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MEDIA RELEASE – Zaycon Foods Chooses O’Connell for Fresh National TV Commercial

SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, October 1, 2013 – – Despite their simple and consumer friendly business model, Zaycon Foods knew that some habitual retail consumers would still need their unique service (bringing farm fresh meats direct to consumers at wholesale prices) described in a bit more detail.

Zaycon decided to craft an explainer video that would creatively combine graphics, pictures and narration to briefly and definitively tell their service’s story. The key to the video’s success would be to match Zaycon’s creative visuals and clever script with the right friendly, comfortable voice. Choosing Peter K. O’Connell as their friendly, everyman narrator, Zaycon Foods has crafted a popular web-based video production that has succinctly and successfully told their story to a national audience via social media.

Here’s a look at the Zaycon Foods Explainer Video, narrated by Peter K. O’Connell:

Based on the success and style of the explainer video, Zaycon Foods later secured O’Connell as their brand’s voice for a national TV network commercial, which will be seen across the United States.

Here’s a look at the Zaycon Foods National TV Commercial, with voice-over by Peter K. O’Connell:

About Zaycon Foods
Zaycon Foods is a privately owned company based in Spokane, Washington. The company was founded in 2009 with the goal of bringing fresh foods directly to customers at wholesale prices. Zaycon Foods combines the buying power of many families, so they can negotiate huge savings on high-quality foods, and they pass the savings on to consumers.

About Peter K. O’Connell
In addition to this most recent narration production for Zaycon Foods, Peter K. O’Connell’s professional voice-over credits include regional, national and international voice-over productions for companies such as PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), Shell Oil, Pitney Bowes, Bacardi Rum, Highlights HIGH FIVE Magazine, Deloitte Canada, U.S. Army, Starz Cable Channel, BlueCross BlueShield, SunSetter Awnings, Time Warner Cable, New Jersey Tourism, First Financial Bank, N.A., Harlequin Enterprises, The Buffalo News, and Darien Lake Theme Park.

Described as a natural born storyteller, O’Connell’s voice-over productions have been heard around the world in radio and TV commercials, medical narrations, television infomercials, political commercial voice-overs, TV network promos, e-learning narration projects (computer-based training, internet-based training and web-based training), PSA’s, message on-hold as well as other video and media productions.

Known as America’s Friendly, Neighborhood Voice-Over Talent, Peter K. O’Connell owns audio’connell Voice-Over Talent and International Voice Talents, both are divisions of O’Connell Communications, LLC.
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the conundrum

Peter K. O'Connell Voices.com profile Sept 2013

I have a web service that finds web links for my brand…many of the links I’ve long forgotten. None of them are bad (whew!) but I found a bunch of stuff that I hadn’t seen in a while and some of them I’ve updated.

One I found this morning that I don’t think I have seen for about a year or more is my Voices.com listing. It’s a free one that I’ve not deleted (unlike the Voice 123 listing that I squashed years ago). For myself (please read those words again and then continue reading) I don’t believe pay – to – play sites are good for my business or the voice-over industry. That opinion has not halted their existence (surprising, I know….don’t they know who I AM?!)

Yet I haven’t dropped this free listing…which gets buried in the bowels of the site because I’m not a paid member. Doesn’t bring me any business.

Part of my brain says “look at their great design – that looks sharp”. Another thought is “wow, this company has come along way – that’s impressive”. And then I revisit the problem with P2P’s and my dislike for the business model and I think “Peter, what are you doing?!” (No, I’m not looking to rehash all that…those opinions are all over the web and some of them I even took down because individuals’ feelings were getting hurt…not my objective).

I’m not even sure why I’m posting this whole thing except as part of a thought process I’m going through…forcing me to put my wandering thoughts on (virtual) paper. You, gentle reader, get the good, the bad and the ugly here.

The P2P haters will say drop the listing. If one’s email address ends in @voices.com they’ll say keep it (and upgrade).

But the owner of @audioconnell.com thinks he should probably drop it….but there’s this “thing” in his head which he cannot identify which has kept him from pulling the trigger, cutting the cord etc.

The thought process is non-sensical and impractical….just like me.

two dayton ohio radio legends

Sandy White and Peter K. O'Connell_2

If you look waaaay in the dark background you may be able to see some famous radio people who work in Dayton, Ohio…I myself couldn’t tell you if they were there or not because I couldn’t see them from where I was sitting.

In the foreground are two people who used to work in radio in Dayton but they really aren’t terribly famous. The station was WVUD-FM (it’s no longer there but we’re still around). That’s Sandy White on the left (she was Sandy Huff on the air) and me.

It was great tonight to have dinner with Sandy, her husband Bob, her daughter Rosanna and her grandson Owen. Wonderful family and wonderful friends.

voice talent kevin readdean has a special ‘occupying wall street’ audiobook giveaway


My friend and fellow voice talent Kevin Readdean wrote me a quick twitter note to let me know that in recognition of the Occupy Wall Street movement – and because he was the audiobook narrator of the book Occupying Wallstreet – The Inside Story of an Action That Changed America – Kevin is giving away 3 copies of the audiobook to some lucky winners.

For all the details, check this link.

second nicest man in voice-over and the second least nice man in voice-over go to a pirates game

Voice Talents Peter K OConnell and Bob Souer_2

Just to be clear, the second nicest man in voice-over wears a giant green “2”

something old, something…older

Peter Before_After 35

Something from 1982 and something (a bit photoshopped for freshness) from 2013.

I’m not sure if these two guys ever met.

It reminds me of the old Sesame Street song: “One of these things is not like the other…”