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vote for your favorite t-shirt design


Here’s a fun little break from the daily grind for you…

I want to create some t-shirts for audio’connell Voice-Over Talent to give out this summer. Obviously they are promotional and I want to feature the branding. I don’t have a million dollars to promote the logo so I have to keep the design simple to basically introduce the new branding to the world.

The following designs are for a white t-shirt although I could also do black and red as well. I just would like to see if there is a consensus on which design is most popular. So PLEASE VOTE in the comments below! Please only pick ONE. Thanks!


audio'connell t-shirt design option #1

audio’connell t-shirt design option #1


audio'connell t-shirt design option #2

audio’connell t-shirt design option #2


audio'connell t-shirt design option #3

audio’connell t-shirt design option #3


audio'connell t-shirt design option #4

audio’connell t-shirt design option #4

the 3 amivos podcast – my new canadian voice-over friends

I know it sounds silly, but I still get surprised that people read my web site.

Sure I know people visit the site, but when I talk to people that have read the site (cause there is a lot of stuff there), it’s a (pleasant) surprise.

I say all this because I got a call a few weeks ago from Garnet Williams who told me all about…me. He’d read about me and the stuff I’d done and asked if I would be a guest on his voice-over podcast, The Amivos and Friends Super Funtastic Happy Hour Podcast.

The ‘Amivos’ in the podcast (or VOdcast) refers to the 3 Amivos with include Garnet, Dave McRae and Mike Pongracz – all Canadian-based voice-over talents who decided to put together this show about voice talents.

They were under the impression that I was to be their first American guest on the 4-show old program (as their very first guest in Episode 3 was the great narrator and VO in TO co-mastermind Patrick Sweeney) but alas, they found that I have Canadian blood in me, even though I was born in the States. So I am an Americanadian.

The show was recorded while I was driving back from Pittsburgh, PA and I gotta tell you, that drive never went by so quickly. It was enormous fun because these guys clearly know how to run a great show and are fine interviewers. It reminded me about what was great about radio.

We talked so much that they had to leave out the fun story about how I signed with Tanya and Darryl at Ta-Da Voiceworks while at FaffCon in Ventura Beach and how I met Tanya as well as VO in TO co-mastermind Jodi Krangle at a Deb Monroe Voice-over class some years ago in Toronto (see, I get to hang out with ALL the cool Canadian voice talents).

With my sincere thanks to Dave, Mike and Garnet, I hope you’ll not only want to listen to the show that I’m on (ego? moi?!) but also check-out their past and future episodes.

new videos added to audio’connell voice-over talent web site

Just two quick bits of housekeeping that almost nobody but me cares about or is excited about but it’s my blog, so what the heck.

1. Two new videos have been added to the flash video rotation on audioconnell.com from Kwik Bond Polymers and Darien Lake…I hope you’ll check them out.

IF you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel, that’s where I host them and other interesting things so please subscribe and let me know where YOUR YouTube video channel is so I may return the favor.

2. The black stripe at the top of the page has been replaced by a red stripe and to me it looks like new carpet and drapes with a fresh coat of paint added on. Makes me happy and yes, it doesn’t take much.

I warned you this wasn’t exciting stuff. 🙂

just to see…

This is a copy of a recent audio’connell Voice Over Talent print ad I designed for an association newsletter I had space in – whaddya think, clean and crisp or too artsy with no real message?


a commercial about a commercial production company?

I was supposed to be producing a video featuring my new commercial demo but while I was brainstorming this I came up with this video idea based on a design I created for my audio’connell Voice Over Talent business card.

So I made this video first. And no I have no earthly idea what to do with it except post it on YouTube. Maybe I can integrate it into a trade show display. Oh well, it’s not art but it’s harmless enough. Wonder if it’s too late to buy a spot in the Super Bowl?

self promotion is not my style…

audio'connell Voice Over Talent

Of course, that’s assuming I had ANY style to begin with.

Which (outside of voiceover performance) I really don’t.

My thanks to Ann Hackett from aHa Designs with her help on the web graphic.