Owners Beware of Moo Printing

Moo Business Cards - Small Business Owners Beware

When you have worked with a vendor in the past who did bad work, but fixed it and tried to make it right, it’s fair that you give them a second chance (especially if you got a free credit on the 2nd job because of the screw ups on the 1st job).

In that second chance, when you speak directly to customer service BEFORE the project begins, tell them about past problems and ask customer service to spot check the project to avoid problem (they say they will) AND YET the vendor screws up the project anyway…because there WAS NO QUALITY CONTROL as promised…that vendor loses credibility as well as the business.

That’s what did (erased all credibility with me) on my latest, professionally designed and submitted business card printing job.

Moo was warned about the past printing problems I had with them BEFORE printing started, ignored those detailed yellow flags I gently laid at their feet and went ahead and thoughtlessly botched the 2nd project of 2024 — just like they did the 1st project in 2023.

If you look at the graphic above, the bad business cards on the left side look like the printer jets went in one direction and the card stock in another and card cutter was have none of either.

The cards are the right show the work after the correction (and quality control check….finally) were delivered many days later.

So let this be a warning to ANY small or micro-business owner that doesn’t really have a quality control check on small print orders. The embarrassed customer service rep from Moo even said I would likely be better served going to a small local printer on a project like this…except if you look at Moo’s marketing, they think my size business is a good prospect.

In short….

  • Moo’s customer service people are great, helpful and attentive
  • The actual cards I have had printed (after multiple corrections on both orders) turned out fine
  • Moo’s production and quality control team is (in my experience) crap

First I warned Moo to please check my project through to the end.

Now I am warning you of the unnecessary headaches I went through working with Moo on two projects about 1 year apart.

I hope you hear better than Moo.

Fake ID’s – a creative radio production project hosted by radio imaging talent Peter K. O’Connell

Fake ID's - a creative radio imaging project from radio imaging voice talent Peter K. O'ConnellHere I go again….first with the fauxditions and now Fake ID’s.

Remember some years ago, I produced the fake auditions for the announcer jobs for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (who turned out to create some fake news of his own)?

Then we did Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer!

Well here is ANOTHER fun, creative and totally fake audio project that I think folks will enjoy.

I’m calling it Fake ID’s – where we all produce radio station top of the hour ID’s from the favorite radio stations of our youth.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOUT PRODUCING FAKE ID’S — a creative radio production project hosted by radio imaging talent Peter K. O’Connell:

As radio professionals and voice talent, we all grew up listening to radio much more intently than our friends…a little less about the music and more about the production and how and what the DJ’s said.

And we all had our favorite radio stations – whether in our home towns or the flame throwing, 50,000 watt Towers of Power stations dialed in to on clear nights (like WLW Cincinnati, KMOX St. Louis, WLS Chicago, KNX Los Angeles or like my hometown WKBW in Buffalo — there are a whole bunch more, but you get the point). Any station, any format…whichever station you remember and were drawn to can be featured in your ID (one entry per person, please).

This project is about creating your version of your favorite radio station’s top of the hour ID (slogan, call letters, frequency, sound effects, music bed, jingle…whatever combination you need with your voice to make that old id come back to life).

Please make the ID for a station and format from at least 10 years ago – nothing current. Also this project is open to men AND women — whether or not the original ID was voiced by a man, for this project a woman’s voice is welcome.

So let’s have fun, let’s be creative and let’s do what we do best.

Please email your MP3 audio submission to: peter at audioconnell dot com.