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if you’re in l.a. on august 13th…


…and you are a voice actor, I have a professional suggestion I would like to make: do D.B.

By that I mean do D.B. Cooper’s Exertion Sounds for Video Games and ADR Seminar from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 13th.

My friend D.B. is very good at everything she does and I know I would enjoy this class if I could get there.

So you go for me, OK?

have you heard about the faffcon 3 scholarship?


Well if you haven’t, Bob Souer and CC Heim can fill you in!

Just click here.

Maybe I’ll see you in Hershey, PA in September!

does size matter? quantity vs. quality

Something monumental (not really) happened recently that shook the social media world to its core (ha!).

My Twitter follower count went over 1,000 followers and my “Likes” on Facebook for my Peter K. O’Connell – Male Voice Talent page went over 100. My friends on my Peter K. O’Connell Facebook page is somewhere around 700 with a total of over 800 on LinkedIn. I’m just getting started on Google+.

So if you are in there somewhere, thanks. If you’re not, that’s OK too. And if you said “who cares?!”, I understand that too.

But it made me think of a question that has been asked before but I think still plagues folks…in Social Media, does size matter?

Nope. It does not.

It’s about the “who” not the “how many”.

I have a VO friend and a Social Media maven who has well over 1,000 LinkedIn friends (these all-welcoming connectors are called Lions). This person is actually feeling overwhelmed with all the connections. Many of the connections are not terribly applicable to his voiceover business. He was thinking about purging his list a bit…nothing personal, just practical, I think.

This person didn’t make a mistake per se in being an Open Connector, I started out as one too. And who knows where some of those currently inapplicable connections could lead someday.

But with time a precious commodity for all of us; it seems to me that making connections with people who are current friends, industry contacts or people who might be a prospect or a contact to a prospect make the most business sense for social media.

If you just want to be pals for the sake of being pals on Social Media, that’s OK. But if you are using Social Media as a business tool, as I am, connecting with people who can offer you an opportunity someday and to whom you (me) can offer help seems to me to make both business and social sense.

MEDIA RELEASE – audio’connell Voice Over Talent Pumps Up the Radio Imaging for Energy 107.9

audio'connell Media Release

PALM BAY, FL, July 30, 2011 – – Two unique ways radio stations cut through the cluttered airwaves and attract new listeners include providing outstanding music and also by featuring radio imaging that energizes and connects to the target audience. With the introduction of the state’s newest radio station, Florida listeners have found what they were looking for — Energy 107.9, with radio imaging produced by audio’connell Voice Over Talent.

Listen to a sample here:

Jan Julian, Program Manager of WNRG-LPFM called on audio’connell Voice Over Talent for imaging production services, secured audio’connell female voice talent Kara as the station voice and came away with the perfect sound to launch Energy 107.9 in the minds of the station’s listeners. The station, nicknamed “Energy Dance Mix, also broadcasts on 103.3 FM in Palm Bay, Florida and 103.3 FM in Cocoa Beach, FL. The station can also be heard worldwide on the web at www.energydancemix.com.

The Energy 107.9 station liners, ID’s and promos were produced in the studios of audio’connell Voice Over Talent by company president and voice talent Peter K. O’Connell.

audio’connell Voice Over Talent voiceover productions have been heard around the world in retail commercials for radio and TV, medical narrations, infomercials, political commercial voiceovers, TV network promos, radio station imaging, e-learning narration projects (computer-based training, internet-based training and web-based training), public service announcements, message on-hold as well as other video and media productions.
– 30 –


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au·dio·o’·con·nell (awe-de-oh-oh-kah-nel) or au·di-o’·con·nell (awe-de-oh-kah-nel)

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Use lower case letters- audio’connell or audio’connell Voice-Over Talent

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gaudeamus hodi olivia ciccarelli


I don’t remember after 800+ posts whether I’ve done too many baby announcements and at the moment I am too lazy to look.

The important thing to note is that Olivia Ciccarelli was born into this world on July 27, 2011.

From Facebook posts, I believe mother and daughter are well and speaking as a father, I know nobody cares how the father is doing after the birth (although with three kids at home already and a biz to run, he’s firing on all cylinders at the moment I would imagine).

The O’Connells wish only the best for the Ciccarellis and especially baby Olivia. What happy news!

requiescat in pace nick charles

Often times there is so much I want to write about, I get overwhelmed. Then backed up with all the day’s tasks, I forget to write about a topic entirely. This is one of those catch-up posts.

For lots of folks, watching sports on ESPN SportsCenter was their favorite way to catch the latest sports news. I liked it too but I actually preferred watching CNN with Fred Hickman and Nick Charles. I liked the presentation, their chemistry, just everything about the broadcast.

Individually and as a team, Charles and Hickman just clicked. Nick Charles stood out to me as a great interviewer and the perfect authoritative but not over the top sports anchor. I have no idea if he was a big ego sports anchor or awesome guy in real life (years of personal experience has taught me in media, things are not always as they appear on TV) but it doesn’t matter…I’m going by what I saw on TV and that’s good enough for me.

So when I saw a few years ago that Nick Charles was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I felt awful for him. We exchanged emails with me offering him support in his battle and he offering that he was planning to fight.

On June 24 of this year, Nick Charles lost his battle and we lost a pretty amazing sports broadcaster. His wife and four children (including Nick’s 5-year-old daughter) lost their patriarch. Their loss is immeasurably greater.