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i am a registered faffcampian! (that means i’m going to faffcamp)

I am registered for FaffCamp which will be taking place in Charlotte, NC, May 3-5.

I know a lot of you have wanted to attend FaffCon and for any number of reasons (being that it sells out in hours) could not.

FaffCamp will be much bigger than FaffCon…much! I can guarantee this because FaffCamp doesn’t have FaffCon’s attendance limit. You WILL be able to get in.

And you’ll want to get in because many of FaffCon’s favorite presenters will be presenting at FaffCamp. Yes, I will be leading an Improv session – new and improved with Natalie Stanfield Thomas.

I KNOW this because (also unique to FaffCamp) the weekend’s agenda will be laid out in advance of the event. So folks like Bob Souer, Doug Turkel, Cliff Zellman, Tom Dheere and Sean Caldwell will be presenting their extremely well received voice-over content. Right there, you’ve got probably 100 collective years of professional, money-making voice-over experience covering key voice-over topics like performance, marketing, rates, managing a VO business and more. And those are only SOME of the presenters.

The OTHER cool thing about FaffCamp is that on Friday – there will be an Expo and a voice-over industry panel. A slew of informative presentations offered by voice-over related sponsors will be given -giving you the opportunity to listen, ask questions about and maybe even try out some of the voice-over related products and services you’ve only read about.

And I haven’t even mentioned the networking you’ll do with you’re voice over peers.

So come on along, get yourself registered for what will likely be one of the most impactful voice-over weekends of your life. I’ll see you at FaffCamp.

NOTE: The fee for FaffCamp is $375 per person until midnight April 19. The fee goes up to $475 for late registration after April 19 (space permitting).

thank you gary owens and corey snow

Sometimes people ask me what I like most about my job. Some days I don’t have an answer. 馃槈

But I think on a clear day, I would say I love the community I work within, the other talents, even more so than the clients – who are equally amazing.

It’s the talents, however, who create great voice-over projects and from whom I learn so much (and yes, occasionally steal from).

Also, we sometimes create our own projects for our own artistic enjoyment (and maybe the enjoyment of others). A Christmas audio project I (and other VO-BB’ers did many years ago with my friend Phillip Banks and then later a video project with my friend Jeffrey Kafer comes immediately to mind. And then another project a group of us did for Armed Forces Radio was a hoot.

I really am thrilled to even be considered let alone invited to participate in these projects because the final piece is always fun.

So when my friend and fellow voice talent Corey Snow invited me and a bunch of other folks to participate in a tribute to Gary Owens we collectively couldn’t say yes fast enough.

The above video is that project and I was stunned to be the lead off voice on this thing – I should have, I dunno, worn a tie or something. But it’s just great heart felt video to tell a guy who has entertained so many people how great an impact he had on all of us, including:

Liz deNesnera

Monk Schane-Lydon

John LaPiana

Pam Tierney

Todd Ellis

Moe Eagan (who got driven to school once by Gary Owens!)

Joe J. Thomas

Doug Turkel

Chris Ratliff

CC Petersen

Bob Souer

Anthony Gettig

Kendra Hoffman

Lee Gordon

Karl Kuhlken

Corey Snow (who was the heart and soul behind this project)

MEDIA RELEASE – O’Connell’s Voice-Over Is The Breaking Story For The Buffalo News

BUFFALO, New York, February 18, 2013 – – National voice-over talent Peter K. O’Connell was signed as the announcing talent for a new radio advertising campaign produced for The Buffalo News.

The regional radio commercials highlight new editorial features the daily newspaper will begin publishing in the coming weeks.

Listen to the Samples from the Radio Campaign Here

About The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News is the primary newspaper of the Buffalo, New York, metropolitan area and its surrounding suburbs. The News remains Buffalo’s only daily newspaper. The Buffalo News was founded in 1873 by Edward H. Butler as a Sunday paper. Today, it is wholly owned by Berkshire Hathaway. The Buffalo News participates in the Buffalo community and sponsors charitable, social, and educational events.

