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blogging and the digital facts


There are many good reasons to subscribe to blogs. One of the reasons I like to subscribe to certain blogs is that I feel fairly confident I’m going to find hard, useful information or the “Cliff Notes” version of same as a subscribee (this may be a new word cause I just thought it up in my head as I was writing and if it is I am copyrighting it right now subscribee©).

Sometimes I come across great writing in my on going searches and sometimes I met individuals at conferences whose presentations and general knowledge (nay, disposition) impress me so much that I want to see if their blogs convey that positive impression. Usually they do.

Such was the case when I met Mitch Joel of Twist Image at Podcamp Toronto. As much as I took away from that experience regarding podcasting and blogging, in Mitch I also came across a savvy marketing thinker (and because there are so few of us…oh to finish that sentence would just be bragging}kidding). Point is he’s a sharp marketing guy.

Like me, on a constant search for good, summary data, Mitch got a heads up on the Digital Fact Pack Guide To The Digital Marketing World, produced by Ad Age. I’ve finished going through it once (and I imagine I’ll be culling more data from it soon) but it would be worth your time to visit Mitch’s site and see for yourself.

Thanks Mitch.

nancy grace hoisted by her own petard

There is a lot to like about Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”. While I don’t have time to watch it often, I see clips on You Tube (which is sort of like my internet DVR). For the most part, Stewart’s show makes fun of everyone; an equal opportunity offender of sorts which speaks directly to my sensibilities (I’m just too dumb sometimes to know when I’ve unintentionally offended, which is why God invented the apology).

Combine that like with my fervent dislike for shows like “Nancy Grace” on Headline News and The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. Both are popular cable programs that I think set professional broadcasting back centuries and give their audiences a terribly warped view on most topical issues not to mention what should be considered acceptable on-air behavior, especially when it comes to debate and discussion.

Anyway, I found a clip of a recent Stewart show in which he replays Grace’s vitriolic, vehement indictments of the Duke students accused of raping a woman at a party. It was a serious accusation that if proven true, should have been severely punished….through our legal system….not our cable news networks. After over a year, the accusation was proven untrue and the defendants were completely cleared of all charges. Save for the fact that they were convicted in a court of public opinion through the efforts of many ill-conceived broadcasts, including Nancy Grace’s show…as Jon Stewart observed.

buffalo sabres vs. new york rangers

buffalo sabres vs. new york rangers

Sabres in 6.

publicly recognizing a selfless act

Buffalo, NY Police Officer Carl Andolina

Fox Television Network’s America’s Most Wanted regularly honors those in law enforcement whose selfless dedication to their communities and their fellow officers went far beyond the call of duty. The award is called America’s Most Wanted All-Stars. There are many worthwhile nominees. Luckily for those of us around the world, in every country, we’re honored to have these brave men and women on our side.

In my hometown of Buffalo, New York, one amazing police officer is being recognized as a nominee and finalist and I would like to ask you to vote for him, once a day, everyday until May 8th, 2007. reading the story in print cannot evoke the true horror of the circumstances he and his partner faced.

Last December, Officer Carl Andolina, responding to a fight in progress at a convenience store, faced the ultimate nightmare scenario for a law enforcement officer. The veteran officer and his partner Officer Patricia Parete, approached a suspect pointed out by the store clerk. Little did they know that this individual was a violent convicted felon who was on parole. The two officers approached the suspect who waited until they were literally inches away before he began firing his weapon. Two rounds struck Officer Parete – – shattering her jaw bone and lodging in her spine. Officer Andolina acted quickly – – he grabbed the suspect’s gun and was shot. Without regard for his personal safety and with a bullet in his neck, Andolina wrestled the shooter to the ground, subduing him until help arrived. Andolina is recovering from his injuries while his partner was not so fortunate. Today, Officer Parete remains on a respirator undergoing a slow recovery. Andolina’s selfless actions are still evident as he assists in raising money and providing support for Parete’s family. Buffalo Police Lieutenant, Danny Williams, commented ” both officers were two young good cops. Carl’s first response was ‘how is my partner.'”

Please place your vote once a day, everyday for Officer Carl Andolina by clicking here. And please encourage your friends and family to do the same. The prizes Officer Andolina would receive as a winner could never be considered proper repayment but recognized he must be.

It is not in my nature to make such a public request unless I believe a situation to be extremely worthwhile. I hope you’ll help me in this effort.

public relations checklist: what not to do

don imus at wnbc

OK, I’ll grant you that there are a lot of people “Monday morning quarterbacking” the Imus thing (your humble author included). But I saw this post regarding how the public relations (or crisis communication, if you prefer) was handled by Imus and company during this whole debacle (which wouldn’t have even been necessary if he hadn’t made his stupid comment, blah, blah, dead horse).

I agree with a lot of it and some it just made me laugh. Maybe the author always writes well or is often off the mark, I don’t know. I do know I liked what he said in this article.

I hope you enjoy it too.

let’s go sabres!

buffalo sabres mullet
Yeah, the new Buffalo Sabres mullet logo sucks. I miss my original blue and gold logo but I have to shut up about it and just wear my New Era hat with the old logo because:

a. The Sabres earned the most NHL points this season
b. The Sabres are #1 in merchandise sales in the entire NHL
c. Baby, it’s playoff time!

Go Sabres!

P.S. I hereby publicly promise that when the Sabres win the Stanley Cup, I will wear a New Era cap with the mullet as “penance for my blasphemy” against the mullet!