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one quick trick for mobile web site success

You may be aware of just how many millions of smart phones there are in the world.

What that means to your business is that many of your customers will find your web site on their smart phone screens and not a regular computer monitor.

So how will you know if your site is mobile friendly? And on which phones?

Well, even when web site templates are supposed to be ‘mobile friendly’, you need to be sure!

One quick trick is to go into a Verizon or AT&T store and look at your web site on different smart phones – if it looks weird and doesn’t function correctly, you’ve just identified your marketing department’s #1 priority for Q1 ’13.

I hope that helps.

humility and a lesson learned

Technology has kicked my ass this week and it’s been pretty painful.

To briefly summarize, my website’s “contact us” page has been malfunctioning and I didn’t know it. When an inquiry comes in, I am supposed to get an email notifying me. Unbeknownst to me, the technical tool has been broken for months.

I just thought business was a little slow.

Even though the technical malfeasance was caused by my web provider, it is my brand, my company, my name that has in the minds of some of these prospects, been tarnished. They don’t care about my web provider…in their eyes it’s ME that did not respond or ignored their inquires.

While on a much smaller scale than, say, the Tylenol problem of the 80’s, I have been executing my own little version Crisis Communication Response.

It’s necessary and it’s humiliating.

I don’t think I’ve ever written the words “apology” and “I’m sorry” in greater frequency. But it must be done with expediency and sincerity.

One of the biggest slaps was a lead for a voice over job that wasn’t yet 24 hours old that I responded to only to find that job had already been completed. In normal circumstances, I would have at least been in the hunt.

There were (so far as of this writing) a few voice talents who wanted to study in the Voice Over Workshop and tried to contact me through the “contact us” page. I can’t even imagine the bad feelings they were left with when one of their peers didn’t respond with an email or call. My head aches at the thought of it.

It’s NOT how I run my business but these prospects don’t know that…my actions (or lack thereof regardless of the reasons) speak louder than words.

But maybe there’s a lesson in this for Voice Over Workshop students and you too. Something about always double checking and testing your computer settings; not putting too much faith in your web provider to guard your website as if it were their own; knowing that into each life a little rain must fall.

I can’t sort it all out right now but I guess as you drive by this wreck of a technology case study, you’ll be able to pull a lesson out for yourself…and if that saves you from some fate similar to mine, then that is of consolation.

As my Mom was fond of saying “this too shall pass.”

i-post – voices.com mixer in toronto october 24th


i-posts are short updates written on my i-phone using my wordpress blog app.

Things like this always happen. October 24 when I’ll be in Atlanta at a Marice Tobias workshop (which I am very much looking forward to) there will be a networking mixer in Toronto hosted by Voices.com.

But just because I’ll be unable to attend doesn’t mean you should miss out.

Below is the link to the facebook invite I received. If you’ve never been to Toronto, it’s a great excuse to check out a great city.


i-post – the i-phone’s new 3.0 OS

i-posts are short updates written on my i-phone using my wordpress blog app.

After about 8 tries last night I was able to download i-phone’s OS 3.0 last night around 10:30 p.m.

It was kinda funny because in my head I thought “I’ll just try one more time and if I get another error message, I’ll deal with this in the morning.” Then bingo…well not super fast bingo as the whole process took an hour in including about 45 minutes to download the 230MB+ file. That could have been Apple’s overloaded servers or my neighbors hogging our cable internet connection. Either way for me it was not unexpected for the first day of availability.

So far what I like best about the new version are two features that I always thought would have part of the first version only because they were on every other darn phone: cut & paste as well as a universal landscape key board.

Those were two reasons I haven’t done many i-posts, my thumbs made too many mistakes. It’s a little better now.

I’ll keep you posted.

i-post: blogging from the i-phone


You may file this under the heading of “silly, useless fun” but you are reading my first blog post created entirely on my new i-phone.

As with everything i-phone, there was a an application (read: program) for it; in this case from WordPress. Tip of the cap to Craig Chapman from Rare Earth Interactive for the heads up on this app (only one of about 15,000+ available so far).

I think I’ll title these i-phone posts: “i-posts”.

And if I don’t get alot faster with this touchscreen typing, you’ll not see all that many “i-posts”.