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double diva voice over seminar december 4 & 5 in toronto

Evidently Elley Ray Hennessy and Deb Munro either became fast friends at Voices of Vision in September or cemented their friendship there because they’ve scheduled voiceover seminar featuring them both on December 4 & 5, 2010 in Toronto.

According to their promo information for the event: “Deb and Elley Ray will engage participants on the vast spectrum of voice overs covering everything from characters to broadcasting, skills to business, with tips on the local and online markets. This unique workshop will push participants beyond their limits, expanding their knowledge about auditioning, acting techniques and much more.”

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend because I will be in New York at the Voice Talent Productions Holiday party but that’s just as well because there aren’t that many spots left for Deb and Elley Ray’s special voice over event! To learn more or to register for the event email workshops@micnme.com

national voiceover month video

September is National Voice Over Month

Unfortunately for my pal Dave Courvoisier, he answered the phone last week.

I happened to be on the other end because I had an idea which involved his baby – National Voiceover Month. It struck me that with all the things that went on in the voice over world in September, maybe a video should be created to at least attempt to capture the sense of the month.

That was the entire sum of the idea and Dave was all for it. He helped me gather the pictures and I slapped this puppy together.

My thanks to everyone who provided pictures and my apologies if we somehow omitted your event. No slight was intended.

Voice Over Talents who shared their skills in the videos opening montage include Doug Turkel, Peter K. O’Connell, Mike Coon, Bobbin Beam, Dave Courvoisier, Diane Maggipinto, Stefania Lintonbon, Cira Larkin, Scott Nilsen, Liz de Nesnera and Adam Behr.

Some of the activities included “That’s Voiceover!” in New York City; Faffcon – The Voiceover Unconference held in Portland, OR; Voices of Vision in Toronto, Ontario Canada; Bob Bergen’s Voiceover Workshop held in Chicago, IL; the Marice Tobias Voiceover Workshop held in Las Vegas, NV; Bettye Zoller’s Voiceover Workshop held in Dallas, TX; and the Western New York Voice Over Meet-up held in Buffalo, NY.