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faffcon savings END TODAY!!!!!

OK look, every since we had kids, I have been a coupon slave. When I was single, I was careless about such things but when you have kids you start seeing this free money via discounts and you realize you’d be NUTS to ignore it since it was something I was GOING TO BUY LATER ANYWAYS.

So the Faffcon2 early bird discount is $169 until midnight, December 31, 2010 – meaning on January 1, 2011 the price will be $199.00.

Using both my toes AND fingers (with a little abacus help) I see that means you can save $30 on your Faffcon registration fee until midnight tonight.

$30 dollars! FREE.

If I put three ten dollar bills in front of you right now and said “take them, they’re free” you’d be pretty happy.

Well that’s what Amy has done. I took advantage of the discount and I didn’t even need a coupon.

I hope you’ll sign up for Faffcon today and join your talented peers (with one notable exception, ahem)

Please understand, I’ve got no financial stake in this event…none of the attending voice talents do…we just believe in the event and know its success is based on having the brightest, most talent professionals in our industry attend and most importantly participate.

The sharing of knowledge, insight and experience, as Doug Turkel has wisely noted, is the very reason for this unconference.

You absolutely can sign up for Faffcon after today and you’ll be very glad you did, but the price goes up.

As the ad slogan once said: “you could pay more, but why?”

this is how they do it

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to serve as an announcer for a game show, I caught an article today from one of the rotating guest announcers currently on The Price is Right who gives you all the details.

I thought it was a pretty fun read.

I have registered for Faffcon 2

But please don’t let that deter you from registering as well. 🙂

And the Early Bird Registration (read DISCOUNT!!!) ENDS AT 23:59 hrs ON DECEMBER 31, 2010 (which I’m guessing is Pacific Time cause that’s Faffcon founder Amy Snivley’s time zone).

If you are an experienced, professional voice over talent and want to attend a conference that will provide you with unlimited access to the incredible knowledge bank that is your fellow, widely experienced voice talents, you need to attend Faffcon 2.

If you want to attend a conference where no one is trying to sell you anything but rather where your peers freely share information in a comfortable, intelligent environment, you must attend Faffcon 2.

If you feel your career is a bit adrift or you need some nuggets of information to take you to the next level of your professional voice over career, you need to get your sorry ass to Faffcon 2!

Make every excuse to world why you can’t go to Faffcon 2 but for goodness sake don’t lie to yourself. From many folks, it’s not a “can’t”, it’s a “won’t” and their reticence is too bad for them.

Faffcon is low cost with a minimal time commitment and the opportunity to learn as much as you will allow yourself to learn.

I hope you’ll join us in Atlanta. You’ll miss us if you’re not there.

no job too small?

I saw a voice over web site the other day that I was directed to from a Google Alert email.

The sentence I saw on one of the pages gave me pause: “My rates are reasonable and no job is too small.”

Reasonable rates is a great throw away phrase that I have no problem with; one wants to entice the visitor to believe one’s voice over rates will not bust a prospect’s budget. It infers cheaper without saying cheaper and leaves room to negotiate. That’s fair.

The part that gave me pause (and not in a good or bad way) was “no job is too small.” It immediately made me think “when IS a job too small?”

It’s such a subjective measurement. So let’s take a collective voiceover temperature: using whatever formula or gut instinct or whatever, how do YOU define when a voiceover job is too small? Or is it true that “no job is too small?”

What say you?

happy boxing day, canada and happy anniversary to a proud canadian blogger

December 26th is Boxing Day in Canada (and the U.K. too as I recall).

December 26th is NOT the anniversary date for the start of Voices.com’s VOX Daily blog. That I believe was December 20th but since Stephanie Ciccarelli forgot the anniversary date too I guess I can also be forgiven.

best christmas present evah…2010 edition

As anyone will tell you who knows me, I am not a fan of the Sabres slug logo (above) which I hope has gone the way of the Edsel this season and forever more.

BUT I will proudly wear this jersey for a number of reasons:

1. I have never had a Buffalo Sabres jersey, even as a kid and they are my favorite local team…yeah, I AM a bigger Sabres fan than a Bills fan

2. I’m digging the bright yellow color which I think is a practice jersey color

3. The giver, my father-in-law, made me Captain (see the “C”)

4. The number 3 represents the three greatest gifts I EVER got and for whom this day will always be so enormously special

Being Captain of Team O’Connell is an honor in an of itself but to have a jersey just kinda makes it official and I like it.