About Peter K. O’Connell

In addition to this most recent radio advertising campaign for The Buffalo News, Peter K. O’Connell’s professional voice-over credits include regional, national and international voice-over productions for companies such as PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), Shell Oil, Pitney Bowes, Bacardi Rum, Deloitte Canada, U.S. Army, Starz Cable Channel, BlueCross BlueShield, SunSetter Awnings, Time Warner Cable, New Jersey Tourism, First Financial Bank, N.A., Harlequin Enterprises, Darien Lake Theme Park and Pathmark Supermarkets.

O’Connell’s voice-over productions have been heard around the world in radio and TV commercials, medical narrations, television infomercials, political commercial voice-overs, TV network promos, e-learning narration projects (computer-based training, internet-based training and web-based training), PSA’s, message on-hold as well as other video and media productions.

Known as America’s Friendly, Neighborhood Voice-Over Talent, Peter K. O’Connell owns audio’connell Voice-Over Talent and International Voice Talents, both divisions of O’Connell Communications, LLC.

– 30 –


Company Media Releases ON LINE:

Company Name Pronunciation:
au路dio路o’路con路nell (awe-de-oh-oh-kah-nel) or au路di-o’路con路nell (awe-de-oh-kah-nel)

Company Name Spelling:
Use lower case letters- audio’connell or audio’connell Voice-Over Talent

Company Web:

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O’Connell Voice-Over Resume:
See resume here

congrats dave fennoy

Congrats to Voice-Over Actor Dave Fennoy following his D.I.C.E. win as Outstanding Character Performer as Lee Everett in The Walking Dead.

Probably best known for his recent work as the voice of HULU.COM, Dave’s promo work has also been heard on ABC, The WB, Fox, CBS, Showtime, Starz, ESPN, The Disney Channel and TV One.

His commercial voice-over credits include Lexus, McDonalds, Corona Beer, KFC, Toyota, Chrysler, and ATT, Time Life Music R&B/Gospel and Southern Company.

In addition to The Walking Dead, gamers enjoy Dave’s voice work on STARCRAFT II, Metal Gear, That’s So Raven, Ultimate Spiderman, Delta Force, Star Wars, Laura Croft Tomb Raider, and many others.

Dave’s narration credits include programs for National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Science Channel’s popular series, “When Earth Erupts”.

Dave did a great interview a while back with my friend and fellow voice-over talent Andy Boyns…take a look.

the billion $ read fundraiser

Pat Fraley and Scott Brick will be joining Julie Williams for a two hour webinar: “Billion Dollar Read: How to Make Money Reading and Recording Books”

This one night only event is a total fund raiser for one of Pat’s voice-over students, Nicole Nielson, who has been stricken with a horrible and incurable disease.

DATE: Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013
TIME: 6pm Pacific (that’s 9pm Eastern)
COST $47 (ALL proceeds go to cause)

For info or to sign up click HERE

The extensive Billion Dollar Read webinar, will cover such essential topics as:
– How to bid on a book
– How and when to negotiate a higher rate for your books
– When to accept a revenue share deal
– How to negotiate a multi-book deal
– Which books are good revenue share deals
– How to know if a book has “legs!”
– They’ll also direct some talent through efforts at audio book narration.

silly voice-over direction

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been writing this blog for so long but I’m fortunate to get the heads up on new and unique projects coming from within the voice-over community whether they be blogs, books, webisodes etc. Many of these new projects I try to include here, some I forget about and don’t. It’s not that I don’t want to include most of it, it’s just I either run out of time, plain forget or fall asleep from exhaustion.

I only make it look easy.

This latest notice kinda tickled my funny bone. Marc Cashman is writing a book entitled “We’re Auditioning For a Muse” which will be a collection of really stupid directions talents have been given in a voice-over script. As Marc describes it “You know, the ones that have you scratching your head wondering what the hell they mean.”

So if you have any of these directionally challenged directions, send them to Marc.

The one I remember happened to a voice talent named Margo Davis who was asked by the director if she could make her read ‘sound more paisley.’

Um…yeah, sure.